Saturday, February 16, 2008

Revolving Door Justice: Hispanic Gangbanger Saul Cristobal Arrested For Assault In Orem, Utah; 25th Arrest In Two-And-A-Half Years

A Provo man was booked into jail this week for the 25th time since he turned 18 — 2 1/2 years ago. Police believe his latest offense was a gang-related assault at an Orem Wal-Mart. Full stories by the Deseret Morning News and KSL Channel 5.

Officers booked the 20-year-old, identified as Saul Cristobal, into jail for investigation of five new crimes, topping a lengthy list of 81 offenses. According to KSL, Cristobal is a known gangbanger who goes by the street name of "Droopy".

The difficulty is that his offenses are quite serious eneough individually to keep him locked up. "What you're seeing here with this guy, who is a total gang banger, is someone who just keeps getting through the system," said Orem Police Sgt. Bill Young. "I'm not saying that juvenile courts are to blame, but we have a dichotomy here where schools, police and courts aren't on the same page with these kids." In other words, no one has identified and dealt with him as a HABITUAL OFFENDER.

Young said larger groups of gangs have really "reared their ugly heads" in the past two years in Utah County, and are on the rise. "We can't keep treating them the same," he said about troubled juveniles. "Right now we treat the one-time-offender kid who's out past curfew the same as repeat obvious gangsters with gang-related tattoos all over," he said. "They need different attention."

Police say the man was in Wal-Mart with two fellow gang members when he approached a shopper and asked him his gang association. When the shopper told the man and his friends that he didn't belong to any gang, they assaulted him. "Both males began to hit him about the head and face with their hands," according to a 4th District Court affidavit. "One of the subjects hit him with brass knuckles, in the head. The female of the three was yelling to hit (the shopper) harder."

The attackers ran from the store, but the 20-year-old was later arrested and booked on unrelated arrest warrants. He was sitting in jail a few days later when Orem detectives caught up with him about the Wal-Mart incident. As a result, Cristobal is now booked for investigation of aggravated assault with gang enhancements. He is being held on $15,000 bail. Detectives later identified the two other attackers as the man's brother and sister, but neither has been arrested.

At the same time he was appearing in Provo's courthouse, he was scheduled to be in American Fork to face a different judge, where a case of first-degree felony aggravated robbery against him has been postponed a total of 10 times since he was charged in July. Since that arrest for robbery, Cristobal has been arrested eight more times on various crimes by officers from different police departments.

Commentary: KSL believes this is matter of different jurisdictions not talking to each other. In the information age, this is absolutely inexcusable. Those responsible for allowing this scum to fall through the cracks need to be held accountable. Of course, the fact that Provo, Utah is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens undeniably contributes to the problem.

The residency status of Saul Cristobal has not been disclosed.



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