Sunday, April 20, 2008

National Socialist Movement Rallies Against Illegal Immigration In Washington D.C.; Thirty NSM Cadre Square Off Against Fifty Antifa

Thirty members and allies of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) conducted a march and a rally against illegal immigration in Washington D.C. on April 19th, 2008. The best media report I've seen so far has been posted by the Provo Daily Herald.

Other blogs discussing theis event include CNNWire and White Reference and the antifa Solidarity and Defense blog.

Approximately 2:30 P.M., about two-and-a-half hours later than originally planned, the NSM cadre and allies, many clad in black uniforms, disembarked from a bus about one block from the White House. From there, they proceeded to march down Constitution Avenue to the West Lawn of the Capitol Building. Approximately 50-75 antifas, some hiding their faces behind bandannas, confronted the NSM cadre every step of the way. Despite a massive police presence, some antifa showed their disrespect for democracy and free speech by attempting to physically attack the NSM cadre. However, they ended up attacking undercover cops mingling with the NSM. They Maced three cops and another hit a cop over the head with a pole. In all, five antifa were arrested for assaulting police officers. No NSM cadre were arrested.

Here's an Associated Press video, captured on YouTube:

Upon reaching the Capitol, the NSM contingent were treated to a series of speeches by various movement figures. Only one speaker was identified by name, prominent white nationalist radio host Hal Turner. Despite having undergone serious oral surgery just days before, the movement's premier propagandist unleashed his classical "brutal commentary and rich satire", as he puts it, launching into a tirade about the immigration problem. Turner said the group was "part of a much greater movement" that was "willing to play hardball" to fight illegal immigration. He warned that if Congress did not solve the problem, the movement would assemble in "minority areas" of U.S. cities and "clean house".

Here's another news video from WJLA Channel 7 in Washington:

Ironically, the NSM chose to hold this rally the day before what would be Adolf Hitler's 119th birthday, which falls on April 20th. One of the reasons why Hitler is singled out for the most vitriolic criticism is because, unlike the Bolshevik Revolution, which was imposed from the top down by a foreign elite, the National Socialist Revolution in Germany was a genuinely popular grass-roots revolution from the bottom up which dramatically improved the lives of so many Germans. Yet, because of Hitler's impatience in resolving Germany's border problems, and his unwillingness to hold himself electorally accountable to the German people on a recurring basis in order to provide a vital channel for constructive criticism, his revolution crashed and burned so badly in the wreckage of World War II. To this day I still wonder how something that started out so right could have ended up so wrong. In contrast, Bolshevism was pure evil from beginning to end.

The NSM is not the only active national socialist organization in the United States. The other two include the National Socialist Order of America (NSOA), currently directed primarily towards the promotion of its Presidential candidate John Taylor Bowles, and the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), with a state branch in Utah (which appears currently dormant). And it was the ANSWP which reacted to Saturday's NSM rally. ANSWP Commander Bill White, once a part of the NSM, posted his reaction on his Overthrow website, and it appears he was not particularly impressed with the NSM's efforts.

Some might wonder why only 30 activists showed up to protest illegal immigration. It should be noted that the NSM is smaller than it once was. It has sustained two significant membership purges during the past two years. The first and smaller purge was in 2006 when Bill White left, took a few activists with him, and formed the ANSWP. The second and larger purge occurred last year when an estimated 100 members left, including John Taylor Bowles and Matthew Ramsey, who set up the NSOA. Had this rally occurred two years ago, it would easily have attracted 100 or more activists.

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