Saturday, January 26, 2008

Islamic Supremacism In Utah: Muslim Cab Drivers Cry About Closure Of Break Room At Salt Lake International Airport

Salt Lake City International Airport management recently shut down a break room used for years by cab drivers, and Muslim cab drivers in particular are complaining about it. Full story aired by KSL Channel 5.

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The building housing the break room is owned by the airport, which cited "safety and security concerns" for the closure. Airport spokeswoman Barbara Gann repeatedly declined to be interviewed, citing potential legal ramifications. However, portable restrooms have been installed for the drivers' use.

For the past couple of years, the building was open to all drivers as a courtesy. Equipped with bathrooms and running water, it was initially used primarily for meals and breaks. Unfortunately, Muslim cab drivers took unwarranted liberties and attempted to use it for their five-times-per-day prayers. Complicating the issue is Islam's requirement that one perform "ablutions", or to wash up before prayers.

And this doesn't merely mean washing hands. This also means washing all exposed flesh, including the feet. And this is what triggered backlash, since the Muslim drivers apparently weren't cleaning up the bathroom after washing their feet. Indeed, there have been instances where non-Muslim drivers have physically tried to stop prayers. In one such instance, a fight broke out when a shuttle driver allegedly tried to block a Muslim cab driver from praying. Mohammed Alahmed, the alleged victim, said, "He say the F-word against me, and I didn't do anything. And he grabbed me from my shirt and hit me with his hand".

Other Muslim drivers explained the importance of prayer in their lives. Sulejman Omerovic said, "When you pray and when you are aware of God the Creator, you stay out of trouble". Now that the break room is closed, he'll alternately stand and kneel for several minutes in the freezing weather.

Mansour Arow considers the portable restrooms an inadequate substitute. "As Muslims, when we use the bathroom, we have to wash. And truly the portable bathrooms does not give us that opportunity, and we cannot carry jug with us in the car", said Arow.

Airport officials will meet with city leaders to discuss the situation. It is uncertain whether or not to building will re-open. But for now, religious and non-religious drivers alike are out in the cold.

And Utah is just one of many states where religious debate among drivers has surfaced. There have been protests in several states, including Indiana and Kansas, over airports providing foot baths for Muslims. Instability and conflict just seem to be natural by-products of "diversity" and "multiculturalism". And while Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia are allowed to be fully Islamic, God help any Western nation that does not accomodate Muslims.

Indeed, an ongoing dispute is occurring in Minneapolis where Somali cab drivers who are Muslims are not only refusing to accept passengers who are inebriated, but are refusing to accept prefectly sober passengers who are merely carrying unopened containers of alcohol. Minneapolis responded with a proposal in which drivers who refuse service for any reason would have their license suspended for 30 days. A second refusal would mean a two-year revocation of the license. Since 80 percent of Minneapolis cab drivers are Somali, this is a significant issue.

And Kansas City airport officials have installed "foot-washing benches", although they disingenuously deny that it's for Muslim use.

And if you think this is a problem here, rest assured that Islamic supremacism is in its infancy here compared to Europe. In Europe, Islamic supremacists are so bold as to threaten violence if films, cartoons, and even news coverage doesn't favor them. In the worst-case example, the Muslim government of Kosovo has expelled or killed two-thirds of Kosovo's Serbian Christian inhabitants since it took power. Coverage of Islamic supremacism in Europe is available on the Western Voices World News website, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

By the way, this is the religion that George W. Bush calls a "religion of peace". This statement is just as infamous as his ridiculous "Mission Accomplished" photo op aboard that aircraft carrier (two-thirds of American combat deaths in Iraq have occurred SINCE the "mission" was supposedly "accomplished").


YALIN said...

This was not a "diversity" message.

First of all, this has nothing to do with "supremecy" it is a "must-do" for their belief. They don't do these things "just because they want to cause trouble" They simply have to wash (Just like Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and all he other Prophets of God did, they didn't simply wash once in a lifetime (i.e. baptism)) Second, they have to pray, you can't be a "Muslim" if you don't pray. If this country stands for "diversity" the Government and the Muslims need to work together to provide these, and people like you should just grow a personality and not post bigoted articles or offensive childish images. Since when "cleanliness" is frowned upon? Why should they suffer if your feet stinks? (Though, they should clean after themselves if they truly didn't)

ryan said...

I see this as a health issue, who wants to use a restroom after someone has washed there feet in the toilet or in the sink the bathrooms are filthy enough. If you have to take these measures find a job that will allow this type of washing.Jesus spirit was clean his feet were not the problem he knew that a spiritual cleaning was needed not a physical cleaning to the body.