Thursday, April 3, 2008

Illegal Alien Fernando Orozco-Trevizo Pleads Guilty To Chaining His Girlfriend To An Engine Block In West Valley City, Utah

Remember the case of West Valley City resident Fernando Orozco-Trevizo, the illegal alien from Mexico who made national headlines when he was arrested for chaining his live-in girlfriend to an engine block? It turns out that today (April 3rd, 2008), on the day of his scheduled preliminary hearing, he took a plea deal instead. He pleaded guilty to felony aggravated assault, and in exchange, the felony aggravated kidnapping and misdemeanor unlawful detention charges against him were dropped. Story reported on KSL Channel 5. See previous post for more background on this case.

Update: On May 19th, 2008, Orozco-Trevizo was sentenced to five years in prison plus deportation from the United States thereafter. More HERE.

The victim, Brandy Gonzales, did not have to testify, and she was ecstatic about that. To recap the crime, Orozco-Trevizo chained Gonzales to an engine block inside his West Valley City apartment and held her captive there for at least a week. He also physically assaulted her.

Gonzales said today she was connected to that chain for two months. On December 7th, 2007, when she was allowed to walk freely in the apartment, she took a chance. Gonzales locked herself in the back bedroom and wrote a "call 911" message in reverse in the condensation on the window. The neighbor living behind the couple saw the message in the window and called police. Gonzales believes that Orozco-Trevizo intended to kill her that same day. On December 11th, Orozco-Trevizo was arrested at the construction site in Daybreak in South Jordan where he was working. It has not been reported whether or not his employer knew that Orozco-Trevizo was an illegal alien.

Orozco-Trevizo is scheduled to be sentenced in May. He will face a maximum of five years in prison. Since he is an illegal alien, he will presumably be deported after completing his sentence.

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