Tuesday, April 15, 2008

YouTube Video: "The Snow Fell" By Saga, A Brief Musical Tribute To Germany's Titanic Struggle Against The Soviet Union In World War II

After hearing a lot of positive publicity about a female singer named "Saga", my curiosity overcame me and I went searching the Web for a sample of her work.

And voila, I found a clip of Saga singing "The Snow Fell". The song memorializes Europe's struggle against Josef Stalin, considered the worst dictator in the history of the world. However, because Saga's politics are right-wing (Wikipedia describes her as the "Swedish Madonna of the far right"), she's been demonized by the establishment, in particular the Southern Poverty Law Center, and as a result is not marketed through mainstream channels. But mainstream channels reek of pre-packaged fakery; most mainstream pop divas nowadays sound like they all fell off the same assembly line.

Saga mostly sings ballads solo, although she's occasionally appeared with a band called Skrewdriver. I prefer her solo ballads myself; they're quite poignant and plaintive. In other words, they're quite moving. Here's the clip:


An establishment-written account of Saga's life and career can be found on Wikipedia. Her producer is Midgaard.

CDs by Saga are available through Resistance Records and Aryanwear and NSM88 Records. These three are the most prominent and reliable suppliers of politically-incorrect music and other paraphernalia. As a matter of fact, right now NSM88 Records offers Saga's "On My Own" CD for only $14.00, the best price I've seen.


Jeremy said...

Actually, this song was not written by Saga. Her politics are not "right wing"--they are White Nationalist (aka "skinhead", "Nazi" or whatever you may want to call it). The politics of those organizations, contrary to the politics of the left-wing winners who write history, are LEFT WING. This is illustrated by the fact that the song was actually written and originally performed by a White Nationalist skinhead neo-nazi type. The original band that wrote and performed "Snow Fell" was Skrewdriver--a White Power/White Nationalist skinhead punk band.

I'll say this much though. The devil poses as an angel of light. Saga makes this song sound absolutely beautiful but it's rooted in LEFT WING Nazi/White Nationalist propoganda. The Nazis were merely one left-wing group standing against the other left wing group known as Communists in their struggle for global domination. Forces of light? Yeah...my rear end.

Anonymous said...

She has beautiful music and a great music for us now when cultural marxism is rampant and is trying to destroy everything our ancestors worked for.