Monday, July 28, 2008

Renegade Hill AFB Airman Daniel Clemons Not Only Involved In A Previous Shooting, But Hill AFB Officials Failed To Restrict Him To Base

Update November 5th: Daniel Clemons cops a plea; updated post HERE.

An increasingly beleaguered United States Air Force got another public relations black eye today when the Salt Lake Tribune, the Deseret News, and KSL Channel 5 revealed that Hill Air Force Base officials knew that accused Club Manhattan shooter Daniel Eugene Clemons had been arrested while on leave during Thanksgiving 2007 for allegedly forcing his way into a home in New Jersey and shooting a man in his bed, but declined to restrict him to the base or to quarters.

On November 22nd, 2007, Clemons was allegedly one of three assailants who forced their way into the Trenton, New Jersey home of a 23-year-old man, shooting the victim as he lay in bed with his girlfriend. The following day, Clemons was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Police did not disclose a motive for the alleged attack. However, New Jersey prosecutors had released Clemons on $150,000 bail, primarily because of his military service. They were confident that the Air Force could exercise proper control over his movements. More information on the New Jersey crime published November 23rd, 2007 by

They guessed wrong. And the base's explanation? "He was not restricted to quarters because he was cooperating with authorities and was seen fit for release, pending trial by the New Jersey court," said Hill spokeswoman Beth Woodward. Clemons is being prepped for discharge from the Air Force, with a hearing scheduled for August.

Twenty-two year old Tyler Jake Lee, currently in hospital, wishes that August had come a lot earlier. According to the Deseret News and a previous KSL report, on Saturday July 26th, Clemons got into an argument with Lee, after which he pulled out a non-military assault rifle and shot Lee in the abdomen at 1:44 A.M. outside of Club Manhattan at 5 East 400 South. Clemons was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, aggravated robbery and obstruction of justice. Also arrested were AB Jeremy David Crist, 20; A1C Tacota Monay Lemuel, 19; and A1C Destinee Williams, 22. Crist serves with the 729th Air Control Squadron; Lemuel and Williams are members of the 388th.

The four suspects drove from the scene onto I-15 shortly after the shooting. Clemons later was dropped off to flee on foot. He was found in a gravel yard where police say he was waiting to be picked up by Lemuel and Williams. Crist was booked in the Salt Lake County Jail on suspicion of aggravated assault, discharge of a firearm from a vehicle, fleeing and obstruction of justice. Lemuel and Williams are being investigated for obstruction of justice. Jurisdiction for the case has not yet been determined.

So why are people like Daniel Clemons not discharged more promptly? With manpower stretched precariously thin between two wars, military leaders are sometimes hesitant to dismiss service members, even those with troubling pasts. And as in the Clemons case, court martial proceedings can be staved off for months or even years as military leaders await the results of lengthy civilian criminal trials.

Meanwhile, accused service members continue to serve in uniform and to pull U.S. government paychecks. Clemons, for instance, worked in an administrative position, a nondeployable role for the aircrew flight equipment apprentice in Hill's 388th Operations Support Squadron.

In doing so, they're up against some significant challenges. Military recruiters increasingly are taking chances with troubled recruits. Last year, more than one in 10 Army recruits received a waiver for prior criminal behavior that otherwise would have disqualified the recruit for service. So called "waiver recruits" have slightly higher rates of misconduct, courts martial and desertion, according to the Army Recruiting Command. But it hans't been revealed whether or not Clemons received a waiver before he enlisted.

It was the second shooting in four months at the downtown Salt Lake City nightclub. Hill AFB officials confirmed on Sunday that they are cooperating with police in investigating reports that a March 22nd attack outside the club, in which a man was shot in the head, also involved base personnel. But police have not named a suspect in that case.

Commentary: It was absolutely inexcusable for Clemons' chain of command not to restrict Clemons to base. The guy's been accused of aggravated assault in New Jersey, for heaven's sake, and he allegedly used a firearm. This implies some personal anger issues. By refusing to restrict Clemons to the base, the command jeopardized the safety of the local community.

And this can't be dismissed as a fluke. The U.S. Air Force has been overtaken by a culture of carelessness. Look at the track record of high profile incidents during the past two years. First, there was the accidental loading of live nuclear weapons aboard a bomber bound for Barksdale Air Force Base, LA. Then we learned that in 2006, there was the accidental shipment of nuclear weapons detonators to Taiwan. Then the 5th Bomb Wing at Minot AFB, ND flunked a major defense nuclear surety inspection. Then Colonel Samuel Lofton was convicted in a general court-martial at Sheppard AFB, TX on a host of sexual and corruption-based charges. And recently, an Air Force missile launch crew was caught sleeping at their posts.

We can't afford this type of carelessness within the agency to whom we entrust the care and employment of nuclear weapons. It's time for the Air Force to "aim high" once again.


Anonymous said...

It sure is easy to point fingers and make conclusions about things you know nothing about. First of all, in our country, a person is innocent until proven guilty. Second, the Air Force cannot just restrict someone to base or quarters because he was involved in a crime in a civilian jurisdiction. If the court allows a citizen to post bail and releases him, any action the Air Force takes against that person in the way of a "restriction" may count as pre-trial confinement or undue punishment. The Air Force must respect the decisions made by civilian courts and not act in any way that could hinder the civilian investigation or trial process.

steel68 said...


This chimp should of never been let out.Also,there's what is called ISP(Intensive supervision) in criminal courts which can include an ankle monitor and curphew.He would have never qualified due to his previous record though.Now go back to watching Law and Order reruns!


"This implies some personal anger issues"

You know as well as I do this is an issue of the continued failure of racial integration.Black violent crime statistics DWARF other races as can be supported through the Dept. of Justice crime data.Blacks are only a few generations removed from their tribal and voodoo origins.Who brought them here through the slave trade?The Jews!Who started the NAACP?The Jews!Who is resposible for Rap,BET(Black Entertainment Television),and promotes interracial dating and marriage?The Jews!Why?The Jews manage and utilize the negro as a battering-ram against Christian,white civilization which it has always and continues to undermine and attempts to destroy.The Civil Rights "movement" was created with just this in mind and the last 50 years manifest its "failure".It has never been designed to "succeed",only to undermine whites and to that extent it has succeeded.Blacks continue to murder,rape and committ violent crimes at tremendous rates.Why do we not here about it on the idiot box or newspapers?Who runs the majority of these?

Also,when you use the USA Today as your source,the conclusion will be "accidental loading of nuclear weapons".No such thing!Nuclear weaponary undergoes CONSTANT evaluation and supervision and requires numerous signatures along the standard chain of command.This was no accident!Someone blew the lid on the whole operation while they were trying to get the plane out of the U.S. under the cover of darkness.

Anonymous said...

Wow you clearly are an idiot. You have no idea how the military justice system works. Just by watching JAG, A Few Good Men, and other military movies, doesn't make you knowledgeable of the military justice system.

Upon a conviction in New Jersey or Utah for the crimes he committed he would be subject to either administrative punishment or Courts-Martial. Both would reduce his grade to E-1, make him fork over substantial pay and benefits, on top of jail time the military can impose on top of his civilian punishment. Clemons will certainly be punished by the Air Force after he's convicted.

But if New Jersey let's him make bail and go free then the Air Force can do nothing until he's proven guilty. And actually was trying to kick him out in August to spare the tax dollars being wasted on him. Rest assure this prick will get what he deserves.

steel68 said...

You underscore my point!His civilian status SUPERCEDES any decision regarding his military status.The judge in N.J. should have posted an extremely high bail or NO BAIL at all.Other factors(overcrowding)enter into the decision making process.Spare me the "innocent until proven guilty" stance!This monkey is GUILTY!It goes beyond the scope of military justice.Blacks are a storm-trooper of the Jew against the white man who represents his only threat.The average IQ in Africa is 65!The only reason blacks have a higher IQ in the U.S. is BECAUSE of intermixing with white blood which has made them only slightly more intelligent.They still are savages and dull brained to the core.Until this is addressed seriously by whites,the situation will continue to get worse.And this is addressed to ALL LDS members locally.Utah is one of the few remaining enclaves of white superiority.Embrace it!Enhance it!It was all a jungle until the white man arrived!

me23 said...

fuck all of you leaving comments like "that chimp should never be let out." have you ever heard innocent until proven guilty.. what you all need to do is get a life because you don't know if he did it.. i just want to say is that i grew up with him and the fact that you sit here and say something about him.. let me say the first crime he wasn't guilty and was let out on bail because he was cooperative and we paid his $200,000 bail so its o.k for you all to past judgment. well i just want to say god bless all of you and i hope my childhood friend is let free.....

Anonymous said...

Well me23 I don't think your friend will be free for a very long time. I know this person from work and I have seen the evidence laid before him. Danny is going to jail in Utah for sure and the Air Force is going to try and levy their own justice on top of it. Daniel was a bad Airman and has greatly embarassed the Air Force. I hope the Courts-Martial is fair and firm with him, I could care less what his civilian punishment is.

As far as the racism on this blog, it's completely unacceptable. I feel like I've visited the Nazi/White Power LDS Alliance. I guess the guy writing this blog is able to steal a Wi-Fi connection in his trailer. You and Clemons are a piece of trash!

steel68 said...

Anonymous said...

"As far as the racism on this blog,it's completely unacceptable"

I have no problem with it!In fact Dawg does an excellent job of selecting pieces that manifest the problems and disaster of diversity.Let me guess,your one of the "underprivileged" yourself.Either that or a white who needs to get in line.

Anonymous said...

Well thank you who ever you are but im in the military to im actually Security Forces member. I just got back from a tour in at camp Bucca . So you are right i am trash. By the way i am one of those underprivileged persons if you say so. I serve my country with no problem. OH and for the person who said they know Danny. Thanks for the input you dumb slut.

Anonymous said...

This is not about black or white. This guy is a f in dumb ass. he assaulted the guy with a non af weapon. An ak 47!!! Where did he get it? I know dude and he is not that smart. If he didnt go tou for this ,buddy has like 5 LOC's riding on him. He shouldnt have been let back in after the jersey thing. And for dumbass who doesnt know, the military still recognizes law of the land unless otherwise superseded by the president and congress. If nj turns him over to ucmj, he wont see bubba. He will see MSgt Bubba who will treat him really well. Join the military then become a gangsta.Airman really??? You get what u deserve.

Anonymous said...

For all of you all that posted the racist comment, the shitty place like Salt Lake City, Great Falls, Cheyanne, and Minot depends on the AF to survior for the money and the jobs. But most of those places are like mostly white and racist to the fullest. So maybe it was the race card that was pull on the guy for him to have an AK in Salt Lake City in the first place and for shooting dude. I guess there is a lesson learn. This is 2008 and we ain't taking that shit no more. So you better get your mind right or go and put your tail between your legs like a bitch ya heard. No comment is needed. KKK Nazi etc can suck a fat one.

Anonymous said...

You know, I don't understand y this all has to be about race. Isn't everything though? I am white, my cousin is black. Problem? NO There are "niggers" in every race, ie. white trash, wetbacks..... this was about a stupid airman, and the military cannot punish him for something he did in new jersey because he has not been convicted yet. How can they restrict him to the base when he is innocent until proven guilty. He will get whats coming to him. But don't blame the Air Force. Why when something happens everyone blames the Air Force. If you are not happy with the members of the military, stop bitching about us and go join...

joe said...

The writer is clearly an idiot! You have no clue as to how the military works. Take a chill and research it. they cant restrict people because a civilian thinks the member "Might" be dangerous.

Your an "Idiot" enough said!