Thursday, April 17, 2008

Three Utah Teenagers Arrested For Cooking One-Pound Bag Of Human Feces In Convenience Store Microwave In Sandy; $3,500 Damage And A Felony Charge

While teenagers in Bountiful, Utah were placing their best foot forward by waging a petition campaign to get rid of dirty dancing at their local high school, just 30 miles south in Sandy, three teenagers placed their worst foot forward. Full story published by the Deseret News, an April 15th report on KUTV Channel 2, and an updated report on KTVX Channel 4.

Three high school students (pictured above left) who thought they were being funny by sticking a bag of feces in a Sandy 7-Eleven microwave and cooking it for 10 minutes have been arrested. Earlier this week, police released surveillance video of three teens who walked into the convenience store at 2175 East 9400 South in Sandy at approximately 10:45 P.M. on March 23rd, 2008, took out a one-gallon plastic bag stuffed with human feces, put it into the microwave, and set the timer for 10 minutes while the clerk wasn't looking.

The boys left the store, and the clerk figured out what had happened when a foul stench filled the building. The store had to be closed temporarily because of the odor.

After the surveillance video was broadcast by local news stations, investigators received numerous tips from callers, said Sandy police Sgt. Victor Quezada. And on Wednesday April 16th, justice was served when the three high school students, two aged 16 and the other aged 17, were arrested for investigation of third-degree felony criminal mischief. Two other boys were questioned but released. The three arrested boys will be charged in juvenile court, but for now they have been released to the custody of their parents.

"They said they did it as a prank," Quezada said of the incident. "They were going to do the burning bag on a doorstep thing, when one of the kids said he had heard about (the microwave) idea from some other place". The microwave had to be replaced. And because it cost $3,500, the prank turned into a felony crime, Quezada said.

Commentary: I'm not sure it rises to the level of a felony. A felony conviction can hinder employability, becoming a form of economic warfare.

This is a nasty prank that got out of control. I'd hit them with a tough misdemeanor, require them to pay back 200% restitution, and sentence them to clean bathrooms at public parks for six months since they seem to think that the smell of shit is so funny. But skip the felony nonsense; there's no evidence that these boneheads are hardcore criminals.


Anonymous said...

WalMart sells microwave ovens for $89.95.

Deseret Dawg said...

No kidding! I know the commercial microwaves used by convenience stores cost more, but $3,500 is ridiculous. Must have got it at the same place the Air Force bought those "$900 toilets". LOL!