Thursday, December 6, 2007

Little Sweden Subdivision Petitions For Annexation Into Daniel To Stop Arizona Carpetbagger Dean Sellers From Developing His Aspen, Utah Resort

A new combatant has joined in the Heber Valley war to stop Arizona carpetbagger Dean Sellers from transforming 8,366 acres of the Valley into an apres-ski Shangri-La for the rich and privileged, upon which he plans to bestow the highly unoriginal name of Aspen.

The residents of the Little Sweden subdivision, which comprises about 180 acres south of Little Sweden Road bounded by U.S. Hwy 40 to the east, adjacent to the town of Daniel have filed an annexation petition with the city of Daniel. The petition outlines lands abutting Mill Road, which include 5 acres owned by Arizona developer Dean K. Sellers. Last month, Sellers unveiled his plan to incorporate 8,366 acres south of Heber City to be called Aspen, Utah. See map of area accompanying story posted by the Salt Lake Tribune. [Ed. Note: The Tribune claims it's 8,700 acres, but all other sources claim it's 8,366 acres, so I'm using the latter figure.]

If successful, the annexation could make it impossible to extend Mill Road to Sellers' mountaintop acres where he wants to create a world-class ski area and golf resort.

This follows in the wake of similar efforts by the residents of Crazy Acres, Tammy Lane and Storm Haven, who petitioned Daniel to be annexed on November 8th, just hours before Sellers filed incorporation papers with Wasatch County. As a result, Wasatch County Clerk Brent Titcomb disallowed the Aspen incorporation because it conflicted with the Storm Haven annexation petition. Earlier this week, the Daniel Town Council voted to proceed with the annexation of the three developments lumped together under the name Storm Haven, despite threats by the multimillionaire Sellers to sue the town council if it went forward.

A spokeswoman for Sellers, Mary Kay Lazarus, said Wednesday the developer was unaware of the Little Sweden petition and would study it before commenting.

So what's next? The Daniel town clerk must certify the Little Sweden petition. Then, the Town Council is required to hold a public hearing and vote on whether to accept or reject the petition. The earlier Storm Haven annexation petition also must be certified and acted on. This could happen within 30 days.

Public sentiment, skeptical at first, continues to shift strongly against Sellers, from public comments to media stories discussed HERE and HERE. If Daniel annexes both subdivisions, Sellers is dead in the water. If he sues Daniel, well, consider the specter of a rich plutocrat suing a humble little town. We can portray Sellers as a world-class predator at that point - and Voice Of Deseret will continue to exert every effort to do so. Dean Sellers must be stopped!!!

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