Monday, June 9, 2008

Diversity Watch: Thirteen Illegal Immigrants Arrested For Prostitution In St. George, Utah; Eight More Illegals Detained On Immigration Charges

Police have now arrested 13 people in St. George, Utah in what may be the largest prostitution roundup in Washington County's history. In addition, eight other illegals were arrested by ICE and detained for immigration violations. Initial report, which stated there were 11 arrests, published by the St. George Spectrum. An updated report by the Spectrum now ups the number to 13. Supplemental reports published by the Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune, and KSL Channel 5.

Charges included exploiting prostitution, patronizing a prostitute and prostitution. According to Utah State Code 76-10-1305, exploiting prostitution means transporting a person into or within the state with a purpose to promote that person's engaging in prostitution or procuring or paying for transportation with that purpose.

The arrests were made by the St. George Police Department and Washington County Drug Task Force. St. George Police Lt. Scott Staley said he wasn't aware of any recent arrests for prostitution in this area, but said the police know that it is here. "Unfortunately, up until now it's been hard to get specifics to work something," Staley said. "We know from Internet sites other things are going on here as well."

Investigators initially refused to discuss the arrests; however, the police booking log shows that all of the people arrested Saturday also had immigration/customs charges filed against them.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office booking log shows that the first arrest was made shortly after 5 P.M. Saturday June 7th. Here's the list of the first 11 arrested (all cross-checked with the Washington County Sheriff's Office booking log:

- Silverio Flores-Mendez, 33, 4640 Vegas Valley Drive, Las Vegas; two charges of exploiting prostitution and an immigration/customs charge.
- Francisco Aceves-Bedolla, 24, 3040 Charleston, No. 1038, Las Vegas; two charges of exploiting prostitution and an immigration/customs charge.
- Jose Manuel Ramos-Hernandez, 31, St. George; prostitution, immigration.
- Adan Ramos-Hernandez, 32, St. George; prostitution, immigration.
- Jose Alberto Olivera, 21, LaVerkin; prostitution, immigration.
- Luis Manuel Lopez-Ramos, 20, St. George; prostitution, immigration.
- Manuel DeJesus Ramos-Hernandez, 25, St. George; prostitution, immigration.
- Minerva Valazquez, 27, 4640 Vegas Valley Drive #1007, Las Vegas; prostitution, immigration.
- Margarita Gazpar Vargas, 29, Las Vegas; three counts of prostitution, two counts of sex offense with a minor, immigration.
- Guzman Hernandez Perez, 44, St. George; patronizing a prostitute, immigration.
- Jose Perez Cruz, 35, St. George; patronizing a prostitute, immigration.

The other two names haven't been released yet, nor have the names of the eight others arrested only for immigration violations been disclosed.

Because of the immigration/customs charges, all are being held without bail at Purgatory Correctional Facility. The location of the arrests was not included as part of the arrest records although incidents on the police log showed a soliciting/prostitution and sex offense during the times of the arrests at an address for a hotel in St. George.

Local discussion of this story via the Spectrum posted HERE.

Commentary: Yes, I know, they're just doing the jobs Americans won't do. Right? Wrong! Prostitution is something Americans shouldn't be doing. Yet the reason they keep coming here is that we refuse to protect our borders and preempt illegals in the first place.

Worse yet, the establishment labels those who want immigration reform as "xenophobes", "haters", and "racists". And we waste time trying to explain why we are not "racist", when the only reason they call us "racist" is to psychologically intimidate us. Just this past weekend, the Arizona Daily Star published an editorial that could have been written by Felipe Caldero himself. The Star is supporting the proposed Hispanic boycott of CNN, because the Hispanic lobbies don't like Lou Dobbs calling them out on immigration.

Grow a set a balls, Whitey. Quit allowing yourselves to be intimidated by racist non-white lobbies. This isn't South Africa yet; we whites still outnumber everyone else. Let's start acting it. When whites act white, all of society benefits, regardless of race. Zimbabwe and South Africa are proof of what can happen when Whitey keeps caving in and copping out.

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