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What You Won't Learn At The Ogden, Utah Juneteenth Festival: Watch The Classic "Who Brought The Slaves To America?"

On June 22nd, 2008, the Deseret News published a report on the Juneteenth Festival taking place in Ogden, Utah. For those few of you who flunked Diversity 101, Juneteenth is the commemoration of the proclamation of the end of slavery by Union General Gordon Graham, backed by 2,000 troops, in Galveston, Texas on June 19th, 1865. More information on the background and purpose of Juneteenth can be found on and Wikipedia. Also visit the JuneteenthUtah website.

The gathering, held in the downtown Ogden Amphitheatre, is in its 19th year, and its current rendition is sponsored by the Project Success Coalition — a 23-year-old Ogden group that provides a year-round education outreach program for students in kindergarten-seventh grade. Project director Betty Sawyer said the event has grown steadily since its start and was hoping to exceed last year's 15,000-plus attendees. Sawyer said the event, which began Thursday June 19th and runs through June 22nd, was off to a great start.

"We had good attendance and a great discussion for our kickoff on Thursday ... a screening of the documentary film 'The Wisdom Of Our Years' and a fantastic night of jazz on Friday," Sawyer said. "Today we had over 40 vendors ... food, and a whole afternoon and evening of music."

Saturday's slate of musical entertainment featured local and out-of-town acts including the Utah Mass Choir, under the direction of Norris Gardner, and national recording artist Darwin Hobbs. The documentary shown Thursday, "The Wisdom Of Our Years," is a 40-minute history of black Utahns, created by the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society.

Sawyer said education and outreach efforts have long been an essential part of the yearly gathering. To this end, a wide variety of health advocacy, family support and education groups were well represented Saturday. Mercy Jacobo and Jenny Jorgensen were tending an information booth for Weber Human Services. They were distributing pamphlets and answering questions on a new anti-violence, anti-substance abuse campaign. One can see that, although Juneteenth starts off as a "black thing", it does serve as a springboard for wider outreach. Too bad the NAACP doesn't take this more constructive apporach.

But while much can be learned about black history and the chattel slavery period in America, there remains much to be discovered and a lot to be corrected. After all, CNN and Fox News weren't reporting up to the minute back then. Works like "Roots" try to fill the gap, but all too often, they become idealized, either for or against various constituencies in and out of political favor at a given moment. But as a rule of thumb, Whitey is usually the bad guy, even though not only were many slaves treated relatively well, but that most slave owners actually developed a powerful economic incentive not to abuse their slaves and render them dyfunctional, particularly after importation of slaves to the United States was banned. At least the slave owners provided them with both employment and amenities; nowadays, when a packing plant hires illegal aliens, they throw $6.00 per hour at them but take no further responsibility. Makes you wonder who the real slaves are, doesn't it?

But what we're just beginning to learn is who the real slave traders were. Through his research, Walter White learned that one particular ethnic group became disproportionately influential in the slave trade, and published his findings in a short but informative pamphlet entitled "Who Brought The Slaves To America". Yet not only does there seem to be only minimal interest in publicizing this information, but it tends to be suppressed by the elite. This 40-minute video version reveals the identity of this group and its significance.

The full text of "Who Brought The Slaves To America" can be read and downloaded HERE. Critics invariably denounce it as "anti-Semitic", but as Dr. David Duke points out in this 2004 essay, "anti-Semitism" has been corrupted, re-defined as anything the top Jews don't like, and used as a political weapon against the greater society. To illustrate this, ADL Director Abe Foxman has previously demanded that Christians renounce large parts of the New Testament in order to "placate" world Jewry.

Dr. Duke also discusses his perspective on "Who Brought The Slaves To America" HERE.

Hat tip to Mishko Novosel for revealing the existence of this video on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

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