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How Domestic Violence Originates: A Lesson From The Murder-Suicide Tragedy Of "Yankee Jim" James Leshkevich And His Wife Deborah In West Hurley, NY

Are you in a domestic violence situation? Don't know where to turn? In Utah, dial 1-800-897-LINK (5465). National Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). Visit Don't end up like the family I describe in this post.

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Perhaps some of you are curious about the picture I've posted on my sidebar under the heading "In Memoriam" for the past several days. The picture is of a longtime white civil rights activist named James Leshkevich, who is more familiar under his nickname of "Yankee Jim". He and his wife tragically perished sometime on Tuesday February 19th, 2008 after a domestic dispute got out of hand. According to news media reports, Yankee Jim apparently "snapped", assaulted and strangled his wife Deborah, then hung himself in remorse. The Kingston (NY) Daily Freeman describes the crime HERE.

One can also view a local broadcast news story of the tragedy archived on WNTube and presented below:

Despite this bitter ending, Yankee Jim has been memorialized because of his longtime political advocacy on behalf of America's white community. While his activism was primarily focused upon the Lower Hudson Valley in New York State, where he lived, he reached out and touched the hearts of white activists far beyond that area. Not only did Vanguard News Network editor Alex Linder post his own personal tribute HERE, but over 500 activists have posted tributes of their own on the Vanguard News Network Forum. Among his most prominent contributions in recent years:

- In April 2005, Yankee Jim organized 35 donors via Stormfront and the National Alliance to participate in a national walkathon for breast cancer operated by the American Cancer Society. He then arranged to have himself photographed handing over the envelope full of $857 in donations to the American Cancer Society. His objective was to combat and eradicate the negative biases and stereotypes about white nationalism. At the time, Leshkevich said, "It kind of throws a wrench into that whole hater, Nazi, racist, anti-Semite thing. Who in their right mind post-9/11 would want to be affiliated with a dangerous hate terrorist? I wanted people to see that, look, this is one of the things we can do. Doing something good ... not killing people or hanging Negroes".

- In October 2005, Yankee Jim was one of the primary organizers of a "rally against black crime" held in Kingston, New York in November 2005 to protest the unprovoked assault on Kingston High School white student Robbie Hedrick by a black classmate who outweighed him nearly two-to-one. Many within Kingston's local white community believed the black student was getting kid gloves treatment simply because he was black, out of fear that the local black community might "chimp out" if things didn't go their way. His efforts attracted the attention of the premier mouthpiece of the white nationalist movement, radio host Hal Turner, who showed up and delivered a rousing speech.

- In May 2007, Yankee Jim organized and participated in the first Knoxville "Rally Against Black Crime", designed to focus attention on the kidnapping, rape, torture and murder of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, and the initial reluctance of the media to cover it effectively.

- In 2007, as white nationalist activist Chester Doles approached his release date from prison, Yankee Jim organized and led a Chester Doles Truck Fund campaign on the Vanguard News Network Forum, which netted $4,617.82 in contributions so Doles would have a grubstake to jump-start his life economically after his release.

But the greater value of this post is that it offers an unusually candid and comprehensive portal into the mind of a man under emotional siege by a once-loving wife who had been transformed, with some help from a gaggle of local Joy Behar-type divorced harridans, into a faithless hussy who deliberately rubbed her infidelity into the face of Yankee Jim. For Yankee Jim documented his feelings on his personal blog, The Hudson Valley Freeman, shortly before the tragedy. The entire post can be viewed either on the blog itself (for the time being), or on this Kingston Daily Freeman article. In case either link disappears, I will reproduce pertinent aspects of it here:

Last summer, (June, 2007) my wife (Deborah S. Leshkevich) was having a phone conversation with one of her girlfriends (Janet Briggs) about her "boyfriend." She thought I was outside, but I had come in the back door and overheard part of the conversation. I've suspected that my wife has been cheating on me for quite a while. Turns out I was very right.

On the Friday night/Saturday morning of Jan 18/ wife got home around 4:15-4:30 AM. I had given up on her for the night, thought she was staying with one of her "girlfriends," locked the door and turned out the porch light and went to bed. Lately she's been staying out very late on Friday nights, and a few times didn't come home until Saturday morning/afternoon. (claims she stays with "Lizzie" / Liz Sopata) "Lizzie's" husband John recently dumped her fat ass for another woman...and they are either divorced, or in the process of getting a divorce. I do believe she stayed with "Lizzie" at least once or twice.

It was very unusual that she didn't come upstairs and get in bed that night/morning, but slept on the futon in the family room instead.

At approximately 8:30 AM that Saturday morning (Jan 19) there was a phone conversation (her cell phone) which lasted close to an hour. Turns out the "nice man" that she'd just gotten out of bed with not even 5 hours earlier called her to "make sure I made it home OK." Their conversation got quite "steamy." As a matter of fact, it got ridiculous.

I will not name the "nice guy" here (maybe later) as he was led to believe (by my wife) that we are legally separated, but still living together under the same roof for economic reasons, and "each doing our own things" I can't really blame the "nice man" for any of this. I wanted to link the phone conversation MP3 audio file to this writing, but chose not to. (It's simply too embarrassing)

Anyway...some of the "steamy" stuff from their phone conversation is listed below:

*My wife: "I sure hope you washed that comforter/bedding...'cause man, I was so hot, I was dripping all over the place."

*My wife: "I can't believe I was such an animal last night!"

*My wife: "I hope you don't think I get in bed with other men on the first date, because I don't. There was just something different about you."

*My wife: "You caught me when I was on the fence."

*My wife: "I'm not even going to sleep with him (Jimmy) anymore...I'm going to make the family room my room. It has everything I need but a bathroom."

*My wife: I'll call you later and let you know where we're going to be tonight. (Saturday 1/19)

*My wife: "I can't believe how much you sound just like Jimmy!" (during the part of the conversation about Wal-Mart) "You and Jimmy have so much in common."

My wife also went on for a couple of minutes telling the "nice man" about the various sexy lingerie she has. (I'm assuming for future sex sessions)

Then there was her telling the "nice man" about how she sunbathes in the summer on the deck in her underwear.

What really kills me is how my wife was so able to comfortably keep comparing me to this if he knows me so well.

I could go on and on, but I won't. You get the idea.

Later that afternoon, I confronted my wife, and told her that I knew where she was and what she was doing till four in the morning...and with whom. She gave me her famous "you're crazy" look along with the ol' "You don't know what you're talking about!"

The day went on, and it seemed like she was a bit uncomfortable. Later that evening as my wife was preparing for another night of fun, I stood in the bathroom doorway, and talked to her while she was fixing her hair and putting on her makeup for her second night of fun in a row.

I told her that she'd be quite surprised if she knew the types of digital recording equipment that's available for recording cell phone conversations. I also mentioned the "dripping on the comforter" quote from above, along with another. It was then that she realized that she was indeed caught with her pants down. I could tell by the shocked look on her face, and how her tone changed completely.

I left her alone to finish getting dressed for her night of fun. (Jazz in Rhinebeck) She left around 8:20 or so to meet her girlfriends at my daughter's apartment to car pool over to Rhinebeck for another night of fun.

Much to my surprise, I heard the front door open at around 9:00 PM or so. I asked my wife what happened. She said, "I'm not going, you fucked up my entire night." I believe she changed out of her "Saturday night out" clothes into something a bit more comfortable and told me she was going to stay over at my daughter's place...which she did.

Another thing that's really been bothering me lately. I told my wife my kids would NEVER find out about any of this from me. I told her I would take it to my grave with me. However...SHE ended up telling my daughter all about it that Saturday night...and my daughter passed it on to my son. I don't know what she told my daughter...but it really must've been good, because my kids haven't talked to me now in ONE WHOLE MONTH as of tomorrow! (2/15/08)

While my wife was talking to my daughter on the phone a second time about daughter was calling me every kind of scumbag/mother fucker on earth. She (my daughter) also said something to her mother like..."Good! Now maybe after you're divorced, he can go find one of those White trailer trash girls to stay with!" Are you getting this??? SHE (my wife) goes out and gets caught fucking another guy...and I'M the bad guy in all this! (No, I'm not looking for sympathy...just telling it like it is)

More later...

EDIT: (2/10/08 @ approximately 10:00 PM) My wife admitted sleeping with and fucking the "nice man" on New Year's Eve. (While I was doing our radio show "Free Talk Live" with my partner Stan Sikorski)

EDIT: (2/13/08 @ 10:15 AM) I just remembered something that makes a lot of sense now. It seems as though it was during the first week of January. My wife was in the kitchen, and I was sitting here at the computer...and out of left field she says to me, "You're so should just kill yourself!"

EDIT: (2/14/08 -- Valentine's Day) I gave my wife a dozen roses, a small box of chocolates, and a nice card a day early (2/13) because I had the roses hidden down in the basement and thought the cold and lack of light would kill them.

I told her it would be very difficult...but that I would eventually be able to get over this. I told her I could forgive her for hurting me, and that we could try one more time to start over.

Let me take a minute to point out that I've been no angel in this marriage. Up until about 14-15 years ago, I used to drink like a pro, and I've pulled my fair share of shit that my wife should've left me for...and she didn't. I've always felt bad about this...something I'm not proud of at all. [Ed. Note: As you can see, Yankee Jim is NOT attempting to whitewash his own role and excuse his own misconduct - he voluntarily owns up to his own weaknesses and imperfections.]

Early this morning I discovered my wife has a Valentine's Day card to give to her lover. (Eino Salmi -- 845-430-3947) I almost stuck one of my "The Hudson Valley Freeman" business cards inside the envelope before I resealed it...but I just couldn't bring myself to do it! I photo-copied the's on my desk. (I received no Valentine's Day card)

The card simply said something along the lines of "I like my Valentines like my Martinis (turn page)...DIRTY!" Signed..."With Love, Deb XOOXX"

She tells me there's nothing "romantic" going's not love," yet, she goes out of her way to get the guy such a "dirty" card...especially after their last "dirty" fuck session? Hmmm...

My wife tells me that she's leaving for Long Island right after work today (Thursday) to be with her sister for her surgery for the next three days. She told me she'd be back on Monday. *roll eyes* (my wife thinks I'm stupid)

Also...she packed two bags! One has "regular" "Visiting my sister" clothes in it...the other had a sexy dress, new black stockings, and even a few scented candles in the bag! I guess I know what's gonna be going on sometime this weekend! Perhaps she'll stay with the "nice man" tonight after their Valentine's Day "date," or she'll stay with him on Sunday going into Monday, as there's no school this coming Monday. (President's Day)

I will update this later. I NEED SLEEP!

EDIT: (2/14/08 -- Valentine's Day 10:00 PM) Just as I thought...not a single word this morning. Of course, no Valentine's Day card either. Another thing...I'll bet she won't call me even ONCE the entire time she's away. (she always tells me, "I don't have to check in with you! I'll do whatever the fuck I wanna do!" (I guess so!) If she does call me...I'll edit this.


Also...I just remembered this. I believe it was the Thursday after she got caught...we were arguing, and finally she said this: "OK, OK, OK...I fucked another guy and I LIKED IT! Are you happy now? Is that what you wanted to hear? Maybe it was the way he held the back of my head and ran his fingers through my hair. It was very intimate!" I really don't think this is how women are supposed to act when they're almost 55 years old. (My wife turns 55 in March)

We continued to talk, and my wife started screaming, started walking towards the phone, said she wanted an order of protection, and threatened to call 911...for no reason at all, other than she was getting very uncomfortable answering my questions about getting caught red-handed in bed with the "nice man." I probably would've still been rotting away in the Ulster County Jail had she called!

She actually said to me..."You know a lot of people around here would like to see you in jail!" MY OWN WIFE!!!

Even before my wife started seriously dieting, and lost a LOT of weight, she was dating other men. (for at least two-three years that I know of) It seems that when she really started getting thin...her confidence level went WAY up and that's when she really started going crazy, and finally started sleeping with other men. (I'm sure watching shows like "Desperate Housewives" and "Sex In The City" didn't help matters any) When I tell you she gets on her scale at least three times a day, I'm not kidding. I always thought my wife was a good a matter of fact, I liked her more with a few more pounds on her. She's always been fun to talk to also. (until lately that is)

Also, before I forget to mention it...I'd like to thank all my wife's freshly divorced girlfriends (except for Janet & Donna) for helping her out over the past couple of years with the dating, setting up accounts (WoodstockDeb) on their computers for her to use for "Speed Dating," teaching her how to delete her web history and cover her tracks. (That fat fucking pig Liz Sopata gets a lot of credit for that! I hope your fat ass gets cancer and you die a slow painful death "Lizzie." I understand now why your husband left your fat ass for another woman!) Janet Briggs, Donna Beesmer and Karen Marcel, along with Liz Sopata get a lot of credit for "egging my wife on." Lizzie and Donna also helped my wife out with recording our conversations with a micro-cassette recorder.

According to my wife...Karen Marcel divorced her husband Jeff, "because she didn't like him"! (You go girl!) I remember my wife kinda laughing when she was telling me about this.

Hey you remember the time you asked my wife, "When I drive over and pull in the driveway to pick you up when we go out, and Jimmy starts walking towards the car to talk to me...what should I do?" Remember when my wife said to you..."Step on the gas and run the muthafucka over!"??? Remember that Janet? That was actually kinda funny wasn't it Janet? Too bad you didn't take Debbie's advice and DO it!

I'm about to end this...but before I do, I just wanted to point out that my wife has been the nastiest fucking BITCH possible since she got caught! It's been non-stop bitching and nastiness from her for close to a month now. I'll never know for sure...but I think her divorced "girlfriends" (and her "all men are shit" girlfriends) told her "this is the way ya gotta do it." She has told me that she doesn't want to be nice to me because it may "mislead" me into believing that she likes me...something that's not true. I think she's being especially nasty to me so that I'll leave her, and then the lover can step into the picture! I'm not going anywhere...I can't afford to!

Oh...I blew $240 on a GPS tracking device which is being delivered today. I never even got a chance, or had to even use it!

DAMMIT! WHY did she have to give the "nice man" (Eino Salmi -- 845-430-3947) her phone number???!!! Or better yet...why did she have to be so FUCKING CARELESS and get CAUGHT???!!!

Again I want to point out that I've not been the best husband my wife could've asked for...but I would've NEVER "rubbed it in her face" as she's been doing to me for a month now. Practically gloating over it.

I still can't believe she said..."That's right, I fucked another man and I LIKED IT!"

In case you're wondering...this had everything to do with why I no longer have been able to do "Free Talk Live" on Mondays with Stan. I finally found something I really enjoyed doing, (a talk radio show) and can no longer continue.

This will also be the last post on The Hudson Valley Freeman for a while. I'm just too depressed over all this to continue. Hopefully that'll change in the future.

Why the fuck did it have to end like this?!!!

Here are the pertinent facts gleaned from this post:

(1). Yankee Jim apparently had been coping with adultery on his wife's part for an extended period of time, perhaps as long as two to three years.

(2). After the confrontation where Deborah acknowledged stepping out on him, instead of seeking to resolve the situation either through reconciliation, separation, or divorce, she deliberately flaunted her adultery and rubbed her husband's nose in it. Since the twin pillars of masculinity are a man's ability to provide and a man's ability to perform, this rubbed salt on the wound and poured gasoline on the fire.

(3) Deborah had apparently fallen in with a coven of divorced floozies who were trying to manipulate her and bring her down to their level by destroying the Leshkevich's relationship.

(4) Despite the acrimony, Yankee Jim was still trying to do some of the right things on the surface, such as buying her a card and flowers on Valentine's Day. He apparently still wanted to save the marriage.

(5) Yankee Jim was clearly concerned about the financial aspects of a possible divorce. Because of bias toward women in our court system, many divorced men find themselves out on the street without a pot to piss in while the divorced women get to keep the houses and live off the fat of the man's labor.

(6) Yankee Jim clearly was NOT suicidal; the last lines of his post expressed the hope of change in the future. In addition, he clearly was NOT planning to top his wife.

In reading the blog post, one might get the impression that Deborah Leshkevich (pictured at left) was an absolutely evil person. This would be false; an article in the Daily Freeman details the respect and admiration she had earned throughout much of the community. So obviously she had two separate personas; an angel outside the home, and a devil within the home. Her hatred for Jim led her to become a devil towards him, a fact unknown to the greater community.

So what do we learn from this experience. Well, first we learn why we were given the Seventh Commandment, "Thou shalt not commit adultery". This wasn't given to restrict us, but to save us from unhappiness, misery, and, all too frequently, prematurely terminating one's mortal probation.

We also learn that when one gets mad at a spouse, it is better to get help than to get even. Yankee Jim clearly should have found someone else to lean on and to give him sanctuary. He could have prepared a strategy to extricate himself and Deborah from what clearly had become a hopeless situation.

Deborah should have also focused on getting help. I believe that on the night of the tragedy, she may have precipitated the last straw by asking for a divorce. Had she gone to a friend's house or to a battered spouse's shelter first, she and Jim might still be alive today. But, like so many, she was so consumed by vengeance that she forgot about justice, and, as a result, received the ultimate injustice - the death penalty without due process.

If you are trapped in a potential domestic violence situation, you do NOT have to suffer as the Leshkeviches did. You do NOT have to get "even" as Deborah did and provoke your spouse to "snap". You can get help. But if you do rely upon a friend, make sure it is indeed a friend who will tell you what you NEED to hear, even at the risk of pissing you off, and not just a cheerleader who will only tell you what you WANT to hear.

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