Monday, April 14, 2008

Bountiful, Utah High School Junior Andrew Nemrow Circulating Petition To Stop "Dirty Dancing" At His School; 200 Signatures So Far

There's more hope for the rising young generation than we realize. A Bountiful student apparently has had enough of the dirty dancing, the booty dancing and the suggestive moves at school functions. And he's taking action. Full story reported by the Ogden Standard-Examiner and KSL Channel 5. This story was also reported in the Davis County Clipper as far back as March 25th; I'll have to start monitoring that outlet as well.

Bountiful High School Junior Andrew Nemrow (pictured above left) is circulating a petition to put a stop to the suggestive dancing. And he's getting plenty of sympathy from his peers - 200 students have signed the petition as of press time. He and his friends say the suggestive dancing makes them uncomfortable.

"I've been to every dance at my school this year. At homecoming, my date and I were very uncomfortable. Some of the kids would come up to us and start dancing in inappropriate and suggestive ways. I would just like to take a nice girl to a nice dance and have a good time", said Nemrow.

And the movement may spread to other area schools. Brittni Willie, a senior at Roy High School, asked administrators at her school to put a stop to dirty dancing during last year's homecoming dance. But one announcement did no good. "The kids didn't stop. It just makes you feel awkward almost, and then when you walk in and see some of the girls whose chests are showing, that makes a lot of girls uncomfortable," Willie said.

Melissa Lanpimp, also a senior at Roy High, said that, although she often feels uncomfortable with what she sees, she isn't going to tell other kids how to behave. "Sometimes it seems like a big orgy. The kids are bumping and grinding against everyone," she said.

Bountiful Principal Ryck Astle is taking it seriously. "We had a ‘stomp' where there was some inappropriate dancing, you know. Kids have been removed from the dance," Astle said. Astle also said his students are good teens for the most part, and it's the actions of a few that are causing all the attention. He further states that when dance chaperones see this kind of behavior, they intervene.

There is a temporary moratorium on the school's "stomp" dances, and Astle says school officials have been doing their best to educate the teens about what is and isn't appropriate. They've also taken a look at the music at the stomps to see whether it is potentially encouraging suggestive behavior. Before the school holds another stomp, Astle says there will be a list of songs that are not allowed and songs that are OK provided to the DJ.

Astle says he has met with Andrew to talk about his concerns. And this is but part of a positive trend at Bountiful High School. The MissionAmerica website reveals the Bountiful High is following the example set by Provo High School and will also opt out of the pro-gay Day of Silence held in many high schools nationwide on April 25th.

When he started, Andrew Nemrow probably felt awkward. He may have been worried about being considered a "prude". What a pleasant surprise he got in return - 200 signatures, plus support from other schools. The late Spencer W. Kimball was right - faith does precede the miracle. And, most importantly, this is STUDENT-LED. It's time for young people to stand up against this gutter culture that's sapping our nation's cultural lifeblood. And it's time for more of us adults to quit being so "tolerant" and "open-minded".

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Benjamin said...

I personally think this boy needs to get outside of Utah and see what life is really like. I sure hope he stays in his little Utah bubble, because if he ever leaves I'm afraid he might end up in the hospital with a heart attack. He might have good intentions, but my goodness, calm yourself, and realize that Bountiful, Utah is by far one of the cleanest places you could go for a school dance.