Friday, July 11, 2008

Door-To-Door Salesman Kenneth Goodlow Arrested In Clearfield, Utah For Peddling His Family Jewels; Charged With Sexual Battery And Lewdness

"Good afternoon, madam. Could I interest you in...muh dik?"

Police in Clearfield, Utah have arrested a door-to-door salesman, 23-year-old Kenneth Dwayne Goodlow, and charged him with sexual battery and lewdness. Media stories published by the Deseret News, the Ogden Standard-Examiner, KUTV Channel 2, KTVX Channel 4, and KSL Channel 5.

The arrest stems from a number of news stories circulated locally about a cleaning supply salesman who had been reportedly exposing himself to potential customers, and who even went so far as to grope a woman. As the reports increased, other police departments soon contacted Clearfield police, concerned about Goodlow. Salem police detectives questioned Goodlow about a burglary in the Utah County town; KSL reports Goodlow is now being charged with the Salem burglary as well. Finally, victims came forward and told their stories.

After seeing news reports about himself, Goodlow surrendered to Clearfield police on July 10th. He is now charged with one count of sexual battery, a class A misdemeanor, and two counts of lewdness, a class B misdemeanor. Formal charges were filed on July 11th in 2nd District Court. Goodlow is currently housed in the Davis County Jail in lieu of $3,056 bail.

Goodlow was part of a sales team assigned to northern Utah by Austin Diversified Products of Harvey, Illinois. They are listed as an official BBB-accredited business, and they are rated Satisfactory. Apparently Goodlow's tactics were less than Satisfactory.

And it appears that other people in the area have had problems with the company's sales force. As of this post, 219 comments have been appended to the KSL story (comments can take about a minute to load). Here are reports of some other unpleasant encounters with company sales staff:

This same group came by my house
by 66f250 @ 9:04am - Fri Jul 11th, 2008

We were getting out of the car and the guy walks up. I said "ARe you selling something? Because we don't have any money to buy anything so don't waste your pitch on us." He came closer. I said "Again, we can not buy anything."

He says "But it's cheap."

I said "So I don't even have a penny, my husband lost his job last week."

He takes out his money and throws it on the ground and says "You have got to have this much?"

I said "No I don't. Now you need to leave."

He takes out his cleaner and sprays it on his arm then says "It is really safe, see." And then licks it off his arm. He comes really close to me and says, come on Mama, it's really cheap. Smell it. Or I can spray it on you. It' really safe, Mama."

My husband says "You need to leave." He says some mumblish type stuff and then walks off the steps. He hung around the front of our house, so we called the cops.

And guess what the lovely dispatcher of Clearfield said "He isn't doing anything illegal, so we can't do anything." Okay, but he was creepy and look what he did to some other ladies. JERK!

Close Call
by Cage Fighter @ 9:13am - Fri Jul 11th, 2008

One of these guys came to my door a couple weeks ago and gave my wife the sales pitch. Luckily I was home at the time. My wife felt uncomfortable so I took over. After a several minute display I purchased the product because it was able to clean everything I have been having trouble with (hardwater, oil, grease, even my lawn mower).

I ended up talking with this guy for a while and I found that he was an ex-con trying to feed his family. He seemed sincere and mentioned that he is trying hard to stay out of trouble.

I have no idea if it is this guy or another one of the sales people, but thank god I was home.

He better not do this to my wife...
by Jason C. @ 10:02am - Fri Jul 11th, 2008

Not sure if the stereotype is correct but if it is I do not want a black man flashing my wife. I would get home and have to hear something like "So, thats all you got to offer?" There are some things I want my wife ignorant of. The real victims in this are the husbands when they get home and have to admit vacuum cleaner do come in larger sizes. [Ed. Note: The stereotype of exceptionally-endowed blacks has been debunked. In 2005 Overthrow editor Bill White published a story entitled
"Whites Have Bigger Cocks Than Blacks", which cited scientific studies debunking the stereotype. This was updated in 2007 on the White Reference blog, which actually provided links to the studies.]

4 sure!
by fast 911 @ 12:04pm - Fri Jul 11th, 2008

These ex felons are very aggresive and very intimidating when you tell them no. They were at my house last year. He told me I wasn't buying because "f&*&*^g n^%%$#s aren't welcome here!" When he was finally leaving he told me that I was lucky that he changed his life around other wise he would just come by at night with a shotgun and take what he wanted! I was so shocked! Little did he know I had my CWP 9mm in my back pocket. If my daughters weren't out playing in the yard I most likely would have started something with him. When you see them, avoid talking to them at all cost.

So apparently Austin Diversified hires ex-felons, which is good for them because it provides them gainful employment, but which can be bad for the public if the ex-felon can't snap out of the "con" mode.

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