Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jewish Supremacists Demand LDS Church Stop Vicariously Baptizing Their Dead Ancestors, But Burn Copies Of New Testament In Israel

When dealing with Jews, it's always a one-way street. We are expected to tolerate and even accomodate them, but no such expectation of tolerance and accomodation for us is ever levied upon them in return.

In 1995, Jewish supremacists led by the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors unleashed a ten-year psychological warfare campaign against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over the LDS practice of performing vicarious baptism for the dead. This sequence is well-documented in the anti-LDS Mormon Curtain blog. Unfortunately, the LDS Church leadership chose to progressively cave in to these people, although the Jews were constantly bitching about the inadequacy of the LDS Church's remedial efforts and continuously upping the ante. Ironically, Judaism does not consider vicarious baptism to be of any efficacy or force, but this does not matter to Jewish supremacists who politicize Judaism at the drop of a hat and weaponize it against the greater society. And now the Roman Catholics have adopted Jewish tactics and have placed their parish records off limits to LDS genealogical researchers to hinder vicarious baptism.

In April 2005, the issue was finally put to bed after a sitdown between Jewish and Mormon leaders in which the 1995 agreement, where the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints agreed to discontinue vicarious baptisms for Jewish victims and most other Jews as well as remove their names from the giant computerized International Genealogical Index - unless they are direct ancestors of current church members, was reaffirmed. They also created a joint oversight committee to explore reasons as to why the names keep popping up on the list. LDS leaders claimed that the names keep popping up because it is an unmanageably large list with billions of names, as well as because of overzealous members who are not following then-President Gordon B. Hinckley's directive to limit their submissions to those in their own family lines.

But do the Jews respond in kind when the shoe is on the other foot? Absolutely not. On May 20th, 2008, the Jerusalem Post reported that Orthodox Jews set fire to hundreds of copies of the New Testament in the religious Israeli town of Or Yehuda. This development is also discussed on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Deputy Mayor Uzi Aharon said missionaries recently entered a neighborhood in the predominantly religious town of 34,000 in central Israel, distributing hundreds of New Testaments and missionary material. After receiving complaints, Aharon said, he got into a loudspeaker car last Thursday (May 15th) and drove through the neighborhood, urging people to turn over the material to Jewish religious students who went door to door to collect it. The books were dumped into a pile and set afire in a lot near a synagogue, he said. [Ed. Note: Note that although Christians have supported Israel, and Muslims have launched suicide bomber attacks against Israel, the Orthodox Jews chose to burn copies of the New Testament and NOT the Koran. I wonder why?]

The Israeli Maariv daily reported Tuesday May 20th that hundreds of Jewish religious school students took part in the book-burning. But Aharon said that only a few students were present, and that he was not there when the books were torched. Not all of the New Testaments that were collected were burned, but hundreds were. Although Aharon said he regretted the burning of the books, he still called it a "commandment" to burn materials that urge Jews to convert.

"I certainly don't denounce the burning of the booklets," he said. "I denounce those who distributed the booklets". [Ed. Note: Typical Jewish tactic - blame the victim.]

Calev Myers, an attorney who represents Messianic Jews, or Jews who accept Jesus as their savior, demanded in an interview with Army Radio that all those involved be put on trial. He estimated there were 10,000 Messianic Jews, who are also known as Jews for Jesus, in Israel.

Israeli authorities and Orthodox Jews frown on missionary activity aimed at Jews, though in most cases it is not illegal.

Two leading experts on Jewish supremacism are Brother Nathanael Kapner, who operates the RealJewNews website, and Dr. David Duke, who operates the DavidDuke website. Bro. Kapner is a Jew who once believed in Talmudic Judaism. He became a Orthodox Christian, and provides an invaluable perspective from having been "inside the belly of the beast", so to speak.

Dr. Duke is considered one of the leading Gentile experts on Jewish supremacism, having written two books discussing the subject. His most recent book, entitled "Jewish Supremacism", is viewable in PDF format on the Zogsnightmare website, or a paper copy of the 2007 version can be ordered from his website.

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