Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Reason To Dump Citibank - They Attempt To Collect Late Fees From Dead Customers

Citicorp's incompetence, insensitivity, and even political correctness have become a standing joke - except to the victims. The story of one noteworthy victim of Citibank, one of Citicorp's subsidiaries, was presented HERE in January; the individual still operates the BoycottCitibank website.

However, Citibank may have recently shattered all previous standards for bureaucratic incompetence. The following story never appeared in the media, but is a second-hand account by someone who posted it on Stormfront. The poster related an experience with Citibank from one of his friends that simply must be read to be believed. Even then, I shake my head, although the poster is at least a long-term sustaining member of the forum and not some Johnny-come-lately troll. Here goes:

A lady died this past January, and Citibank billed her for February and March for their annual service charges on her credit card, and added late fees and interest on the monthly charge. The balance had been $0.00 when she died, but now somewhere around $60.00. A family member placed a call to Citibank.

Here is the exchange:

Family Member: 'I am calling to tell you she died back in January.'
Citibank : 'The account was never closed and the late fees and charges still apply.'
Family Member : 'Maybe, you should turn it over to collections.'
Citibank: 'Since it is two months past due, it already has been.'
Family Member : So, what will they do when they find out she is dead?'
Citibank: 'Either report her account to frauds division or report her to the credit bureau, maybe both!'
Family Member : 'Do you think God will be mad at her?'
Citibank: 'Excuse me?'
Family Member : 'Did you just get what I was telling you - the part about her being dead?'
Citibank: 'Sir, you'll have to speak to my supervisor.'
Supervisor gets on the phone:
Family Member : 'I'm calling to tell you, she died back in January with a $0 balance.'
Citibank : 'The account was never closed and late fees and charges still apply.'
Family Member: 'You mean you want to collect from her estate?'
Citibank : (Stammer) 'Are you her lawyer?'
Family Member: 'No, I'm her great nephew.' (Lawyer info was given)
Citibank: 'Could you fax us a certificate of death?'
Family Member: 'Sure.' (Fax number was given )

After they get the fax:

Citibank: 'Our system just isn't setup for death. I don't know what more I can do to help.'
Family Member : 'Well, if you figure it out, great! If not, you could just keep billing her. She won't care.'
Citibank: 'Well, the late fees and charges do still apply.' (What is wrong with these people?!?)
Family Member : 'Would you like her new billing address?'
Citibank : 'That might help.'
Family Member: ' Odessa Memorial Cemetery , Highway 129, Plot Number 69.'
Citibank : 'Sir, that's a cemetery!'
Family Member : 'What do you do with dead people on your planet???

I only wish I had a way to corroborate this story through a media report.

Oh, I did mention political correctness, didn't I? Read my previous post about how Citicorp suddenly stopped processing firearms transactions from CDNN and seized their funds. You can read additional Citibank horror stories, some as far back as 2002, at and The parent corporation, Citigroup, is also a major contributor to the National Council of La Raza.


Gina said...

Just so you know.. the Citibank stories are Urban Legend, especially the one about the dead lady. Check it out at Do a search for Citibank. You'll find them.

RevDarrellG said...

Actually, Snopes does not deny this story, nor can they confirm it, but they say it is quite plausible, given the policies of credit-card companies.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that this Citibank company close! Here's my story, I was just a day or two delayed of payment because it was a long weekend and i was in province, the fucking citibank summoned their monster collectors and went straight into our office talking to our receptionist and asking for me. What a FUCKING PROFESSIONAL way of dealing with clients huh? I was embarassed in front of my peers and shocked with the way they talked to me, as if I owe them with billions.

HSBC and other banks don't do this on their clients, it's just this CITIDIOTS!

I think this company hired exconvicts to be their collectors to harrass clients. What a SHAME!

- John Clements -