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Melissa Farrell To Be Prosecuted By Deputy City Attorney Wes Somerton In Coeur d'Alene, Idaho For Spanking Her Daughter Despite No Physical Injury

Apparently it is illegal to give your child a couple of swats on the ass to stop her from running into traffic in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Police ticketed Melissa Farrell for spanking her child after she ran into the street during the Fourth of July parade, and many people are justifiably up in arms. Full story published July 8th, 2008 by the Coeur d'Alene Press. Also picked up by the Spokane Spokesman-Review. Raw video report by KREM-TV. Also discussed by the Idaho Values Alliance, the state's leading pro-family organization.

Melissa was with her mother and three daughters -- two 1-year-old twins and a 2-year-old -- at the Fourth of July parade near Sherman Avenue and 12th Street when her eldest girl started acting up. "She was throwing a fit and wanted to go across the street," said Melissa, adding that she held her in her lap. "It was a tussle keeping her upright."

Melissa said she gave her daughter a "pat on the butt" at one point "to get her attention" and was mostly holding her with her head against her chest. She noticed a group of people across the street, she said, who gave her "dirty looks" after the spanking. Then a man came across the street. "He said her diaper came off. It had come loose. He said 'You're yanking her around,'" Melissa said. "Then, here they (the police) come."

Her husband, Robert, 27, said four officers eventually showed up. "It started as one, then became four, who pulled her aside and said she was committing child abuse, she was going to lose her child and everything else," Robert said.

However, Captain Ron Clark said other members of the crowd told a different story. "There are nine other witnesses that basically feel she caused injury to her child," Clark said. "They were up in arms and wanted us to do something." Eight of the witnesses signed statements. As a result, Melissa was issued a citation for injury to a child, a misdemeanor carrying a maximum penalty of up to one year in jail. [Ed. Note: I'll bet some of the so-called "witnesses" were a bunch of California faggots who moved to Idaho to get away from California's growing diversity, but who brought their Californicating values with them. Western states are plagued with Californicators who move to their states and impose their corrupt, degenerate values upon the locals. Figure this one out: California legalizes gay marriage, and China gets the earthquakes. Suggest that the next time God wants to dispense justice, He buy Himself a GPS first.]

On the statements, the witnesses described the mother as "slamming her [the daughter] on the ground and smothering her as she was holding her. Capt. Clark said it will be up to the judge to decide whether that action that was committed was a crime or not. He did acknowledge that the child showed no visible signs of injury. This indicates the witnesses' statements are bogus, since "slamming" and "smothering" would have left visible signs of injury.

Melissa said the group she believed called the police was too far away to understand what was happening and nobody near her seemed to have a problem. She denied slamming her daughter to the ground and said the alleged "smothering" was from her holding her close to her chest to calm her.

"I was doing my best to keep her still, to keep her from running into the street," Melissa said. "If I was an abuser, would I do it in front of thousands of people? It doesn't make sense. Am I supposed to discipline my children based on the beliefs of some man in an orange shirt who was across the street? I don't even know his name."

The Farrells, who have no police record, are now worried Child Protective Services could take their children away. They are looking for witnesses and intend to fight the ticket and sue both the city and police department. [Ed. Note: They should also consider suing the eight witnesses who submitted the bogus statements as well.]

The Idaho Values Alliance adds some important additional information to the story. First, immediately after the incident, Rob and Melissa Farrell took little Laila to a hospital to have her examined as an additional precaution and for their own protection. The hospital found her to be in perfect health with no sign of any of abuse.

Second, the Farrells have discovered, from consulting with local lawyers, that if the prosecutor insists on taking this bogus case to trial, they will be forced to spend $5,000 to defend themselves even though Melissa did nothing wrong, other than trying to keep her daughter from getting run over by a truck. Rob, the husband, is already working three jobs to support his family, and has virtually no way to afford the cost of a defense. [Ed. Note: What a "wonderful" economy we have, when a family man must work three jobs just to support his family. Haven't Idaho employers ever heard of the concept of a "living" wage, or are they too obsessed with profits?]

Finally, Melissa will have to appear in court on July 23rd, when she will be formally charged. If she pleads “Not Guilty,” as she must – otherwise she in essence would be perjuring herself in a court of law – she may have to face the cost and uncertainly of a jury trial.

You may call the Coeur d’Alene City Attorney’s office at 1-208-769-2323 with this simple message: “I’m calling to urge the city attorney to drop all charges against Melissa Farrell,” and ask the receptionist to pass your message along to Wes Somerton, the city attorney handling the case. Or you can e-mail Somerton's boss, Michael C. Gridley, as follows:

This simply cannot be allowed to stand. The government is becoming far too intrusive and invasive into the lives of families. The United Kingdom has virtually banned spanking. And in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, a woman just had her kids taken away from her because her daughter drew a swastika on her arm before going to school one day. There was no sign of child abuse in that case either, but the Canadian authorities decided the mother's political philosophy, national socialism, was inherently abusive. Government does not have the right to take kids away from their parents simply because of what the parents believe.

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Jessica said...

Yet when this child grows up and steals a car everyone will want to know WHY her parents did not disiplin her....
Some people need to worry about them selves and let these parents do their jobs. After you win this case in court you should sue the person who called the police to begin with. And they should be charged with something to do with wasting the states money and time. My guess is the state must not be busy enough with real problem. Thumbs DOWN to The State of Idaho