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The Real Mike Huckabee Through The Eyes Of White Revolution Chairman Billy Roper, A Longtime Russellville, Arkansas Resident

Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (pictured at left with Bill Clinton) suddenly burst on the scene two weeks ago with a surprise victory at the Iowa caucuses, somehow snagging percent of the vote. The core of his support has been provided by evangelical "rapture bunnies" who showed up en masse and spammed the caucuses in Huckabee's favor.

Egged on by apostate ex-Mormons like Ed Decker and James Spencer, who use their bogus apologetic "ministries" to get revenge against an LDS Church which had no choice but to cast them out of their midst, many evangelicals mistakenly believe that Mormonism isn't "Christian", basing their assessment on a narrow tightrope theology which is frequently contrary to the Bible. Such evangelical heresies as "pre-tribulation rapture" and an "anthromorphic Godhead" are clearly rebutted by the Bible itself. So when Mike Huckabee himself publicly questioned the Christian credentials of Mormonism itself in order to score cheap political points against Mitt Romney, the evangelical media picked up on it and transformed Mike Huckabee into their "boy toy". And presto! The evangelicals promptly drank the kool-aid and followed Huckabee like the Pied Piper.

And Mike Huckabee has rewarded them for their support by saying "all the right things". Of course, he's pro-life, pro-veteran, and pro-education; those have been constants. However, Huckabee's suddenly being marketed as "tough" on immigration, having flagrantly plagiarized Ron Paul's immigration platform and presenting it as his own.

But is this the REAL Mike Huckabee? Allegations of duplicity follow Mike Huckabee around like ants follow a picnic. How do we find out who the REAL Mike Huckabee is?

Since Mike Huckabee was the governor of Arkansas, just like Bill Clinton, I can think of no better source of information than someone who lived in the state during the Huckabee administration. And not just any Arkansas resident - but a politically active Arkansas resident.

And I can think of no better choice than longtime Russellville, Arkansas resident Billy Roper. But Roper doesn't just meet the residency test - he's also the chairman of White Revolution, a white nationalist political advocacy organization. He understands politics. So he meets the activism test as well.

And Roper has definitely weighed Mike Huckabee in the balance, and found him wanting. Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsim. Here's Roper's essay on Mike Huckabee, published December 12th, 2007 on the White Revolution website:

Who is Mike Huckabee?
Posted on: 2007-12-12 02:14:24

At the 2001 Southern Baptist Convention, presidential contender Mike Huckabee cited his belief in collective racial guilt as the driving force in his pro-immigration stance. Declaring that White Christians needed to “make amends” for past sins against blacks, he stated that “God may be giving us a second chance to do right” by being especially welcoming to nonWhite illegal immigrant invaders.

While Governor of Arkansas, Huckabee supported legislation to give in-state college tuition rates to the children of illegals, and even proposed providing taxpayer-funded subsidies for invaders to attend state-funded universities. As such, he actively worked to promote the interests and welfare of foreigners who are in our country illegally over those of American citizens. Welcoming the League of United Latin American Citizens national convention held in Little Rock, and working with a foreign government to get a Mexican Consulate in the Arkansas state capitol was not enough, apparently, as Huckabee also conspired to provide Arkansas state taxpayer funding for the Consulate, which has since worked to increase the flood of immigration as well as provide defense for illegal invaders who murder Arkansas citizens.

When the Arkansas legislature passed Act 907 to allow the Arkansas State Police to cooperate with Federal immigration authorities in stemming the tide of illegals entering the state, Huckabee ordered his appointed leader of the Arkansas State Police, Col. Steve Dozier, to not enforce the law. When he left office, Huckabee ordered government owned computer mainframes logging the records of flights he and others in his administration had taken to Mexico and elsewhere on behalf of proponents of the controversial Mexican Consulate destroyed, to cover his tracks.

Mike Huckabee is not a conservative. He is a nutcase religious zealot like the medieval flagellants, who believes in collective racial guilt for all Whites as the cornerstone of his immigration policy. Of course, he also is a fervent Zionist.

Sour grapes, you say? Here's an essay posted by Charles Coughlin which not only echoes the same themes but offers even more details of Huckabee's chicanery.

In 2005, immigration reform was definitely NOT on Huckabee's agenda. In a now-infamous speech delivered at the LULAC convention in June of that year, Huckabee joked, "Pretty soon, Southern white guys like me may be in the minority," Huckabee said jokingly as the crowd roared in laughter. He told the LULAC delegates that their presence in the state's capital city, Little Rock, was very important because Arkansas has one of the fastest growing Hispanic populations in the nation. "Your gathering is so very significant for our state," Huckabee said. "We are delighted to have you."

What a suck-up!

And while Mike Huckabee may bill himself as a part-time Baptist preacher, his ethics are anything but Baptist. In February 2007, the Alaska Pride blog reported on an Arkansas Times story about chronic misuse of state-owned and state-leased aircraft by Mike Huckabee. Ironically, the same post also discloses that one of Huckabee's chief Congressional supporters is Republican Alaska Congressman Don Young, himself under fire for possible ethics violations and a target for investigation himself. Birds of a feather?

And finally, if you like the big-government "kahn-servatism" of George W. Bush, you'll just love Mike Huckabee. Alaska Pride exposed more big-government statist attitudes by Mike Huckabee in September 2007 when it disclosed Huckabee's desire to institute a nationwide anti-smoking ordinance. Many states and localities already have done so on their own, but this is not fast enough for Huckabee. He wants to use the federal government to trump the states. This is not in keeping with the letter or spirit of the 10th Amendment.

Don't be fooled by Mike Huckabee. He may protect unborn babies better than the other candidates, but what good will it do if he destroys liberty in America before they are born? If you want liberty and constitutionalism restored, vote Ron Paul.

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