Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chris Buttars, You're Not Alone: Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern Denounces Homosexual Activism As More Dangerous Than Al-Qaeda

Utah is not alone in having a stalwart, articulate lawmaker like State Senator Chris Buttars to defend traditional family values. Oklahoma also enjoys such representation, as recently evidenced when courageous District 84 Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern (R-Oklahoma City) spoke out against homosexual political activism, characterizing it as "the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam". But although her remarks have triggered a mini-firestorm of controversy, Rep. Kern does NOT plan to apologize for her comments, just like Sen. Buttars refused to grovel to the NAACP. Full stories published in The Daily Oklahoman and in the Tulsa World.

Rep. Kern said she listened to about a minute of the audio that has been posted on the Internet and confirmed she made the comments, but believes that they were edited. "They took a part here and stopped the recording and picked up this part and made it sound like it was one long tirade,” she said. "It is a blanket misrepresentation of what I was doing”.

And the gay rights cheerleaders all came slithering out of the woodwork to cry about it. The Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, sent letters of protest to Gov. Brad Henry and to House Speaker Chris Benge (R-Tulsa). The Cimarron Alliance Foundation, an Oklahoma City-based group, also sent a letter to Benge stating that Kern "must apologize or be censured by the House of Representatives”. Rep. Benge has not responded either to the letters or to Kern's comments.

"The homosexual agenda is destroying this nation; it's just a fact,” Kern is heard saying on a YouTube audio segment. "I honestly think it's the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam”. Kern also remarked that no society which has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than a few decades, and claims that queers are infiltrating city councils (click HERE for a national list of openly-gay public officials, current as of December 2007). The YouTube video in question is presented below, but be advised that pro-gay activists have placed their own images on it to further distort the meaning of Kern's remarks.

A written transcript of Rep. Kern's remarks can be found HERE.

Rep. Al McAffrey, the Legislature's only openly gay member, said he was disappointed by his colleague's comments. "I resented the fact that she referred to myself and many of my friends that we're worse than terrorists,” said McAffrey, D-Oklahoma City. "She's referring to everyone that works there (at the state Capitol) that happens to have an alternative lifestyle because you're born that way that they're worse than terrorists.”

Kern said she made the comments in January to a Republican club meeting away from the state Capitol. Kern, a former social studies teacher in the Oklahoma City School District who is married to Dr. Steve Kern, the pastor of Olivet Baptist Church, said she talked about efforts by gay rights groups to target conservatives in recent elections.

"I said nothing that was not true, I said nothing out of hate and I don't believe my colleagues will censure me,” Kern said. "I was speaking about the homosexual activists who are aggressively funding pro-homosexual candidates against conservative Republicans. In 2006, they targeted conservatives across the nation, mostly at the state and local levels. They took out 50 of them”. [Ed. Note: And the same thing is happening to Chris Buttars in Utah; he now has one Democratic and one Republican opponent for the upcoming election.]

Although the Cimarron Alliance Foundation has urged people to be restrained, Rep. Kern had been the target of hate mail and even death threats, according to an article posted by That's your famed homosexual "tolerance" for you.

The gay rights lobby, which has deliberately inflated their numbers and influence, has consistently attempted to sanitize and mainstream what is quite frankly a sick and repugnant practice. To get a true picture of how repulsive and nauseating the practice of homosexuality is, one should visit Erik Holland's Homosexinfo website, where he addresses the issue clinically but candidly. Read his page on Rectal Insertions to find out the vast array of objects homos will use to obtain pleasure. Here's an excerpt:

Some homosexuals insert foreign bodies into their rectum for pleasure. Occasionally, while moving an object back and forth, a homosexual or his partner may loose his grip on the object and the foreign body gets sucked into the colorectum. In emergency departments, some such objects recovered from the colorectum of homosexuals include soft-drink and other bottles, jars, light bulbs, candles, fruits like bananas and apples; vegetables like cucumbers, onions, potatoes, carrots and turnips; dildos, vibrators, tumblers, a polythene waste trap from the U-bend of a sink, salami, sponge rubber balls, a steer’s horn, baseballs, tennis balls, hard-boiled eggs, sand-filled bicycle inner tubing, an aluminum tube (used by a prisoner to store money and other valuables), broomsticks, broom handles, various types of brushes, ax handles, whip handles, soldering irons, a wood-handled carborundum sharpening stone, glass tubes, frozen pig’s tail, and kitchen items such as spatula, ice pick, and mortar pestle. The typical patient that presents in the emergency department with colorectal foreign objects is a male homosexual; the other patients are women or patients who have been rectally assaulted with a foreign body.

And the homosexual outreach to our youth continues to escalate. For example, on April, there will be the annual observance of the so-called "Day Of Silence" at many of our high school campuses nationwide. The American Family Association provides valuable information on what the Day of Silence is, which high schools are likely to have it, and what YOU as a concerned parent can do to combat it.

There can be NO FURTHER COMPROMISE with the gay rights lobby. They need to stop mainstreaming the practice, cease their outreach to our youth, and stop lobbying to become an official protected class. Otherwise we must wage TOTAL POLITICAL WARFARE against these people. And I do mean POLITICAL warfare; gratuitous physical violence against individual gays is NOT acceptable.

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