Monday, May 5, 2008

LDS Teens Assaulted By Two Other Teens In Gilbert, Arizona; Targeted Because Of Their Religion

The Arizona Republic reports that two Gilbert, Arizona teens found with swastika marks carved on the inside of their wrists are accused of firing pellets at two boys and beating them up because they were Mormon, according to a police report released Monday May 5th, 2008. Also reported by the East Valley Tribune.

A newer Arizona Republic article published May 6th offers considerable more details. Updated post on this case published May 24th HERE.

The attack, which took place on Saturday evening at a neighborhood park northeast of Islands Elementary School left one victim, a 15-year-old boy, with facial injuries. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment. According to the report, the teens accused in the attack near Elliot and McQueen roads went up to the boy and a 17-year-old and asked if they were Mormon. When the two answered "yes," the teens began shooting a pellet gun at them. Police say the fight escalated from there, with the teens making anti-Mormon statements during the assault.

The teens, 16 and 15, were arrested outside one of their homes that night. They were booked into the Maricopa County Juvenile Detention Facility on suspicion of aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, and underage drinking. The 16-year-old also is accused of drunken driving. No word on whether or not religious hate crimes charges will be considered.

For some reason, the Arizona Republic also mentioned that Gilbert was once home to a White-supremacist gang, the Devil Dogs, which in 1999 was linked to former mobster Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" and connected to a series of beatings and drug activity. Apparently they want to establish a link between this factoid and the swastika marks on the assailants to make it look like the attackers are "white supremacists". This would be a premature conclusion, since "white supremacists", if they physcially attack people, normally target non-whites for such attacks. However, further research uncovered a 2000 Arizona Republic report posted on Rick Ross' website which showed that many LDS belonged to the Devil Dogs at one time, but LDS participation had dropped dramatically by the time the report was published. I don't believe this will prove to be an issue here, though.

I'm sure we'll find out that these two were not genuine "white supremacists", but a couple of wannabes who decorated themselves just to get attention. Good work by the police in tracking down the assailants so quickly.

Just days earlier on May 2nd, LDS members in Gilbert celebrated when the Church announced its intent to build a temple in Gilbert, to be located near the intersection of Greenfield and Pecos roads in Gilbert. Undoubtedly, the news of this assault will dampen their spirits somewhat.

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Anonymous said...

Mormons 'hit children with rolling pins'
Last updated at 23:52pm on 17.04.07
Two 'out-of-control' Mormon women tortured six children by beating them with rolling pins and whipping them with stinging nettles, a court heard yesterday.

Deidre Carrington and Maria Keable are also alleged to have hit them with wooden spoons, made them eat hot chillies and punched and kneed them.

The pair meted out the brutal treatment to children aged from just two to 12, Canterbury Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Robin Johnson said: "This was a case of two women who were completely out of control and were acting in a disgraceful way."

Scroll down for more

Accused of cruelty: Deidre Carrington and her friend Maria Keable

Keable, 60, originally from Macedonia, is accused of brainwashing 41-year-old Carrington to join her in the beatings after they met at the Mormon Temple in London.

Both deny assault and six counts of child cruelty over nine years in Ramsgate, Kent.

Mr Johnson said: "The prosecution say these women were in technical terms cruel to these children.

2The cruelty amounted to physical harm, punishing these children even when they were very young unnecessarily, and perpetrating emotional abuse on them at a young age.

2The physical abuse included striking and slapping, administering chilli powder and chopped chillies, using rolling pins and spoons to strike them, making them eat raw eggs and striking them with stinging nettles."

The court heard best friends Carrington and Keable would even feed red hot chillies to the twoyearold.

Mr Johnson said the eldest child was gagged when he was naughty and restrained in a sheet while he was beaten. The women would also put him between them and punch him from one to the other.

He was also allegedly thrown across the room repeatedly.

The abuse was uncovered when the 12-year-old showed his bruises to teachers at school and they called in police and social services.

A boy of eight was also allegedly given gloves so he could whip the other children with nettles.

Mr Johnson said: 2He said he did that because had he not he would have been hit." The prosecutor said the boy described Carrington's brutality, saying: "She would whack us and then give us more chilli."

When interviewed by detectives, Carrington, of Chiswick, West London, claimed the children lied, especially the eldest.

She said she had made them eat chillies once and smacked them with an open hand, but denied punching them.

Mr Johnson said: "She said she was a member of the church and had strict principles to teach children to work and be obedient."

During her police interview Keable, of Ramsgate, said she was like a grandmother to the children and they called her Aunt Maria. She told police that in her country "the use of chilli was normal", adding: "My mother used it."

Mr Johnson said: 'She believed her motives were Christian."

Keable also said her mother had used stinging nettles on her bare legs as a punishment and that eating raw eggs with honey was part of a healthy diet.

The pair rose at 4am on Sundays to travel to the London Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as visiting Mormon churches in Kent.

The case continues.