Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shuttle Driver Jeff Brueningsen Files Complaint With FAA Over Salt Lake Airport Allowing Muslim Cab Drivers To Pray On Public Property

Last week I discussed the story of a shuttle driver who got into a physical confrontration with a Muslim cab driver because the shuttle driver allegedly boxed him in. Today (January 30th, 2008), the shuttle driver is firing back - he has filed a complaint with the FAA against the Salt Lake International Airport, saying officials allowed thousands of religious services to be conducted on public property. Full story with video aired by KSL Channel 5.

Muslim cab drivers began praying in a small airport building used as a break room after 9-11, because they became targets, with people berating them and even throwing objects at them.

Shuttle driver Jeff Brueningsen took photos inside the building he and other drivers share at the airport. "It was definitely an Islamic center", Brueningsen said." He also said it didn't feel right, so he filed a complaint with the FAA against the airport. "In proper, polite company you never bring up politics or religion. And they introduced both instantly into what's supposed to be a professional, secular transportation-aviation facility," Brueningsen continued.

In the complaint he details claims that he was harassed by a group of Muslim drivers who he says have threatened to kill him. It came to a head earlier this month when Brueningsen says Mohammed Alahmed and other drivers attacked him. "They were going like this, using their fingers, saying, ‘You Fucking Jew, you don't want us to pray here,'" Brueningsen says.

Alahmed says it was the other way around, that Brueningsen tried to stop him from praying. "He say the F word against me, and I didn't do anything. And he grabbed me from my shirt and hit me with his hand," Alahmed said. Airport police investigated and charged only Brueningsen with assault. Shortly after, the airport closed the building, and Muslim drivers began praying outside. No one was happy.

Barbara Gann, with the Salt Lake International Airport, said, "There were some grave concerns over safety and possible escalating violence."

Airport officials say they never sanctioned prayers, but they never stopped them. Instead they trusted the drivers to be courteous and respectful to one another, a plan that didn't work. Airport and city officials are meeting to decide what to do with the building. While they do that, Brueningsen isn't allowed to work on airport property.

Commentary: Of course the plan didn't work. First, it wasn't supervised. Second, they should have looked at how it "worked" in Kosovo. Serbian Christians have been chased out of Kosovo by Muslim KLA terrorists. You give the Muslims an inch, they'll take a mile.

In my previous post, I discussed similar problems in Minneapolis and Kansas City. Since then, I've learned of a similar situation in Indianapolis. On September 24th, 2007, WRTV Channel 6 in Indianapolis reported that a proposal to install a foot-washing sink at Indianapolis International Airport is prompting debate over ethnicity, religion and the U.S. Constitution. Muslims use the sinks to wash their feet before praying, but some say that allowing the sinks on public property violates the separation of church and state. Airport officials said they are considering installing a sink because of safety and health issues, not religious ones. More than 100 Muslim taxi drivers currently use a traditional sink at the airport, leaving the floor wet and increasing the possibility of passing germs.

How did we end up with so many Muslim cab drivers? And why are so many at our airports, considering how 19 Muslims used our airports on September 11th, 2001? Did anyone vet these guys?

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