Thursday, January 31, 2008

Utah Civil Rights Leaders Complain About "Racist" White Snow, Claim It Doesn't Jive With Dr. Martin Luther King's Rainbow Legacy

"Even the weather's racist in this state"

The Daily Utah Chronicle, which is the independent student voice of the University of Utah, posted an interesting essay on their website on January 31st, 2008. It is rather thought-provoking. Here's an excerpt:

Red Herring: Utah Civil Rights Leaders Express Dismay Over Blizzard
By: Orion Archibald
Posted: 1/31/08

The record-setting blizzard that blanketed the Wasatch Front on Jan. 21 made travel all but impossible for thousands of commuters, knocked out communications and power and caused endless headaches for road crews, police and emergency services personnel. There was another group upset because of the blizzard -- not necessarily because it made the roads treacherous, but because of its symbolism.

"It was an insult. It was like Selma or Montgomery all over again," said the Rev. Lucas Jones, noted Salt Lake civil rights leader and pastor of the First Baptist Church downtown. "They say, 'I'm dreaming of a white Christmas,' but they never say, 'I'm dreaming of a white Martin Luther King Jr. Day.' For me, that's actually kind of a nightmare."

Other prominent Salt Lake activists also took issue with the blizzard and the homogeneity it represents, which, they said, resulted in an unwelcome contrast with the message of Dr. King.

"I'd love to be able to talk about white and black and yellow and red and all the colors of the rainbow sitting down at the table of brotherhood, but I can't really do that against a background that's literally as white as the driven snow," said Marion Wallace, chair of the Salt Lake chapter of the NAACP. "My words would ring hollow."

Read the rest of this essay HERE.

This is very well done and it should be obvious that it is a PARODY. However, it is a very believable parody, since leading minority activists are always blaming everything else on "white racism". Back on November 2nd, 2007, I discussed the experience of Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, whose controversial remarks about the value of a high school education, recorded on YouTube, were interpreted literally by the real president of the Salt Lake NAACP:

Here are the precise words spoken by Patrick Byrne, from the video:

"You may as well burn those kids, that's the end of their life, that's the end of their ability to achieve in this society. If they do not get a high school education, you might as well throw those kids away".

Jeanetta Williams, NAACP Salt Lake branch president, was upset because she felt that Byrne was singling out minority kids when there are also white students who do not graduate from high school. "It's saying to them, 'If you can not achieve . . . then you have no worth in society," Williams later said in an interview.

Williams further stated that there are many people who don't have a high school diploma who take up a trade and support their families. But here's where she goes over the top - she also said the word "burn" has a negative historical perspective when she thinks of blacks who were lynched for the color of their skin. "If he misspoke about not meaning what he said . . . then he shouldn't have any hindrances in making a public apology," she said.

Obviously, Jeanetta Williams can't handle the truth, and this is so symptomatic of the majority of so-called black "leadership". BTW, Byrne stuck to his guns and did NOT apologize.

If you're interested in more related parody, visit the Landover Baptist website and view this particular discussion thread. It's hilarious. Another great racial parody site is the EyesOnHate blog.

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