Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yes, The On-Again, Off-Again "Racist" Barack Obama Sock Puppet Doll Is Apparently "On" Again - Can The Lawsons Make Up Their Minds?

Update: On June 20th, KSL reveals the new Sockpoliticans website to be a possible scam. Updated information entered in green throughout this post.

This story refuses to die, and you can thank the marketers of the Barack Obama Sock Puppet Doll for the uncertainty and ambiguity. It appears that David and Elizabeth Lawson now intend to resume marketing the doll, and are looking for a new manufacturer. Full story published in the Salt Lake Tribune and on KSL Channel 5, which includes a link to an audio interview with the Lawsons. The University of Utah's Daily Utah Chronicle has now weighed in. Ditto for Glen Warchol, on his Tribune-affiliated Salt Lake Crawler blog.

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After a noisy, hysterical campaign of outrage led by a tiny handful of progressive anti-racist vigilante bloggers, the Lawsons announced their intention to discontinue any attempts to market the doll. However, it turns out that the progressives' cyber-terrorist campaign against the Lawsons alone didn't cause them to discontinue the promotion. In actuality, it was a decision by the Canadian manufacturer retained by the Lawsons, Binkley Toys, which temporarily sidelined the project. After being spammed by derogatory e-mails from anti-racist vigilantes, Rob Bishop, the owner of Binkley Toys, caved in and announced that his company would NOT manufacture the dolls. This is not the same Rob Bishop who is Utah's First District Congressman.

The Lawsons then posted their intent to abandon the project and to refund customers' money on their original website, accessible here:

But then they issued a lengthy statement to the media, re-posted HERE, in which they lashed out at the anti-racist vigilantes and their sockpuppets for misrepresenting their integrity and their intent, as well as their attacks upon free speech and free commerce. They also stated that "we hope to meet again soon in a new venue".

And it looked like the Lawsons created a new venue. This is what was believed to be the Lawson's new website, accessible here:

The new website has the same doll, description and format as the Lawsons' previous site. However, the new website also offers an additional doll called "TheSockMcCain", which complements "TheObamaSock" (both now trademarked). Interesting that the McCain doll has NO tail, though. Both dolls are offered for $39.99 each, with free shipping within the Continental U.S. The desire to continue to manufacture the doll is a shift from the Lawsons' original statement that they did not realize that depicting a black man as a monkey would carry any implications of racism.

However, on June 20th, KSL Channel 5 reported that the Lawsons told them earlier this week that while they are still searching for a new venue, the new website is NOT their website. Consequently, it looks like a scammer is trying to cash in on "TheSockObama" puppet controversy. The Lawsons say they have notified PayPal and Binkley Toys to let them know they think this is a fraud.

And, of course, the usual suspects are chimping out all over again. Charles Henderson, a race-baiting black Kearns Democrat running against incumbent Republican Eric Hutchings for the District 38 seat in Utah's House of Representatives, said, "After you've been told it's not acceptable, why do you pursue this unless it's motivated by financial gain, notoriety or some other more malicious path that you're trying to take? I don't see a reason why they would go down that path. It's not acceptable. I hope no one buys it". Henderson also wonders who the Lawsons are targeting as their audience after hearing from people such as Jeanetta Williams, president of the Salt Lake branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), who calls the doll "pure racism at its extreme".

Perhaps Henderson hasn't figured out that neither the white community, nor for that matter, any other racial community, is obliged to take orders from the NAACP, which possesses NO statutory authority. Furthermore, who elected the NAACP to be our moral guardians on racial issues? What good does the NAACP do? Have they in any way lowered the 70 percent illegtimacy rate among America's black community? No, because instead of promoting more responsible behavior within the black community, they engage in 100 percent substance-free cotton candy feelgood campaigns like their crusade against the Confederate battle flag, or their symbolic "funeral for the N-word" in America's biggest Third World city, Detroit (the truth about Detroit is disclosed on the DetroitIsCrap blog). Instead of promoting black empowerment, the NAACP perpetuates black entitlement, which promotes mere subsistence at the expense of prosperity.

Analysis: The Lawsons have generated confusion by their vacillation. First, they were making the doll. Then they were stopping it. Now they're making it again. How do we know that they will follow through this time? It's true that they are refunding customers' money, but until they confirm that they have a new manufacturer, I have no incentive to order the doll.

The Lawsons need to understand that they will piss some people off REGARDLESS of their decision. So should they make the doll and piss off the tiny elitist progressive community, who has divorced themselves from mainstream tradional American values, or should they not make the doll, and earn the contempt of the exponentially-more numerous mainstream American community for their vacillation and political correctness? I favor the first alternative; the progressives have no power save it be that with which we invest them.

I recommend people do not order this doll from any website until the Lawsons verify that it is their website.

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Oops! The web site you published ( is a bogus, rip-off web site. Apparently, it is not connected to the Lawsons, and is taking people's money.