Saturday, December 1, 2007

Utah Taser Victim Jared Massey Has "Mixed Emotions" About The Exoneration Of UHP Trooper John Gardner

Late on Friday night (November 30th, 2007), Utah Taser victim Jared Massey learned of the decision by the Utah Department of Public Safety that Trooper John Gardner's use of the Taser was considered justified, after speaking with DPS Commissioner Scott Duncan. The only media organization Massey spoke with afterwards was the Deseret Morning News, telling then he has "mixed emotions" about the results of the investigation.

"I don't feel the use of the Taser was justified because I feel the police officer is the one who is the professional and escalated this situation to where he had to use it," Massey said. "However, I appreciate that they investigated it." Massey did not mention whether or not he still considered a lawsuit to be an option.

Massey also said he was grateful other agencies will investigate the traffic stop. One of those other agencies, the Utah Attorney General's Office, has already been tasked to conduct an independent probe to determine if there were any criminal violations on Gardner's part. The Department of Public Safety has also ordered a review of its Taser-use policy. And the Utah Peace Officer Standards & Training Council may also get involved.

According to an updated Salt Lake Tribune story, Utah Highway Patrol Superintendent Col. Lance Davenport pointed out that, although Trooper Gardner is off the hook for now, disciplinary action from future probes of this incident cannot be ruled out. Col. Davenport noted that, although Gardner has had a few complaints against him during his 14-year career, most turned out to be groundless. Col. Davenport would not specify what the nature of the complaints was, nor would he discuss which ones weren't groundless and their disposition. Col. Davenport also said Gardner was issued a Taser in September 2005, but never had used it until the incident involving Massey. Gardner remains on leave for the time being, primarily because of threats on his life directed towards him.

Massey is scheduled to stand trial over the speeding ticket on January 14th in Uintah County Justice Court.


Itwas Legal, not said...

Let's make sure we let the Governor John Huntsman and Utah Tourism know of our objection to how the Gardner family was treated. Email call b4 Jan 14th.

"It was Legal" is the first and weakest defense of Injustice".

Anonymous said...

I love the little mantra posted above this story. In part, I quote "This blog is guaranteed to be neither politically nor semitically correct. "

So, this blog is not SEMITICALLY correct? Wow I didn't know there were so many anti-semites on your blog. Maybe he meant "SEMANTICALLY"... Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Why didn't he just sign the paper and then take his case before the court if he didn't feel he deserved the ticket? What was the point to escalate things? To refuse to show a driver's license and sit an argue about the ticket? Then to refuse orders given by an officer-did he think things wouldn't escalate with that type of behavior? Then to choose to walk away (with a hand in his pocket), while the officer has the taser gun pulled and is ordering him to turn around. Did he think the officer wouldn't really shoot at that point? Jared Massey had a choice to sign the paper and drive away, case closed. He has to accept that he chose to behave in a manner that just alarmed the officer which escalated the entire incident. Regardless if he agreed with the speeding ticket or not, again, he could've cooperated, showed his driver's license and registration, signed the form and drove away. I have no sympathy for someone who thinks they are a "special case" and don't have to cooperate when pulled over for a speeding ticket.

evil4hire said...

the cop was weak... and a little man.. that is why he chose to use the gun instead of using his "verbal skill" for which he seemed to have none!
All rejected wanna-be cops go to Utah! you will never get any justic from the internal affairs department of his own Agency! don't be dumb kid you have to go to the FBI they are the only ones that hate the city and county BAD COPS more then we do!
I think the wife & Husband should sue for PTSD.... i am sure they are in distress each time they get behind the wheel now! The officer needs to be put down like a sick dog! He is afraid of his own shadow... he couldn't even talk during the incident! furthermore he really never said I am going to shoot you or taze you...
He is an idiot!
This is why we have Cop Killers!
"karma"... this weak-cops kid will get "mowed down" by an officer rolling code 3 illegally in a county or city owned vehicle while being paid by the citizens go meet his partners wife to have sex with her in the back of his unit ...while his weak partner is finishing up the daily reports for him! .... circle of Karma baby!