Saturday, December 29, 2007

Diversity Watch: Marco Antonio Vargas-Perez Busted In Utah For Selling Cocaine Out Of His Businesses, And Yes, He's An Illegal Alien

Another illegal doing a job Americans shouldn't do. A Hispanic business owner in West Valley City, Utah was caught selling a little more than what was displayed on the main floors of his two stores. Aired by KSL Channel 5 in Salt Lake on December 28th, 2007 and reported by the Deseret Morning News on December 29th.

Acting on a tip, the Salt Lake City Police Department's narcotics unit with assistance from West Valley City police served search warrants at about 2 p.m. Thursday December 27th at Los Dos Gallos, 1870 W. 3500 South, and Tropical Ritmo, which is next door. These stores sell trinkets like sombreros and were believed to be merely cover for the drug operation. Nine grams of cocaine, packaging material, a handgun, a magazine full of ammunition and $30,000 cash was seized, according to Salt Lake City police detective Jeff Bedard.

The owner of the stores, Marco Antonio Vargas-Perez, 36, was arrested for investigation of drug possession with intent to distribute and a restricted person in possession of a firearm. Vargas-Perez also admitted to investigators to being in the United States illegally.

Commentary: One group of Utahns trying to spark action at the state level to deal with illegal immigration is Utahns for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (UFIRE). Recognizing the Federal government's reluctance to pass the appropriate legislation, they are working to modify or repeal five laws within the state of Utah:

(1). Prohibit Illegal Aliens from legally obtaining a valid Utah Driver License.
(2). Add safeguards to "Motor Voter", which is a law that can be easily exploited by illegal aliens to register to vote in Utah.
(3). Prohibit in-state tuition benefits for illegal aliens.
(4). Prohibit acceptance of Foreign Consulate Identification Cards by all State controlled agencies.
(5). Prohibit local sanctuary policies in Utah Cities and encourage local and state law enforcement to cooperate with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

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