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White Jena Six Victim Justin Barker Files Civil Suit Against His Seven Black Attackers And The LaSalle Parish School Board

Eighteen-year-old Justin Barker (pictured at left the night after he was assaulted), the only real victim in the Jena Six case, is firing back on the legal front. On Thursday November 29th, 2007, he filed a civil lawsuit against the teens' parents, the adult teens, an additional student and the local school board. One teen, Mychal Bell, pleaded guilty to battery in juvenile court on Monday December 3rd in the attack. Five other teens face criminal charges in the case and are awaiting court appearances. The information was not publicly released until today; full story published in USA Today. Other more local coverage can be found on WWL-TV Channel 4 New Orleans, WDSU-TV Channel 6 New Orleans, and the Shreveport Times.

Barker and his parents, David and Kelli, allege in the suit that seven Jena High School students attacked Justin on December 4th, 2006, as he left the school gym. The suit names the attackers as the "Jena Six" students — Bell, Bryant Purvis, Robert Bailey Jr. (pictured above left), Carwin Jones, Theo Shaw and a juvenile, Jesse Beard — as well as a second juvenile, Malcolm Shaw. Malcolm was not named by law enforcement as one of the attackers and faces no criminal action, so the case is referred to as the "Jena Six".

"Petitioners show that Justin was singled out by Mychal, Bryant, Robert, Carwin, Theodore (and the two juveniles), and that the malicious and willful attack of Justin was of such extreme nature so as to require emergency medical care and treatment for the harm inflicted by the attack, and resulting in extensive and permanently disabling injuries," the lawsuit states. The bill for the emergency medical care was $5,467, as reported in a previous post.

Barker was hit by Bell, knocked unconscious and then repeatedly kicked and stomped by a group of students, according to testimony and court documents.

The lawsuit alleges that the LaSalle Parish School Board, through its employees, were not adequately supervising students, maintaining discipline and did not assign enough teachers for supervision. The lawsuit also claims that the School Board did not implement a plan to “discourage the dangerous activity of threatening and attacking other students while in possession of actual knowledge of said threats and prior attacks while the students are on school grounds.” Lawyers for the Barkers and the defendants couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

Bell, who pleaded guilty in juvenile court to second-degree battery, was sentenced to 18 months in the custody of the Office of Youth Development. This sentence already includes time served (approximately 10 months), so he'll be out on the street in only eight months.

Bell and the other students were initially charged with attempted murder. In May 2007, Bell was convicted as an adult of aggravated assault, but the conviction was overturned. The conviction led to the invasion and occupation of Jena for a one-day protest in September by at least 20,000 demonstrators, the overwhelming majority black. Since that time, white backlash against blacks has bubbled to the surface in several parts of the nation, with noose incidents almost a daily occurrence. While some of the noose incidents are mischievous pranking, many more have been caused by outraged whites as the noose seems to have become a symbol of implicit white resistance to black crime and to forced diversity and multiculturalism.

And the conduct of some of the Jena Six and their families during the interim has been somewhat less than angelic. According to the White Reference blog, there have been allegations that money raised for them for their legal defense has instead been spent on frivolous items (the picture of Robert Bailey above with the money is his mouth epitomizes these allegations).

And there's even more fallout on the way. On January 21st, 2008 (MLK Day), Richard Barrett, head of the Nationalist Movement, plans to hold a Jena Justice Day in Jena, rallying on behalf of white victim Justin Barker. So far, one high-profile person, former Alabama Attorney General candidate Larry Darby has committed to appear and give a speech. Former National Alliance Membership Coordinator David Pringle is interested and may also show up.

(Hat tip to OTPTT who alerted me to this story by posting it on the Vanguard News Network Forum)

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Travis Golie said...


Travis Golie

I was delighted to see "Jena Justice Day" go so well. I wish that
I could have been there. First, the authorities, forgetting that they had
taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, tried to make it a rally-free zone
for Nationalists. Now, they are trying to make it a gun-free zone for
Nationalists. But, we've beaten them before. Let's beat them, again.
Time and again, our rights are being taken away in the name of
"protecting" us. As yet another school-shooting unfolds, the cries go
up for "gun-free zones," just as they have been trying to pull in Jena.
The very ones who have given us "no-child-left-behind" are saying
that it's okay to leave guns behind and to leave freedom behind.

The point is that Soviet-style tyrants want to make it so that honest
Americans cannot defend themselves or, ultimately, cannot overthrow
a despotic government. Under their plan, they can pack the schools
with thugs, rival street-gangs, misfits and subversives, all the while
hollering "no to guns," so that a student, caught in the crossfire, cannot
defend himself. If they would be allowed to get away with it, then, next,
they would have entire cities denominated "gun-free zones," like they are
trying to do in Washington, New York and elsewhere. Eventually, it would
be a "gun-free" entire country and our enslavement would be complete.

Notice how, in Jena, it is the criminal, bent on robbing, assaulting and
murdering, who is the "hero," while the victim of the criminal is scarcely
mentioned and, if so, given nary a word of support. In fact, the "Jena
Six" is elevated to "rock-star" status, making "gang-banging" and
school-shootings all the more attractive. Minorities and aliens, forced into
schools, now have a golden carrot dangled in front of them in the form
of news-media applause and leftist-instigation. Until David Dupre
stood up for the Second Amendment on national-TV, many Americans
probably wondered if we could ever get our constitutional-rights back.

Nationalists have stepped in, just in the nick of time, to prevent our
citizens from being disarmed and from becoming the next victims of
"Jena-Six" thuggery. If the Nationalists can stop the gun-grabbers
cold in their tracks, in court, then, hopefully, there will be no need for the
fight to spill out into the streets. Our rights have been taken away in the
courts, so, why not use the courts, as we have been successful in doing,
to win our rights back. At the same time, signal that school-shootings,
"gun-free" zones and coddling of criminals are intolerable, by teaching our
children how to safely use guns and flexing our right to keep and bear arms.

School-shootings would stop, entirely, if students were armed. Instead,
of a "gun-free" zone, there should be a "criminal-free" zone, where they
could even put up a sign, saying, "Criminals Beware. Students and
Teachers Are Bearing Arms." Since it has become a "fad" to lobby for
"less guns," let Nationalists contend for just the opposite, by pointing out
that "Protecting Gun-Rights Assures Freedom." Let us push for instructors
in schools, who can teach gun-safety and gun-usage, as well as gun-rights.
Communists mount repeated subversion. We push for continual patriotism.
Communists want constant "warfare." We want perpetual peace.

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