Sunday, February 3, 2008

Animal Rights Lunacy: Lone Peak High School Activists Protest "Animal Cruelty" At KFC Outlet In American Fork, Utah

On February 3rd, 2008, the Provo Daily Herald reported that more than a dozen protestors gathered outside a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in American Fork, Utah on Saturday evening (February 2nd) to protest the company's treatment of chickens. The protestors, all from Lone Peak High School, waved signs for more than three hours, encouraging would-be diners to boycott the restaurant. Pictured above left, animal rights protestors picketing a KFC outlet in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The protest began at 4:30 P.M. and police showed up soon thereafter, called by KFC managers when the organizer of the protest, Jessica Zepeda, 16, of Cedar Hills, ran into the restaurant with a handful of literature from the extremist People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and began booing. Managers demanded she leave, she said, and she complied. When police arrived, they allwed the protestors to remain in the area, but instructed them not to block the restaurant's driveway or go onto restaurant property.

A KFC manager who came out when police arrived declined to be named or interviewed but later gave the Daily Herald a printed statement titled "PETA claims against KFC are not true." KFC was the first to "adopt industry-leading guidelines and audits for the human raising and handling of poultry," according to the statement. Suppliers are subjected to unannounced audits and given "strict welfare guidelines developed by us with leading experts on our Animal Welfare Advisory Council." The statement urged consumers to visit for information. Note: To learn more about KFC's commitment to social responsibility, visit the Animal Welfare page and the Supplier Code of Conduct page of their website.

The PETA protestors handed out brochures provided by PETA stating that five of KFC's advisory council members quit in protest after the restaurant chain refused to implement even one of their suggestions. The brochure contained quotes from Pope Benedict XVI, Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson, among others, decrying animal cruelty. The group claims that "workers at a KFC Supplier of the Year slaughterhouse spat tobacco into birds' eyes, spray-painted their faces, slammed them against walls, and stomped them to death" and the restaurant chain still purchases from this supplier.

Zepeda said serendipity brought her to organize the protest. She happened to see a PETA ad on a Web site and followed it to, where she watched undercover videos that the groups claims show abuses at KFC suppliers. [Ed. Note: I don't know what the Daily Herald means by "serendipity", but I did find a Serendipity website, which bills itself as libertarian, and I discovered a page on how farmed chicken operations were more susceptible to bird flu outbreaks, so perhaps this is what the Daily Herald meant by "serendipity".]

Disturbed, she showed the Web site to her mother, who encouraged her to act on her feelings. Zepeda joined PETA and organized the protest, and says she plans another protest at the company's corporate headquarters later this year and hopes more people will join her next time. [Ed. Note: This is a typical brain-dead soccer mom who worships her kids and cheerleads for them instead of acting like a parent. If she had been acting like a parent, instead of encouraging her daughter to "act on her feelings" and "follow her heart" in an Oprah-like frenzy, she would have directed her daughter to other websites advocating the opposite point of view, and then carefully led her towards a logical, balanced decision based on facts.]

Response on Saturday was mixed, but far more passing cars honked in support than jeered. One veered toward the protestors to scare them.

However, two of the protestors, Alex Stulce, 14, and Wade Draper, 14, both of Highland, admitted they had eaten at the same restaurant hours earlier on Saturday, Stulce enjoying popcorn chicken. Both said they were protesting to support friends, and both said they had had a change of heart since lunch. [Ed. Note: More likely some teenage girls promised to "put out" for them if they "changed their minds".]

Two other protestors, on the other hand, joined at the last minute, pinched by their consciences, they said. Jordan Cormier, 17, and Maggie Millar, 16, said they had not planned to protest and were on their way to dinner to celebrate their one year anniversary as a couple but decided to abandon that plan and protest.

Ariel Walus, 18, of Highland, said she became supportive of the cause after visiting the PETA protest website. "It was really disgusting," she said of the video footage on "It was sad. Animals should be treated nicely before they die. I really do care. I believe in rights for humans, animals and the environment."

Commentary: This is a simplistic, emotional act by a bunch of high school kids who've been stoked full of animal rights and environmental propaganda. They do not realize that animals are not "equals" or "companions", but are lifeforms placed on earth for man's intelligent use and judicious exploitation. They forget that, in the Garden of Eden, God provided Adam and Eve with coats of animal skins after they were changed. This means that God had to kill a couple of animals to get this resource.

These kids apparently have also been stoked with a bunch of "Blame America First" propaganda. The Blame America First constituency believes that America is always wrong and always at fault for all the problems of the world, wherever they might occur. They fail to acknowledge that America not only remains the source of considerable wisdom, but that we are the world leaders in improving the status and treatment of disadvantaged people and animals. The vast number of illegals breaking into our country is a testament to America's residual virtue.

Most other countries and peoples treat animals far worse than we do. If they are so committed to "animal rights", why don't they arrange a picketing in front of the Mexican Consulate in Utah, located at 230 West 400 South (2nd Floor) in Salt Lake City (telephone 801-521-8502) and protest against the barbaric Latino bloodsport of bullfighting? At least the chickens, if mistreated, are not done so for gratuitous reasons.

Such is not the case with bullfighting. This is a sport in which an animal is slowly and deliberately tortured for the amusement of totally depraved human beings. Visit the Sharkonline website to find out about the barbarity and depravity of bullfighting. It is so disgusting that one survey revealed that 84% of Mexicans want to see reform (in other words, it's become too depraved even for Mexicans, who are not known for their enlightened attitude towards animals). Yet the Mexican government takes no serious measures to curb this barbarity. There is absolutely no socially redeeming value to bullfighting.

Of course, you can see it for yourself by viewing this YouTube video. Unfortunately, it contains explicit elements, and so you will have to register on the site and/or log in to view it.

With proper guidance, these high school students could find more relevant and pertinent causes to be involved with rather than dogging a KFC restaraunt in American Fork, Utah.


Tracy said...

These kids realize that all living beings deserve to be treated with compassion.

Anonymous said...

These kids are hero's. You use religion, right-wing cliches, generalizations and other forms of rationalization to justify cruelty to animals; so you don't have to feel guilty about eating meat. Watch this to see how animals are really treated on factory farms:

Anonymous said...

I am the grandmother and guardian of Jessica and I am not a "brain dead soccer mom." I am also neither a PETA activist or sympathizer, nor a vegetarian. However, I respect the right of my grandaughter to stand up for her beliefs. I saw the PETA undercover DVD of animals being cruely bludgeoned and tortured. There are more humane ways to slaughter animals for food which many companies already practice. When Jessica asked my opinion of organizing the protest for PETA, I merely told her that if she felt that strongly about it she should follow her convictions. Isn't that what libery and free speech is all about?

Devo said...

PETA has ties to more than a few domestic terror organizations, and I do not support any of their protests.

As a matter of fact, I'm writing my representative now asking them to sponsor HB 331, naming KFC as Kentucky's Official Picnic Food!

And I'll be taking my family to KFC tomorrow for dinner.

Have any of you PETA-types ever killed a chicken? I have. With my bare hands. It was messy, bloody, and I don't want to do it again. That's why I'm glad KFC practices such industry-leading standards.

I also shoot Babmi at least twice a year, if that upsets you, I'M NOT SORRY. I enjoy meat, and so does my family.

PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals!

Anonymous said...

Hey butt hole.
i did not tell those boys i would put out.
how dare you say that you sick twisted perve. i am jessica the organizer and i DO NOT appreciate that. Stop it butt head!!!

Deepthroat said...

To anyone sticking up for these children and their noble cause, I happen to know who most of these kids are.

They don't care at all about chickens or humane treatment. They care about attention, especially Jessica Zepeda, the organizer. Getting their names in the paper was so much of a thrill, that you can be assured you'll see further action at the corporate headquarters (which are also located in Utah).

Regardless of whether this cause is worth protesting, these kids don't care about it. Jessica eats fast food on a pretty regular basis though she claims to be a vegetarian. Pay no further attention to her lame antics.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said that Jessica was doing this for the sole purpose of getting attention needs to get their facts right.

Jessica really cares about this cause and really is vegetarian. Just because you would only do this for attention, doesn't mean everyone is just like you.

Some people actually care about God's creatures and think its wrong to be cruel to them.

I am not vegetarian but I am definately NEVER eating at KFC ever again.

Jackline said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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