Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pompano Beach Gay Mormon Activist Lester Leavitt Demands His Family Choose Between Him And The LDS Church

Here's another example of that famed gay "tolerance". Of course, the "tolerance" is strictly one-way; we're supposed to "tolerate" them, but they don't have to tolerate us. In their eyes, we're merely just "homophobes" and "breeders".

On June 28th, 2008, KSL Channel 5 is reporting on the activities of a gay Mormon activist from Pompano Beach, Florida (the story is barely four hours old, and already there are 369 public comments appended). Lester Leavitt (pictured above left; Lester's the one on the right) is a lifetime Mormon who came out as a homosexual in 2004; more about his life can be found on He sent a certified letter to LDS headquarters requesting removal from the Church. And Leavitt wrote a letter to some of his family members asking them to choose family over a call from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to support a November ballot initiative to amend the California constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman only.

Which would be fine, if he was merely asking his family not to participate in the campaign. However, Leavitt goes much further. He's asking his California relatives to actually get up and walk out of the Church service when a letter from the Church leadership, a copy of which is posted HERE, is formally read aloud in sacrament meeting on Sunday June 29th. According to KSL, Leavitt posted a copy of his letter on a website called "q-saints". Investigation on my part revealed only a Q-Saints Yahoo Group, which requires people to become members of the group just to read the posts. Consequently, I can't view the letter itself (and I have no desire to join that Yahoo group).

Here's the problem with Leavitt's demand. Any Latter-day Saint who merely chooses not to participate in the campaign to pass the California measure will not be sanctioned or disciplined by the Church in any way. However, anyone who gets up and walks out of the service while the letter is being read will be questioned by the ward leadership. It is quite possible that, at the very least, the person's temple recommend will be suspended. This means the person could not access the temple to perform any salvation or exaltation ordinances, either for himself or for others. Of course, Leavitt claims he's merely asking his California relatives to defend his "civil rights".

Now tell me who's REALLY the selfish party here? Leavitt probably claims he "loves" his family. This is a selfish vision of love. How can you love someone when you try to psychologically blackmail them into doing something contrary to their interests? How can you love someone when you ask them to choose between your fellowship and eternal exaltation? How can you love someone if you require, as a condition of love, that they walk through the gates of hell with you?

And this isn't just limited to gays. Many ex-Mormons, once they leave the Church, refuse to leave it or its members alone. They'll try to browbeat their Mormon family members or friends to leave the Church as well, threatening to withdraw their fellowship if the others don't comply with their wishes. On the other hand, it is true that when a member leaves the Church, sometimes the ex-Mo's family and friends turn their backs first, but does that justify trying to blackmail someone into doing something contrary to their interests as the price of continuing fellowship? Absolutely not.

Lester Leavitt is making a serious mistake here in engaging in psychological blackmail against his family as the implicit price of his continued fellowship. And by doing so, he reveals the true agenda of the gay rights movement. They don't just want tolerance; they want affirmation, celebration, and ultimately, supremacy. In Canada, a pastor by the name of Stephen Boissoin has been fined and silenced by a Human Rights Tribunal merely for criticizing the practice of homosexuality. If we don't work to neutralize the gay rights lobby, the problem will migrate here.

Lester Leavitt is now part of the problem. You can read the rest of the KSL story HERE.

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Austin F. said...

Are you serious? No one will get sanctioned for walking out of a meeting. Get real. It's moronic statements like this that perpetuate the stereotype that Mormons are non-thinking, mind-controlled sheep.

No one will be disciplined for walking out. In all honesty, it's a rather reasonable request.

Oh, and I'm an active, straight Mormon. I just don't like silly statements that make latter-day saints look like idiots.