Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Attention Bloggers: Is The Bottom Of Your Edit Layout Page Cut Off? Here's A Workaround

Some bloggers who use the new style Blogger templates are experiencing problems when they attempt to edit their layout to access Page Elements. When they invoke the Edit Layout page, they'll find that the bottom part of the page is cut off. This means they cannot access those Page Elements which are not displayed. I also have this problem.

Here's how to work around this problem:

(1). Escape back to your dashboard page, then click "View Blog". You should see the "Hammer and Screwdriver" symbols next to each Page Element. Click on those symbols to access the page element you want to edit. If you do not see the "Hammer and Screwdriver" symbols, go to step 2.

(2). On your Edit Layour page, position the cursor on the last Page Element that you see on the bottom. Click Edit to open it.

- Next, Click the "X" on the upper right hand corner of the opened Page Element window to close it.

- Next, use the Tab key to scroll down. You should see another Page Element appear on the bottom of your screen. If this step takes you down only one Page Element at a time instead of to the very bottom of your Layout screen, you may have to repeat the process several times. This way you can access and edit Page Elements initially not visible.

Step 2 worked for me. This problem is apparently a known issue with Blogger and they're working on it.

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