Thursday, January 24, 2008

Eyewitness Carrie Williams Disputes Katie Baker's Account Of Events At Fateful University Of Utah Frat Party

Katie Baker - Another Victim of "Diversity"?

Carrie Williams, a University of Utah sophomore who also is a nursing assistant at a local Salt Lake hospital, has written a letter which partially disputes the account of events at the January 12th frat party (previously discussed HERE) where Katie Baker got punched out by a black football player. Specifically, Williams disputes Baker's contention that she was only "slightly tipsy", that she was covered in blood, and that people were reluctant to help her out.

And her letter was published in the Daily Utah Chronicle on January 24th, 2008. Here's the key excerpt:

Moments after entering the frat, I met a clearly intoxicated, far past "slightly tipsy" girl with an open beer in her hand-the same girl that is claiming "she did not accept any of the alcohol being offered." Without even saying hello, she frantically asked me if I had seen a silver cell phone. After telling her that I, regretfully, had not seen it, I hung out in the basement for about 20 minutes before heading back upstairs. A large group of guys were heading out the front door, leaving the main floor empty, so I continued up to the top floor.

At the top of the stairs, in the bathroom, I recognized that same girl hunched over the toilet with five or six guys trying to help her. She had an obvious facial injury with some blood on her chest and a few droplets on her jeans. Far from the claim that "the whole front of (her) shirt, (her) jeans and both (her) arms down to (her) elbow, (were) covered in blood."

When asked what happened, Baker stated, "some nigger football player punched me." I got her some ice from the freezer and informed some active members of the frat what had happened. While they cleared out anyone who had seen nothing and were uninvolved, I went back upstairs to attend to Katie. She continued to drop the "n" word until I asked her specifically to stop. I am completely appalled by her statement that, "I just find it disgusting that out of the whole party only one person was willing to help" because after people were made aware, everyone wanted to help and immediate action was taken.

Carrie Williams then goes on to state that the "20 plus people who saw this happen and did nothing" were friends of the black football player who all departed immediately after the incident. According to Williams, others who remained behind took steps to provide Baker with assistance. As a matter of fact, they were continually telling people to leave the bathroom because so many wanted to help.

In Williams' professional medical judgment, Katie Baker, while needing medical attention, did not need an ambulance. She makes it clear that, while she does not condone what happened to Katie Baker, that her basic story has got to be called into question because her inebriation may have hindered her recollection of events.

Commentary: Carrie Williams' account increases the possibility that Katie Baker may have acted obnoxiously, creating a hostile climate towards her. Her account is the reason why some people were speculating on the possibility that Baker may have used racial slurs towards the black football player. However, it does not confirm that Baker actually used any slurs in the presence of the football player. Even so, there would be no justification for any man to haul off and slug a woman like that under the circumstances. The man needs to be brought to justice.

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