Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dixon Middle School Approves New Student Dress Code In Provo, Utah; Parents Reclaim "Ownership" Of Their Kids

In Provo, Utah, parents at Dixon Middle School took a big step towards taking back "ownership" of their kids on May 8th, 2008, when school officials revealed that 78 percent of parents voted to approve the proposed new dress code. Story published in the Deseret News and the Provo Daily Herald. See previous post HERE.

Although 80 percent was actually required, school officials determined that many of those voting against it simply wanted jeans to be allowed. The proposed code would have banned jeans. So school officials simply modified the code to allow wearing of modest jeans. They also allowed "logo" T-shirts if the logo is a school logo.

So here's the full dress code as posted on the school's website (new changes appended in red):

Proposed Dress Standard

- Shirts:

-- Collared shirts required: polo, dress shirt, or blouse
-- No logo or writing may be worn on shirts (school logo may now be worn)
-- Shirt must be long enough to cover the waistband of pants/skirts when sitting
-- Sweaters may be worn but collared shirt must be visible
-- Shirts must be buttoned.
-- Tee shirt, tank, or long sleeved shirt may be worn underneath the buttoned collared shirt
-- Shirts must be modest and fit appropriately

- Bottoms:

-- Any shade of khaki, brown, navy, green or black pants or slacks is acceptable
-- No jeans, no sweatpants, no lounge or fleece pants (modest jeans may now be worn)
-- Shorts, skirts, and Capri’s in these colors are acceptable but must be knee length or longer.
-- Pants must be an appropriate length and not drag the floor.
-- Pants must be worn at the waist and properly fit the waistline even if covered by a shirt.
-- Wearing oversized or baggy pants is prohibited.
-- No pants with holes, fraying, slashing or threading may be worn.
-- Belt is required if needed to meet pant requirements.

- Shoes: No slippers are allowed; shoes with a sole are required.

- Jewelry: Shall not be worn in any pierced body parts other than the ears. Anything that is extreme, distracting, or may present a safety risk or threat is not acceptable -- Including chains and spikes.

So why is this newsworthy outside the Utah Valley? First, because it swims against the general tide of degeneracy swamping the nation, with our kids being targeted and corrupted by avaricious marketers. Second, it proves that parents can suck up some courage and take affirmative steps to reclaim "ownership" of their kids. Kids are not miniature adults; they are legally defined as wards of the state to be under the operational command and control of a responsible adult. And if parents don't do their jobs, the state is happy to do it for them, without regard for parental wishes and fundamental civil liberties, as was proven down in Eldorado, Texas. And Utah is not exempt; a new car seat law just went into effect. Lawmakers decided they were more entitled to determine whether or not kids needed this protection that the parents.

If you want to get government out of your lives, people, start governing yourselves. Power abhors a vacuum.

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