Thursday, January 24, 2008

TNB Alert: Unidentified Black Man Punches White Victim Katie Baker At University Of Utah Frat Party, Fractures Her Eye

Katie Baker - Another Victim of "Diversity"

An incident which took place at a party at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house back on Saturday January 12th, 2008, is generating an upswell of controversy. The Daily Utah Chronicle, which bills itself the University of Utah's independent student voice, has published a second story on January 23rd, and discussion of the incident has spread to Stormfront.

Katie Baker, a 21-year old sophomore majoring in exercise and sports science, said she approached an unidentified man at approximately 11:30 p.m. in an attempt to track down her lost cell phone. Baker said the man initially seemed interested in helping her. Moments later, she was left with four fractures and two facial lacerations that required seven stitches.

According to the police report, Baker started the evening by having two alcoholic drinks with a group of friends before walking from her apartment just below Rice-Eccles Stadium on 1300 East to a party on University Avenue. Baker estimated that she arrived at the party with a group of friends between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Although she admitted being "slightly tipsy" at the party, she said she did not accept any of the alcohol being offered. Baker supposedly still smelled of alcohol and was slurring her speech when officers arrived on the scene at 2:06 A.M.

Baker recalled socializing at the party until she noticed her cell phone missing at approximately 11:15 p.m. and began a casual search of the house. Approximately 15 minutes later, Baker said she asked a man, subsequently described as a 6-foot-tall, 230-lb. black man with a muscular build, if he had seen her cell phone. Moments later, Baker said, the only thing preventing her from being knocked to the floor was a nearby pool table. "I look around and nobody's doing anything, and then I feel blood just pouring down my face," Baker said.

According to the police report, "there is not one individual who stated that they saw the actual assault take place." The name given to the police was redacted from the report due to confidentiality issues.

Baker said her eye was swollen shut and blood began flowing freely from her face from the moment she was hit. She then ran upstairs to the bathroom, by which time the whole front of her shirt, her jeans and both her arms down to her elbow were covered in blood.

Baker does not remember doing anything to provoke the man, but does remember a rumor going around the party that she had used a racial slur toward blacks. She denies making the comment. Rumours of racial remarks on her part continue to swirl in the Comments section of the Chronicle story.

But what particularly miffs her is that of the 20-plus people in the room at the time, not one offered to help her or to stop her attacker. Yet when some in attendance offered to take her to the hospital later on, she refused their offers because she didn't want to expose anyone to the possibility of DUI charges. She could not be certain if anyone was legally sober enough to drive. Finally, an unidentified University of Utah football player arranged for medical attention and rode in the ambulance with her to the university's hospital.

Baker was released at approximately 7 a.m. the next day following several tests and an observation period. She said she had a follow-up appointment at the Moran Eye Institute on Monday.

Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity president Joey Lambert said the fraternity has been investigating the incident and cooperating with University administrators and police, but refrained from further comment for legal rasons. Jay Wilgus, an assistant dean of students who is the frat's faculty advisor, said Lambert was on vacation when the incident occurred, but one of the fraternity's vice presidents was present.

Lambert, who is a junior majoring in finance, said in a statement that the suspect is a "non-greek member" and the incident "is in no way characteristic, common or tolerable by our organization or the Greek Community as a whole. Our most sincere condolences go out to Katie."

Although Lambert says he has spent many hours interviewing people present at the party, he said he had no solid leads. Likewise, the Chronicle has been interviewing people without success. Until the perpetrator is located, it cannot be determined whether or not this is also a hate crime. Anyone with information regarding the suspect is encouraged to contact Wilgus at 801-581-8061.

A BYU student who posted on the Stormfront thread under the nickname of Pat88 provided a personal assessment of the racial situation on the Wasatch Front in general, and on the BYU campus in particular. Here's what the individual had to say:

I'm in Utah right now, and amazingly the fastest growing non-White population are not the Mestizos: the fastest growing group are the Blacks, specially Haitian refugees (growing very fast right now) and Katrina refugees that started coming right after Katrina and never stopped coming.

In the last 6 months the populations of Haitians where I am multiplied [by] 400%; you see them everywhere chasing after White girls.

I'm not in SLC, I'm in Provo, studying in BYU.

Most Haitians that come are in their late 20's early 30's, but some White families have adopted Haitian babies too.

Anyway I'm sure it's far Whiter than Miami, so come here anyway and try to save this place. Utah is probably in the top 3 best states in USA to live in, it has the lowest unemployment level of all USA.

Well, most White girls here distrust them [the blacks], but many are naive and date them anyway, though by Mormon rules this dating doesn't go further than holding hands and occasional kiss; the problem is that the arrival of all these Blacks has spawned a wave of rapes around BYU campus, almost all cases involving Blacks raping White girls. BYU recently posted an official "rape wave" warning because it's getting very bad. Blacks are seen walking through and around campus asking any blonde girl they see for a date (they prefer them blondes). What I do is when I see this I go to talk to the girls and tell them about this BYU rape wave and tell them to be careful of strangers.

Note: This is from a guy who's on the scene and has seen it first hand for himself. So it cannot be casually dismissed as "racism".

Commentary: I'm personally appalled that none of the 20 people present bothered to lift a finger to try and stop the black guy from assaulting the woman. Three reasons come to mind:

(1). Surprise. The other people were so surprised that by the time it occurred to them to react, the guy was gone. Or they could have been deterred by the assailant's large stature. It may not have occurred to them that if two or three of them worked together, they could have brought the guy down and held him for police.

(2). Fear of Legal Consequences. It is well-known that hate crime laws are inequitably applied, particularly by the Feds. Whites appear to be much more likely to be additionally charged with hate crime enhancers for trans-racial crimes that perps of other races. Perhaps some of the partiers remembered how Shaun Walker and his two cohorts got railroaded by the Feds on bogus hate-crime charges stemming from a couple of bar fights, and this memory deterred them from taking action. Not an excuse, mind you, but a possible explanation.

(3). Contempt: The least likely possibility, but one that cannot be excluded. It is quite possible that Katie Baker may have been so liquored up that she became obnoxious, meaning that when she got clocked, the other people may have thought she got her just desserts. It would be useful for the perpetrator to voluntarily come forward so that this issue could be cleared up.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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