Friday, June 13, 2008

The Cost Of Illegal Immigration For One Hospital In Florida: $3.0 Million Just For Two Illegal Patients At Martin Memorial Medical Center

The YouTube video embedded below dramatically illustrates the catastrophic costs of illegal immigration to America. These are the type of people who Chris Cannon wants to set on a path to citizenship.

Carol Plato, who serves as the Director of Corporate Business Services for Martin Memorial Medical Center in Florida, gives testimony before an unspecified committee. She cites the following:

- An illegal Guatemalan who was in her facility from 2001-2003 racked up $1.5 million in uncompensated medical services. They finally got rid of him by paying him $30,000 to return to Guatemala. But guess what - his family, who are still in the United States, are suing the medical facility, which has spent $250,000 in legal fees defending themselves.

- A brain-damaged illegal Mexican has now spent 760 days in their facility, consuming $1.5 million in medical services so far. He has no family. They've contacted the Mexican Consulate four times - no response. They've contacted ICE - ICE is not interested unless the illegal is committing a crime.

Plato not only adds that most of the babies born in her facility are from illegals, but she also estimates that Florida spent $100 million on illegal patient care in 2007 ALONE. That's just one year. And they don't get reimbursed. An article in Western Voices World News shows that this problem is spreading nationwide. And you wonder why health insurance costs are rising.

Are you tired of this? Then, if you live in Utah's Third Congressional District, here's what you do. You vote for Jason Chaffetz on June 24th. Chris Cannon has made too many compromises to illegals. Jason Chaffetz will make NO compromises.

Chris Cannon - catch and release. Jason Chaffetz - catch and deport!

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