Sunday, April 20, 2008

Texas Has Gone Too Far - Sign The "Free The Innocent FLDS Kids" Online Petition To Send A Message To End The Texas FLDS Hostage Crisis

Post updated April 22nd, 2008 to include two new informational links about the FLDS, and to incorporate updated information about the number of children affected, up from 416 to 437.

On April 18th, 2008, we learned that the Texas judge involved in the FLDS case decided that all 416 (now 437) FLDS children should remain in state custody indefinitely and undergo DNA testing to sort out whose children they really are. Marleigh Meisner, with Texas Child Protective Services said, "We are very, very pleased. We believe that the children will remain safe, and that is our utmost goal."

The court hearing held in Texas has been unprecedented, involving those 437 children who are part of the FLDS sect. And for their parents fighting to get them back, it was another legal defeat, while those who believe the children are in danger of abuse call the ruling a victory for those children. Tim Edwards, an attorney representing FLDS parents, said, "My clients, as well as all the other parents, are extremely disappointed."

It has been two weeks now since the children were taken from the polygamist retreat near Eldorado, Texas, after a report of a teenage girl in a forced marriage. However, we have since learned that the report may be bogus, since the 16-year-old girl who allegedly made that report has not been found. It is alleged that a 33-year-old Colorado imposter, Rozita Swinton, made the calls. And Swinton was somehow allowed to make bail.

Thus it is obvious that most of the 437 kids are NOT in danger, and placing them in foster homes could actually endanger them psychologically, since they are not familiar with the twists and turns of secular society. Can you imagine placing those innocent kids in your typical multicultural school replete with gangbangers, whiggers, stoners, goths, and other human detritus? That would be cruel and unusual punishment.

And you can help send a message to Texas authorities that they need to do the right thing and reunite these kids with their parents and allow them to return to the Yearning for Zion ranch. Care2 is running an online petition campaign, called "Free The Innocent FLDS".

Click HERE to go to the Petition Page.

You will be required to type in your name, an address, and an e-mail address. However, you can tick a box asking that your city not be displayed. You can also include a short message. 2,023 people have signed the petition so far as of April 22nd.

In addition, the FLDS Truth website provides information on the doctrine and practices of the FLDS, and the Captive LDS Children website provides the FLDS perspective on the impact of the raids upon their community.

This is clearly long ceased to be a "rescue" operation; it's now a full-blown hostage crisis as far as I'm concerned. But don't blame it on the local Texans, most of who have tried to help the kids, their mothers, and their lawyers out as much as possible. The Texas child welfare bureaucracy and the law enforcement officials are to blame. But we've got to send these people a message that enough is enough.

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