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The SockObama Company Issues Final Statement Lashing Out At The "Progressive" Anti-Racist Vigilante Scum Who Terrorized It Out Of Business

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The SockObama Company is following through on their promise to discontinue selling the Barack Obama Sock Puppet Doll. But they decided not to stand there with the bat on their shoulder, taking a called third strike.

Latest related local media stories from the Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune, KSL Channel 5, and KTVX Channel 4. The KSL, Tribune, and Deseret News stories each have well over 100 public comments appended, which provides a good snapshot of local reaction.

Instead, the company chose to take a swinging third strike, issuing a lengthy statement decrying the campaign of cyber-terrorism waged against it by the "progressive" anti-racist vigilante scum who try to impose their totalitarian social standards upon the greater population. Here, once again is a list of the major blogs who participated in the cyber-terrorist campaign against SockObama:

- Plunderbund, June 11th 2008.

- Daily Kos, June 12th 2008.

- ThinkProgress, June 12th 2008.

- Shakesville, June 13th 2008.

- Huffington Post, June 14th 2008.

- Religiarchy, June 11th 2008 and June 13th 2008.

These sites didn't merely express disagreement with the doll; they encouraged people to wage active measures against the company, launching a 24-hour DoS attack on the company's website and spamming them with hate mail. So consumed were they in their feverish hatred for David and Elizabeth Lawson that they initially targeted the wrong David Lawson, an attorney who lives in Park City. These are not human beings one reasons with; instead, they are a cancer which needs to be excised from our body politic once and for all. The anti-racist movement promotes more hatred in the United States than all the blacks and Latinos put together. If it wasn't for anti-racist whites, non-white racists like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Janet Murghuia would have no power over us.

Now here's SockObama's statement in full, cross-posted from KSL Channel 5:

We Don't Want to Say Goodbye -- An Update from TheSockObama Co.

We at TheSockObama Co. have some questions to pose. What's really going on in America? In the good ol' fashion spirit of entrepreneurialism ; free enterprise has been censored, and TheSockObama politically plush toy has been discriminated against in the marketplace of the United States of America.

Double standards appear to be a common thread here. It's okay for there to be hundreds of thousands of Google sites containing references to our current president's resemblance to a chimpanzee. However, it's not okay to make that same association regarding our possible next president. Isn't this the very definition of hypocrisy? We find this to be both obvious and curious in the same breath.

After seven days as an e-commerce merchant, we had to close our doors today at Sadly, we are currently issuing refunds to all of our wonderful new Customers around the globe. TheSockObama is no longer scheduled to go into mass production. Nor will his cast of politically plush friends be produced, including JohnnieMcSock, his fierce political competitor that we had planned to introduce next week. We are compelled to take this action, as a result of our designer/supplier conceding, seemingly due to the enormous pressure from opposers. Have the bullies won here?

Our first and last foray into the blogging world began and ended on Tuesday June 10th. In an amateurish, clumsy attempt at marketing a time-sensitive, politically plush toy online; we came upon some sort of an election-themed website that looked promising; and we blogged our new business with a sassy lure of plush prose. We didn't know there were rules to blogging. We know now.

There, the blogging dens of resistance quickly began their fury of emails. An electronic battery of fiery darts flowed swiftly but silently through the veins of technology. Feverish fingers frantically clicking coast to coast, crashing and burning our tragically naive - yet sparkling website. A steady stream of repetitive verbal eloquence graced our Customer service inbox with tasty tidbits like, eff-ewe and every other colorful expletive you could possibly imagine. We thought we had heard it all. Hey thanks. This is America, right?

Having led a moderately quiet lifestyle until now; our social calendar suddenly filled up with vivid and creative death threats. And last we heard, a posse of bloggers from back east are on their way over to conduct - how did they phrase it, a good ol' fashioned KKK house burning party at David & Elizabeth's. Kinda exciting stuff, but this in America?

On Friday the Media swooped in. Love notes with call me from newspaper publications and television personalities were left at our door. We agreed to permit two local stations to share a bit of our initial reaction on the madness of it all. We were the top news story on both networks at 9:00pm and 10:00pm.. By the way, TheSockObama story preceded the shocking and untimely death of our well loved Tim Russert of NBC. What the heck does this say about the spiritual barometer of a proclaimed to be united people? Unfortunately, this is America.

The questions we still find perplexing are; is America really ready for change? With the number of Customers we've had to disappoint in our first week of business; are we saying it's okay to take something out of the marketplace that other people want to buy? Are we now censoring one another's liberty as Americans to freely purchase goods and services on our own terms? Is this the kind of America we want?

Before we close, please note that the creators of TheSockObama are not of the Mormon faith. Kindly refrain from unkind remarks about our neighbors and friends of the Mormon faith whom we love and hold dear.

We wish to thank all of our TheSockObama Co. Customers and supporters in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. We hope to meet again soon in a new venue.

Sincerely yours,

TheSockObama Co.

However, the anti-racists won a Pyrrhic victory. Despite their best efforts, District 10 Senator Chris Buttars (R-West Jordan) not only was successfully re-nominated at the Salt Lake County Republican Convention, but was renominated OUTRIGHT. That means no primary fight. Naturally, the anti-racists launched an all-out attack on the integrity and intelligence of the people of District 10, because they couldn't handle the outcome. And this is characteristic of the anti-racist movement; free speech applies only to them, because if you do not enthusiastically agree with them, you're either evil or ignorant. A preponderance of them are university-educated, mostly at our politically-correct "Soviet" universities scattered all across America.

With their campaign against SockObama, the anti-racist movement ripped off the mask of respectability behind which they had been hiding once and for all, revealing the evil totalitarian visage beneath. They call themselves "progressives" to sugarcoat their true allegiance. They refer to their media as "independent", disguising its neo-Marxist affiliations.

What's the difference between progressives and liberals? Yes, there is a difference. Let's use a couple of Salt Lake mayors as examples. Ralph Becker is a classical liberal. He seeks consensus; he strives to avoid confrontation. He respects free speech. When the President of the United States shows up, he stays out of the way. Ralph Becker means well; we can work with him.

In contrast, Rocky Anderson was a progressive. He hated consensus; he sought confrontation at every turn. And when the President showed up, he led an antiwar demonstration against him. Rocky Anderson is an evil fanatic; he is not worthy of civilized outreach.

Remember - honest liberals are NOT the enemy. Progressives are the enemy. Non-racists, who simply believe that racism is merely an ugly form of collectivism, but who do NOT launch crusades, are NOT the enemy. Anti-racists, who launch pre-emptive witch-hunting crusades and terrorize people, are the enemy.

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