Friday, December 14, 2007

TNB In Utah: James William Tolbert Gets Natural Life In Prison For Strangling Former Deseret News Employee Ann Poulson

Those of you who are baby boomers are probably well aware that many black Americans showed their gratitude for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by spending the rest of the '60s burning down our cities, assassinating our cops and judges, and demanding an endless series of perks.

James William Tolbert (pictured above left) is one such black animal. While previously in prison - ironically for killing his own wife - Ann Poulson, an accountant with the Deseret Morning News, befriended him, not for romantic reasons, but because she sensed it was her Christian duty. But when Tolbert was released, how did he show his gratitude toward her? By kiiling her, too.

The man accused in the strangulation death of Deseret Morning News employee Ann Poulson will spend the rest of his life in prison without possibility of parole after pleading guilty to aggravated murder today. Salt Lake County prosecutor Chou Chou Collins said the resolution in James William Tolbert's case means he'll never have the opportunity to kill another woman. Full story in the Deseret Morning News. Story also aired on KTVX Channel 4 and on KSL Channel 5.

Tolbert, 42, also was convicted in 1987 of strangling his wife to death with a necklace on May 5th, 1987 and served 18 years in prison before being paroled in April 2006. It was while he was in prison that he met Poulson, who volunteered there as part of her church service. Poulson wrote letters to the parole board on Tolbert's behalf and kept up the friendship after he was released.

And what was her reward? Her body was found in her Murray home on October 9th after worried neighbors called police because they had not seen her. Poulson had worked at the Deseret Morning News in accounting.

In exchange for his guilty plea before 2nd District Judge Thomas Kay, prosecutors agreed to drop a first-degree felony charge of aggravated robbery. Tolbert showed no emotion as the sentence was pronounced. Afterward, prosecutors and defense attorneys said they were satisfied with the outcome.

Read this KSL story from October 26th, 2007 describing how Tolbert got caught.

Commentary: I'm glad they're satisfied with the outcome; I sure as hell am not. This black bastard should have been fried after his first killing; Poulson might still be alive today. But according to this article here, Poulson apparently was aware of the risks of dealing with Colbert after his release and refused to allow him to move in with her, although she allowed him to visit her at her home. Didn't help, anyway. Perhaps if she had seen these Department of Justice statistics about the racial disparity in murder, she wouldn't have let him in her house in the first place.

Tolbert has completely frustrated the measure of his creation. He cannot possibly make any positive contribution to society in any way. He has twice shed innocent blood. It is an insult to the people of Utah to ask them to house, clothe, and feed this ape for the rest of his life at taxpayer expense. He pleaded guilty; there's no question about his culpability. Execution is justified.


Anonymous said...

You know, since you're probably a white guy, you have no idea what black people put up with in our society. It's bad enough they get followed through stores by employees thinking they are going to steal something, get thrown up against cars at routine traffic stops, but then, after something like this happens, they get called "black bastards," and "apes" by idiots like you! What difference does it make that Tolbert is a black man? What he did was heinous, no matter what color his skin is, you idiot! Just for your information, I knew James Tolbert when he was 17 years old, he was a kid on a summer work crew that I supervised, and I gave him one of the best jobs I had because I saw potential in that kid. He was smart, well-mannered, and came to work on time every day. (That's more than I can say for some of my fellow employees TODAY, 20 years later, and they're WHITE, by the way) If you're the voice of DESERET, I wish you'd come down with a serious case of laryngitis to shut you up, and rheumatoid arthritis to keep you from typing. YOU are the detriment to our society.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymus. I too knew James Tolbert, he is my first cousin. And I first would like to send out an apology for his "drug addicted action" in this case to the family of the deceased. Nothing justifies his actions, yet he was overtaken by the heroin abuse. Our family is a blessed family and James is not an exception. So I say this to say he is not an animal or an ape. He committed murder and took away innocent lives and God alone will judge him. You wonder how did he become an addict in the first place? The whole situation has been a disaster, mainly the part of the helpful-helpless woman being killed. I just pray that God will restore that family and forgive my cousin because truly his crime was not of his heart, but of an addiction. We are of blessed blood, Black and all. I do not condone his wrong doings and murder, yet I believe had it not been for the drugs, it never would have happened. And as strange or selfish as this may sound, James himself has been a victim. Not only because we share the same blood line, but also because, since we share the same blood I happen to know of misfortunes that he has suffered and had to deal with as a kid and becoming an adult that he's never properly dealt with. God rest the soul of Mrs. Ann Poulson, may God grant peace to her family and ease their pain and sorrow. May He sooth the sadness and pain of missing her to her family and friends, and her neighbors. And may He also extend comfort to her loved ones, as well. I can't take back what my cousin did, and I can't erase the sorrow of the family on either end, but I will continue to pray for all of them and us. And I ask God to forgive James and somehow restore the lives that were ruined on both ends in fact.