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Republican Patriot Joe Ferguson To Challenge RINO Congressman Chris Cannon For Utah's Third Congressional District Seat

Update: As of February 1st, 2008, Joe Ferguson now has an official campaign website, accessible HERE.

Republican patriot Joe Ferguson (pictured at left) has announced his intention to challenge incumbent RINO Congressman Chris Cannon for the Republican nomination for Utah's Third Congressional District. Full story aired on January 19th, 2008 by KSL Channel 5.

Ferguson, who joins a field of Republican challengers including Jason Chaffetz and David Leavitt, says he's running to bring attention to President Bush's push to merge the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a North American Union (NAU). Ferguson believes the NAU is a long-range goal by some members of Congress and the president to make the U.S. part of a world government. He says at that point the people would have little or no control over their government.

"This North American Union is a horrific violation of the Constitution. The formula for success is the Constitution of the United States, and so I would use that as my measure and work vigorously to oppose the North American Union and to support the Constitution of the United States," Ferguson said.

While Ferguson now has an official campaign website, more information about his politics can be found on this John Birch Society portal:

Joe was born and raised in Tyler, Texas. He graduated from Brigham Young University in 1953 with a B.S. in Business Administration. During school breaks he flew crop dusters in Arizona and Texas. He then served three years in the United States Air Force as an officer and pilot. After his military service, he was a pilot for Frontier Airlines for 28 years and for Continental for 14 years. He is now retired and lives in Cedar Hills, Utah.

Joe has been active in politics since 1964... He ran for United States Congress in 1976 in Utah and won the Republican nomination.

Joe offers presentations on the following topics:

“Marxism: The Greatest Fraud of All Times” — Joe identifies Marxist ideology, knowing what flaws infect the ideology, and about how to expose it and fight it.

“The Controlled Media: A Tool of America’s Greatest Enemies” — We live in a time of universal deception. Only a few entities and people control the major portion of the media, and they use their power for the purpose of tricking the American people into supporting ideas and policies that are contrary to their own best interests. These ideas and policies do, of course, empower those forces that control the media and also control the federal government.

“Illegal Immigration: — This speech covers a lot of ground, all of it pertaining to the very serious ramifications of illegal immigration— which are never discussed by President Bush, the mainstream media, or the average politician. They are:

1. How most of the illegal immigrants from Latin America have been indoctrinated with Liberation Theology. This is, in actuality, Marxism presented as religion, which could be used to propagate violence.

2. The hypocrisy displayed by the federal government. The federal government spends millions (or billions) yearly to scrutinize passengers arriving legally at international ports, yet they make little effort to stop those who constitute the greatest danger from entering the United States illegally.

3. The annual costs, both in dollars and social consequences, of crimes committed by illegal immigrants and through the illegals’ use of the U.S. healthcare system.

4. The Balkanization of America that is happening because the new arrivals refuse to assimilate.

5. The illegal immigrants potential for terrorism and sabotage.

“Will America Survive? The Forces Attacking the Foundations of Americanism” — How to recognize them and how to expose and fight them.

No date of publication of this information is given, but it does provide guidance on his background and his political views. He can best be described as "paleoconservative".

One uncertainty is in his definition of the "controlled" media. The John Birch Society has always stopped short of precisely defining who "controls" the media. The political landscape abounds with numerous theories about who controls the media. Some believe the "Illuminati" control the media. Others blame it on an inchoate mix of plutocrats, educrats, and God knows what other type of -crats. Only one person, to my knowledge, has ever precisely defined media control. The late Dr. William Pierce had a clear-cut idea about who controls the media, and presented his case in a research report entitled "Who Rules America". Admittedly, the preponderance of the evidence tends to better support Dr. Pierce's ideas. But regardless of what theory you accept, the bottom line is that the mainstream media has long ceased to reflect traditional American values, and that's the underlying focus of Joe Ferguson's concern.

And Joe Ferguson has wasted little time in hitting the campaign trail. On Saturday night (January 19th), he showed up at a candidate forum with Jason Chaffetz and David Leavitt held in West Jordan. The RINO himself did not show up. According to a Deseret Morning News story, all three basically put out a similar message, with the primary difference being experience.

Politically, Jason Chaffetz seems to be the most centrist of the three, followed by David Leavitt, with Ferguson anchoring the hard right. Because the Third Congressional District does not include Salt Lake City, it embodies the conservative heartland of the state. The presence of three challengers will make it more difficult for Cannon to get the 60%+ of the delegates at the state Republican convention necessary to avoid a primary contest.

And who would be in that primary contest? Undoubtedly, Chris Cannon would be one of the entrants. The power of his incumbency will ensure his presence. But who will be the second entrant? It's probably a tossup between Chaffetz and Leavitt at this point. Ferguson's politics are admirable, but he may be too far to the right to succeed. Personally, I think David Leavitt might be the best-equipped challenger to Cannon, and the one most likely to succeed (more about Leavitt's candidacy HERE).

And why is Chris Cannon considered a "RINO" (Republican In Name Only)? It's true that he's a solid social conservative, having vigorously defended the traditional family unit and the right to life. He's opposed the promotion and statutory protection of the homosexual lifestyle. He's even stood up to the environmental lobby. However, as discussed in this previous post, he's considered weak and vacillating on immigration issues, and favors a "path to citizenship" for illegals (Translation: AMNESTY). Americans for Better Immigration give him an overall letter grade of "C-", but he gets an "F" on both amnesty and on guest workers. Chris Cannon's financial summary through 2006 can be found HERE. Note that 63.3% percent of his contributions came from PACs. Cannon's complete voting record can be found on VoteSmart. Cannon's ratings from special interest groups can be found HERE.

And so Cannon not only has earned the designation of RINO, but has attracted potent challengers in the last two elections. This time, he will not be able to overcome the challenge. He can be defeated.

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