Sunday, June 15, 2008

Utah Marketers Of Obama Sock Puppet Doll Cave In To Politically-Correct "Progressive" Anti-Racist Vigilantes, Discontinue Selling The Product

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The good news - the Sockobama website has now been restored to service. The bad news - David J. and Elizabeth Lawson, the operators of the site and the sellers of the controversial Barack Obama Sock Puppet Doll (pictured at left), have announced their intent to discontinue selling the doll, posting this short message:

"We are very apologetic to all who were upset by our toy idea. We will not be proceeding with the manufacturing of this toy. Thank you".

Update: Since this post, two media stories have since surfaced on June 16th; KSL Channel 5, and the Deseret News.

The stated intent of the Lawsons, as presented in my previous post, was to provide a memento not only of the 2008 Presidential campaign, but of the first black man to become a mainstream candidate for President of the United States (Obama is mixed-race, but identifies as black because he gets bigger stroke and more bennies that way). However, the chimp-like appearance of the doll, along with the presence of the tail, sparked a media inquiry and triggered an orchestrated and manipulated outcry led by anti-racist vigilantes in the "progressive" (Communist) blogosphere. Here's a list of some of the more prominent "progressive" blogs who piled on the Lawsons:

- Plunderbund, June 11th 2008.

- Daily Kos, June 12th 2008.

- ThinkProgress, June 12th 2008.

- Shakesville, June 13th 2008.

- Huffington Post, June 14th 2008.

- Religiarchy, June 11th 2008 and June 13th 2008. In some respects, this particular blog is quite amusing. Like so many "progressives", the editor sanctimoniously tries to whitewash his attack on free speech and free commerce by proclaimimg that "he's not going to provide a direct link to the Sockobama website because he doesn't want to give them traffic". Well whoop-dee-freaking-do! I supposed he expects to be nominated for sainthood because of that singular sacrificial act? This actually shows how contemptuous of free speech these "progressive" scum really are. Contrast that approach with the approach I use here. I post direct links to our political enemies because I want to make it easy for you to read their tripe and find out why they are enemies. Righties promote and support free competition in the marketplace of ideas.

And just in - some idiot named Tim Russo, who edits BloggerInterrupted, is now celebrating the demise of the doll.

Also note that while these "progressives" decry portraying Obama as a "chimp", they express no objection to the practice of portraying George W. Bush as a chimp. Their excuse - African-Americans were portrayed as chimps in the past. So we're supposed to hold our sense of humor hostage to our history? Shouldn't portraying the President of the United States as a chimp be equally condemned? The hypocrisy of the "progressive" movement is nakedly exposed once again.

However, other venues more appreciative of free speech and free commerce, attempting to counter the negative publicity, included Stormfront, the Vanguard News Network Forum, Newsnet14, and Imagine that - the so-called "racists" emerging as primary defenders of free speech and free commerce.

However, to condemn David and Elizabeth Lawson for caving in to political correctness may be a bit simplistic. Obviously, they're not accustomed to political warfare and never dreamed that they'd be piled on. They never expected that their website would be DoS'd and knocked off the air for 24 hours. But once again, a tiny self-righteous elite purports to tell us what we can sell, buy, and even think.

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Anonymous said...

Hello All,

We just came across your blog and wanted to set the record straight.
In our beginings our website was under the control of Binkley toys who was our designer and were under contract to produce TheSock Obama.

It was them that reniged on our deal and posted their coments and apologies on our website.

TheSock Obama Co.