Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Transgendered Student Kourt Osborn A Stalking Horse For Special Transgendered Rights At Southern Utah University

Special Update: December 19th, 2007. I just accidentally found out, through this Provo Daily Herald article, that Kourt Osborn is a former LDS member who was EXCOMMUNICATED. Doggone it, I should have known. Ex-coms pursue us with much more vigor and vengeance than ordinary antis. Now we know the REAL REASON why this guy is such a fanatic.

A transgendered student will not be allowed to live in a male dormitory at Southern Utah University (SUU). He also cannot live in a female dormitory. SUU has no mixed dorms. Full story published December 18th, 2007 in the Deseret Morning News. Also aired on KUTV Channel 2 in Salt Lake.

Outwardly, Kourt Osborn (pictured at left) appears to be a male. The 22-year-old looks, dresses and even sounds like a male. But Osborn can't live in a male dormitory at Southern Utah University because, medically, he's still a woman. Osborn says he is undergoing hormone treatment but hasn't had sexual reassignment surgery. And that was a key factor in his recent denial for housing in the spring semester.

"They are really asking too much of people," Osborn said. "Sexual-reassignment surgery is so expensive and so ineffective that many transgender people, like myself, don't get it."

The university says it isn't discriminating and has housed at least one other transgender student in the past in campus housing.

But advocates for gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual rights sent out a joint press release Monday under the auspices of the, saying that Osborn's denial is evidence of the need for non-discrimination policies to include sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Lawmakers will consider in the upcoming legislative session whether to extend such policies to the workplace.

"Kourt is living as a man in his day-to-day life," said Will Carlson, spokesman for Equality Utah. "They have the capacity to give him the housing they give every other student. It seems like a reasonable request." Carlson even claimed that Osborn may be able to show sex discrimination because he has changed his driver's license to male but can't get male housing.

But it isn't a case of discrimination because the only reason Osborn was denied is because he didn't meet the school's baseline requirements that he's completed hormone treatment and undergone gender-reassignment surgery, says Michael Carter, assistant attorney general and SUU counsel. Osborn's application will be reconsidered if he can provide proof that he's done both, Carter said. "We have housed another transgender student in the past who has met our baseline criteria. This student has not," Carter said. "We are not in the process of discriminating against transgender students."

The university doesn't have mixed housing, and even though some dormitories have private bedrooms, students still share bathrooms, said Jennifer Burt, SUU spokeswoman. Burt said the said the university deals with transgender housing requests on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the transgender student's needs are met in a way that also meets the needs of other students.

While Burt said she understands that Osborn only applied for male housing, Osborn said he was also told he couldn't live in the female housing. "Because we don't have mixed housing, we have to have some kind of a baseline we can work with for situations beyond obvious classifications," Burt said. "We can't knowingly put a female student in with male students or a male student in with female students."

Commentary: This may appear to be an innocent request for an individual exemption on the surface, but on the joint statement issued by Equality Utah and Utah Pride Center, posted on the Interstateq.com website, Osborn reveals his true agenda:

I thought it would be easiest to live in on-campus housing. I was wrong. Really wrong,” he [Osborn] said. “I can find other places to live, but I believe this has gone far beyond just me. What about other trans-people that might want to live there?” Despite feeling the pain of being discriminated against, Kourt said he would still consider living in the dorms if he is allowed to do so, but wants to ensure that a university-wide policy change occurs so others do not have to experience this infringement on their rights as students and individuals. “I learned who I was in the dorms through the friendships I made there,” says Kourt. He would also appreciate a public apology from the housing administration.

And sure enough, further investigation reveals that Kourt Osborn is a professional gay activist, having been associated with a group called Soulforce, which traveled about the country deliberately disrupting venues which they believed were anti-gay, particularly those venues with any type of religious connection. In April 2006, 24 of them were arrested for trespassing at BYU; in March 2007, they were ordered not to demonstrate at Temple Square. Osborn even started his own personal blog in which he discusses some of these activities, although he hasn't updated it since April 2007.

Since SUU already accomodates one transgendered student, I don't see how Osborn can claim discrimination. Osborn knows what he has to do to meet the criteria; either he meets the critieria, or he lives off-campus. It should be quite obvious he's allowing himself to be used as a stalking horse to force unnecessary social change on SUU. SUU needs to stand strong and resist this political blackmail.


amanda said...

who wrote this?

i'd sure like to have your name because you OBVIOUSLY know nothing about transgender people if you think this is not DISCRIMINATION.

should someone have to have a penis to be considered a man? DO YOU KNOW SEXUAL REASSIGNMENT SURGERY FOR FEMALE TO MALE TRANSGENDER PEOPLE IS UPWARDS OF $100,000?!

why should he have to spend that kind of money on an expensive and risky surgery just to be allowed to live in a male dormitory.

get your facts straight. learn a little more about the serious challenges transgender people face and then eat your own words.

amanda said...

nevermind. i just read the statement about you and realized you're a joke.

you don't care about the experiences of minorities and you don't want to.

Deseret Dawg said...

To avoid confusion, gender can only be defined by one standard - genitialia. Osborn still has the genitals he was born with - that still makes him biologically female. Osborn's problem is in his head, not in his groin.

And no, he doesn't "have to" get the surgery. But if he wants on-campus housing, he must comply with the conditions of housing. The other transgendered person who was accepted did comply.

In regards to your second comment, I liberated myself from the concerns of minority activists long ago. Minority activists are generally not representative of the communities they claim to serve. Who elected Jesse Jackson "Reverend"? Who elected Al Sharpton "Reverend"? Who elected Tony Yapias the self-proclaimed "spokesman for the Salt Lake Latino community"? Answer to all three - NOBODY!

One of my missions is to help the white community cure itself of this "white guilt" that has been foisted upon us by the politically correct neo-Marxists.

amanda said...

To avoid confusion, LOOK UP THE STUDY OF GENDER, mister whitey. You'll see that there exists a plethora of opinions and study on gender, MOST of which has nothing to do with one's genitalia.

You can start here if you don't believe me: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender

SUU is a PUBLIC university. Denying him housing because he doesn't have a penis is ludicrous, and is absolutely discrimination. The other transgender person they placed obviously had the MONEY and DESIRE to get sexual reassignment surgery. Kourt has neither, and he shouldn't be penalized for it.

As for your comment on minority activists.... uhhh... whatever. It has no relevance to the conversation?

Missy said...

Costs a heck of a lot of money to screw with Mother Nature, doesn't it Amanda? Betting there's more concern, however, about the "kind of money" parents will have to shell out for their sons to attend this school and possibly be forced to room with her or face bullpuck accusations of discrimination.

MKLA said...

Sounds to me like Desert Dawg and Missy are terribly afraid of something they shouldn't be afraid of.

Funny to me how so many LDS and other religous people are so hypocritical. Kourt is for our times as the lepers were in Jesus' time. Misunderstood. Hopefully, you being a "religous" person Desert Dawg, you know that Jesus loved and embraced the lepers. How sad for you going through life being so self-righteous and not even follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Before you criticize others for their choices in life, please take a moment, be humble, and ask yourself, how would Jesus treat this person? Remember, we are all children of God. Heavenly Father does not hate and does not discriminate.

Finally, Missy, Kourt's parents shell out the same amount of money by paying taxes which help fund this state school, as well as, the same amount in tuition and fees. There are plenty of students who are not closed-minded and would volunteer to be Kourt's roommate. Please don't assume the students are as closed-minded as you.

Missy said...

Make all manner of special accomodations and concessions for a very small minority or else? Force alternative lifestyles upon the majority no matter the objections of the majority?

No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ok here it is plain and simple. Mr. Osbourne had previously changd his personal information including gender with the state of Utah (I will also assume he changed over his Social Security Card from female to male.) he did this without having to prove to the state of Utah that he had had Gender Reassignment Surgery or undergone any type of therapy.

If it had not been for him writing the letter to the University explaining his ordeal they would not have known. He also could hve written the letter as a joke to the University ( its been done) or even been some other person who didn't like him for whatever reason. In any case the University should have asked him to display proof of his gender by asking him too show them his drivers license or looking at his applicaton. They would have seen that he was legally male and therefore would have no premise for denying him entrance to the male dormitories. In this case the University denied him entrance to the male dorms because he could not show proof that he had undergone BOTH Gender Reassignment Surgery and Psychological Therapy. I would like to point out here that it is highly illegal for a public university to require proof of gender beyond a drivers license or Social Security card. In this case Mr. Osbourbne when was denied entrance to the male dorms he had already given them his legal drivers license and all required information given by every other dorm applicant when he applied to live at the dorms. To ask him to provide anyhting else without asking everyone else at the same time validates the discrimination lawsuit against the University.

Anonymous said...

This one is aimed at missy,

Each and every person who lives in those dorms has a choice of whether or not too live with anybody and can stay with or leave that person for ANY reason. They are ADULTS and are IN COLLEGE and are therefore capable of making their OWN DECISIONS. Also if they (or their parents) no longer wish to attend, pay for, or even speak of the University because of things like this then it is their choice too do so. It is also their responsibility to assume full responsibility for their actions. In this case the collge kicked him out and he sued them for it. The college faculty are ADULTS admit they were wrong and should take responsibilty for their own actions. In any other state whats happening here is DISCRIMINATION in Utah it's Mormonism at its finest.

Anonymous said...

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