Monday, December 3, 2007

Anti-Defamation League Launches Their Annual War Against Christmas, Called "December Dilemma"

The Anti-Defamation League, a virulently anti-Gentile, anti-white professional hate group, is launching its annual war against Christmas once again.

Instead of promoting tolerance amongst the Jewish community which they purport to represent, they promote division and hatred. Case in point: While the ADL's campaign against Christmas is advertised to promote respect for all faiths, the title of their campaign, "December Dilemma" actually promotes doubt and suspicion. Read the ADL's press release HERE.

The Reverend Ted Pike, who operates the website, wrote an excellent essay on this subject, which can be read in full on the Jeff Rense website. According to Rev. Pike, the Anti-Defamation League says America has a big problem at Christmas time. In their purview, Christianity is given much more prominence than other faiths. They claim that Jews, blacks who celebrate Kwanzaa, and other religious minorities feel left out and made to feel as if their holiday observances are unequal to those of Christianity. They present this so-called "bias" in favor of Christianity not only as unconstitutional, but a "civil rights violation".

In order to make members of all religions welcome during the holidays, ADL insists that "schools and governments . . . cannot favor one religion over another". They suggest that administrators carefully monitor to ensure no more references to Jesus than to Mohammed or Confucius. Ideally, no more Christmas trees should be displayed than stars of David or Buddhist shrines. Only a sprinkling of Christmas carols can be allowed, interspersed with secular "x-mas" music. ADL says "songs which 'call on God for His blessing and contain an avowal of divine faith' are not appropriate for public school students to sing." Instead of celebrating Christ as Savior, ADL contends the Christmas season should be a time to celebrate all the world's diverse paths to God.

Yet the ADL makes no such demands for other holidays. I have yet to hear the ADL demand that Jews make Christians feel more included during Jewish holidays by allowing the equal display of Christian symbols. I have yet to hear the ADL demand the Muslims make Christians feel more included during Muslim holidays by allowing the equal display of Christian symbols.

And certainly, I've heard no demands by the ADL that Israel guarantee just as much exposure be given to Christian or Moslem holidays for their non-Jewish residents. The ADL does not insist that Christian crosses be displayed alongside menorahs at the Tel-Aviv airport, in schools, or in government offices. No, ADL believes Israel is somehow different from America. Maybe it's because Israel is a Jewish nation, founded on the Talmud's supremacist values. Certainly the great majority of its inhabitants are Jewish. Being the dominant ancestral/religious majority, they claim rights to national enjoyment of their religious values, unrestrained by requests for parity from minority faiths.

Indeed, to this day, Orthodox Jews still spit on Christians in the streets of Jerusalem. While the Israeli government has made a perfunctory effort to curb this practice, it still continues, based upon the Talmudic mentality ingrained within extremist Orthodox Jews. It is the tradition of extreme Orthodox Jews to spit on Christian symbols or buildings as a sign of contempt.

So why doesn't ADL also apply the same even-handed thinking to the dominant 77% majority of Americans who claim to be Christians, also the ancestral culture of our country? Simple. It's because ADL is not really concerned with fair play or the hurt feelings of religious minorities. Such is a manufactured "dilemma" which ADL exploits to help achieve their real goal - taking Jesus Christ not only out of Christmas, but out of American public life and values. ADL wants to secularize America and the world so that Jewish supremacist values and symbols may rule unchallenged.

Here's proof: In its "December Holiday Guidelines for Public Schools", ADL, with incredible audacity, advocates that the Menorah, quintessential symbol of Judaism, replace Christian symbols in holiday displays in public schools. ADL recommends: "For instance, on a board filled during the winter months with images of snowflakes, candles, and evergreen trees, it might be appropriate to add images of Santa Claus and even a Chanukah Menorah, because the overall message is clearly a celebration of the season ­ not the promotion of a religious point of view. However, a nativity scene, crucifix, or other undeniably religious symbols are not appropriate for a public school display. . ."

Rev. Pike recommends a different sort of balance, a balance based upon proportionality. And what is his vision of a balanced policy toward minority faiths during religious holidays? Simple. Not only America, but every nation should allow religious groups to display their symbols in proportion to their numbers. This month, in Israel, let Jewish symbols and practices dominate during Chanukah. Let Moslem observances prevail in Islamic countries during the fast of Ramadan. But in a country as Christian in origins, numbers, and practice as America, let's not let ADL, representing the thinking of Jews constituting less than 1% of Americans, forbid us to allow Christian symbols to prevail during a Christian holiday season.

Americans of non-Christian faiths have equal rights before the law, entitling them to unrestrained enjoyment of their religious beliefs. But equal rights to display their symbols does not mean they have the right to demand the same degree of public representation as the American Christian majority. It does not mean the majority should reduce its level of religious expression in order to equal that of the minority.

Of course, like so many other "problems" ADL has with Christianity, the one now being dramatized throughout school systems and government agencies in America has little basis in reality. This "problem" originates primarily from Jewish complainers and the perennial "Grinch of Christmas" - ADL.

If the ADL had its way, the only place that would be an ADL-approved place of solitude, reflection, and prayer would be a prison cell.


Anonymous said...

you sound like a anti-semite, you need to think about what you are saying. you are comparing us to israel? the U.S. govt. should not use tax payers money to to put up a christmas tree in the capital building, just like they should not pay to put up a giant menora. you stupid hypochristians need to start thinking for yourself.Santa isn't real, the easter bunny isn't real and your god is not real. happy kwanzaa bitches!

honor said...

sound anti-semite over what! CHRISTMAS? anonymous said! christmas and the spirit of giving to ones fellow man is anti- semite!!!terrible shocking christmas is some kind of bad bad terrible word and meaning? yet do retailers not profit from this tradition? does it not help ones economy? christmas tree! is this not also part of this tradition? religion? faith! spirit joy! this is wrong? this goverment does not promote PEACE JOY? how many years this symbol tree of peace to fellow man repersented our tradition in the capital? tax payer money used to put up tree is wrong a symbol of peace and joy to ALL? today it's some kind of bad news TREE? guess kwanzaa is oright period! does anybody say this tradition is wrong? give you hard time over it's celebration for which it's makes people happy? christmas makes alot of people just happy to be able to give! i do not see christmas spreading hate! yet the ones attacking it's traditional meaning for a awful lot of people is attack simply because it's a white tradition only? racist hate attack! christmas nothing more than peace to ones fellow man, and this is attack by for what reason? because it's a white man's tradition period. racist! affrimative action! racial profiling! hate crimes! racial quota's minority hiring! racist! detroit administration of all black? now thats oright now is it NOT! hate crimes attached to white mans crime yet people of color do not recieve the same type of judgement on their hate crimes against whites? jena six on one din dong example from one of thousands on them file books? christmas is racist spreading hatred? i can not find a just argument against spreading peace for which christmas gives to many millions of people across the world! anomymous you are the racist? for only reason it's a white tradition period. argument? michigan light display in hines park over 300,000 people pay five dollars a car to look at! 1.5 million profit? for who goverment? tax payed christmas tree dispay in capital terrible? if terrible than goverment should not profit from it either? ARGUMENT? independent michigan little big horn AMEN.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This article employs the usual deception which is employed by those who want to create a mythical war against Christianity. The article diverts attention from and chooses to ignore that public schools are government institutions and that the Constitution of the United States demands that they maintain neutrality toward all religious beliefs and non-belief. As a matter of fact the ADL is taking a rather liberal position in suggesting that there be balanced religious displays in public schools. There should be no displays of Christian symbols, Jewish symbols, Muslim symbols, Kwanza symbols nor any others, except perhaps in a class that explores all of the great religions in an objective and comprehensive way, giving neither priority nor support to any of them.
The Constitution either allows freedom of conscience or it does not. The insistence on infusing Christmas celebration into government schools is a direct denial of freedom of conscience by the tyranny of the Christian majority.
Christians have every right to celebrate their holidays and to trumpet their beliefs to the world, and they have plenty of opportunity and ample place to do so. The rest of us just get tired of their constant pressure to put the authority of the government behind their religious doctrine.

Adam said...

This is outrageous!