Monday, December 24, 2007

Forced Diversity: The Greatest Threat To America's Stability

On the Global Politician website is posted one of the most eloquent and damning indictments of the cult of "diversity" and "multiculturalism" imposed upon America. Guy White has penned a superb essay entitled, "Rivers of Blood: Diversity Is Our Greatest Threat".

White brutally exposes the hypocrisy attendant to the diversity cult. He shows how the cowardly white intelligentsia who promote diversity the most are the ones least likely to live amongst it. They'll visit neighborhoods like Rose Park and Glendale for an endless series of photo ops, or to do whatever other business necessary, but at the end they retreat to their six-bedroom, five-bath trophy McMansions of Draper and Herriman where diversity is very much welcome, so long as it confines itself to waxing the SUVs, cleaning the toilets, cutting the grass, or picking the toejam out from between the toes of the rich and privileged. But God forbid that "diversity" should actually move into one of those neighborhoods - my God, my precious property values might sink like a stone. Oy, vey!

No, it's not blatant, mind you. The token black or mestizo who moves out to Draper or Herriman will NOT be harassed in any way. But isn't it astonishing how so few people who rhapsodize about diversity in public actually want to live amongst it?

Here's a pertinent part of the article:

There’re practically no Whites who had a choice who’ve opted for “diversity”. After the U.S. Supreme Court imposed integration and forbade segregation, the rich and the middle class escaped to suburbs as soon as minorities began moving into their neighborhoods. It was the so-called “White Flight” that led to the creation of not only the suburbs, but also the building of most American highways built since the Brown v. Board of Ed decision. For Whites to live in the suburbs, they needed effective infrastructure to move from the suburbs to the major cities where they worked.

The rich and the middle class used their political clout to lobby for highways that allowed them to escape “diversity”. Many of the highways and other public works projects were built in a way to protect urban White areas from “multiculturalism” by leaving minorities on the “other” side of the government project, thus slowing the flight of Whites (and the taxes they pay) from cities.

Diversity is a failure not only in the United States, but throughout the world. Over the long term, the only result of diversity is war. Different African tribes are at each other’s throats in every country they are forced to share. Muslims fight each other, Sunnis against the Shia, Arabs against Kurds against Persians.

We are told to believe that Mexicans, Muslims and Africans will integrate into Western societies. But what proof is there? Similar people may overlook their differences and integrate within a generation or two. But where do we see people of different races successfully integrate into one?

To the extent diversity works anywhere, it is a result of the White Westerners’ belief in the God of Multiculturalism and Peace. During the first half of the 20th century, European and Western nations fought the two bloodiest wars of all time. This was not a result of White brutality, but rather a product of innovation that created airplanes, tanks, rockets, missiles, machine guns and other deadly weapons. Coming out of World War Two, the White Man was simply tired and could not go on fighting. The idea of embracing each other seemed like a way out of a permanent disaster with constant warfare. And so the West agreed to look beyond one’s tribal instincts and embrace one another. Of course, that is relatively easy for nations that are similar. The French embraced the Walloons. The Germans embraced the Dutch. The Norwegians embraced the Danes. The WASPs embraced the Irish. The Askhenazi (European) Jews embraced the Sephardic (Middle Eastern, Central Asian and Spanish) Jews. But it’s easy for people who are already similar to join hands and sing the kumbaya around the campfire.

But what to do when Muslims who believe in cover up their women from head to toe arrive in Holland, a place famous for its libertine sexual mores? What to do when Africans arrive into Western countries and set fire in the middle of their hotel rooms when they want to cook food? Or when Mexicans demand that the City of Los Angeles spends its money celebrating Cinco De Mayo rather than Fourth of July? Most cultures would fight back. But Whites simply backed down and went along with their own cultural destruction. Los Angeles now sponsors Cinco De Mayo, but not the Fourth of July.

Italians can live in the same neighborhood with Jews, and Germans can live with the English. But outside of their own race, they all feel uncomfortable. No White person will admit that he is unhappy about de-segregation forced upon them, but all Whites – those who joined Civil Rights marches singing “We Shall Overcome” and those who stood in front of school doors to prevent integration – oppose de-segregation when it comes time to choose the neighborhoods where they lived and schools where they sent their children. Read the full article

And it's lower income whites trapped in increasingly diverse neighborhoods who've been the staunchest opponents of diversity. They experience the drawbacks without the benefits. And from their ranks come many of those who become racial populists and even racial nationalists, who are demonized by the elite as "racists".

And minorities don't always benefit, either. Read this article about the infamous 1974 forced busing plan in Boston which turned South Boston and Roxbury into a combat zone for a year. As late as 1982, 79 percent of the black parents in Roxbury still opposed it, preferrin an open enrollment plan so they could maintain local community control of their kids' education.

Forced diversity promotes racism.

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Anonymous said...

I agee multiculturalism is a failure, but disagree that we are all doomed to fight each other in a zero sum game.

multiculturalism is a failure because:

it is imposed from above by the all powerful state

it builds up resentment in society

it is designed to breakup society into infighting factions (on purpose by the ruling elites). classic divide and rule