Thursday, May 8, 2008

Diversity Watch Idaho: Hispanic Middle School Student Accuses Boise ValleyRide Bus Driver Of Calling Him A Nigger

In a case reminiscent of a September 2007 incident involving a Granite School District bus driver who allegedly called a bunch of unruly Bonneville Middle School students "brown garbage", a driver with ValleyRide in Boise is under fire for supposedly calling a 14-year-old Hispanic middle school student Kevin Mejia (pictured above left) a "nigger". Predictably, Valley Regional Transit officials are bending over backwards to kiss the boy's and his mother's asses. Full story reported by the Idaho Statesman. Also reported by KTVB Channel 7 and KBCI Channel 2, both in Boise. Discussion on Stormfront.

The alleged incident took place on Friday May 2nd after the boy tried to board a ValleyRide bus at about 4:10 P.M. at Gary Lane and Gillis Drive, near Riverglen Junior High School to return to his home in West Boise. The student boarded the bus and swiped his bus pass - but it was expired. He said he asked students at the back of the bus if they had any money to spot him the ride home, and some offered to pay. However, the student claims the bus driver cut him off, accusing him of panhandling. Afterwards. the bus driver then told him to get off the bus, and supposedly called him a "stupid nigger".

Although Hispanic, the student apparently has dark skin and thick curly hair, corresponding to the description of a "sambo", one who has mixed Iberian and African ancestry. Sambo Hispanics tend to originate from the Caribbean and the east coast of Latin America, while Mestizo Hispanics, of mixed Iberian and Indian ancestry, dominate the remainder of Latin America down to Central Brazil and Western Bolivia.

The student, who describes himself as having a "B" average, and who plays trombone in two jazz bands and nose guard on the Grizzlies football team, initially asked not to be identified by name. However, KBCI now identifies him as Kevin Mejia.

And of course, the boy's mother, Peggy Pena-Hottel, automatically took her son's side. She said she went to look for the bus driver after picking her son up from a friend's house on Friday. She spoke with the driver of the bus her son would have been on, but he denied any involvement in the incident and said it was another driver. Pena-Hottel said she wants an apology. She'd also like to see the bus driver fired.

On Monday May 5th, the boy was accompanied on the bus ride home from school by a Valley Regional Transit official. "We're trying to make sure everything is OK," said Mark Carnopis, a spokesman for Valley Regional Transit. "He expressed concern about taking the bus home. We told his mother we were going to do that." Carnopis didn't know at the time if the driver had been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation, however, KBCI's subsequent report indicates that the driver was placed on paid administrative leave effective Tuesday May 6th.

Commentary: While it is certainly possible that the driver may have snapped and lashed out, no other student aboard the bus has stepped forward to corroborate the student's story, unlike the Granite bus incident, where a number of students were accusing the driver. Consequently, one must consider the possibility that the student is embarassed over allowing his bus pass to expire, but instead of taking responsibility, decided to play the race card and make up a cock-and-bull story. With the promotion of diversity and the corresponding demonization of whites, many minorities are tempted to dump on whites in order to get out of trouble, or to derive an undeserved benefit. But the fact that the student has now agreed to be publicly identified by name increases his credibility.

Note that the boy's mother wants the driver to be fired. She doesn't give a damn about the impact of termination upon the driver's family, so long as she gets her pound of flesh. That's another downside of forced diversity, the atomization of society.

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