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Jared Massey Speaks Out On Tasing By Utah Highway Patrolman John Gardner, Accuses UHP Of "Stonewalling"

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The decision by 28-year old telephone company employee Jared Massey to post a video of himself being shot with a Taser by a Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) trooper on the Internet was motivated by his desire to have them act more expeditiously on his 2-month-old request to investigate the incident. Full story published in the Deseret Morning News; additional story posted by the Salt Lake Tribune.

"There's been no response, no action, no notifying us 'Hey, we're looking at this,"' Massey said. "To us it seems like they're stonewalling it, trying to brush it under the rug so that nothing would happen. That's why we decided to take it to YouTube," Massey further explained about his decision to post the edited 10-minute video clip captured by UHP trooper John Gardner's dashboard camera that documented Massey's arrest on the Internet. "We thought it was kind of our civic duty to do this."

Massey said he and his wife were initially told by the secretary at the Vernal UHP office that they couldn't file a complaint against Gardner but eventually met with the trooper's supervisor just days after the incident. The couple has not yet returned the formal complaint form they were given. The Masseys, with the help of an attorney, also made a formal request for a copy of the video from Gardner's car, an audio copy of the trooper's radio traffic with dispatchers, and copies of any paperwork Gardner completed to document the incident.

So far, the couple said they have only received the video — which they had to have unscrambled by one of his co-workers to view — and the dispatch tape. The couple got a copy of Gardner's probable cause statement, which makes no mention of his use of a Taser, when they went to court. They said they have yet to receive the trooper's incident report. "They still haven't given us everything we've requested," Massey said.

In response, UHP spokesman Cameron Roden said Gardner did document his use of the Taser in his incident report. "It's definitely in the report," Roden said. "In fact we have a separate Taser deployment form which is part of our form and he has filled it out." Roden added that the Masseys should have received a copy "as part of discovery." The highway patrol will not release the trooper's report on the incident to the public or the media though until an internal investigation is completed.

Massey was pulled over September 14th by Gardner on U.S. Hwy 40 outside Vernal on suspicion of speeding in a construction zone. During the emotionally charged encounter, Massey can be heard refusing to sign the speeding citation and arguing with Gardner about whether he was actually speeding. Here's the YouTube video:

"If you were able to look in his eyes and feel the body language, we thought, 'Geez, this guy is really mad over a speeding ticket,'" Massey said on Wednesday. After Massey's repeated refusals to sign the citation unless he was allowed to show Gardner a nearby speed limit sign, the trooper ordered him out of his SUV. "I get out of the car thinking he's going to actually let me see the signs. That was the impression I had," Massey continued. "I'm walking back pointing at those signs and out of the corner of my eye I see him pointing a gun at me."

Gardner hadn't pulled his gun but had pulled his Taser, which he fired into Massey's back after Massey failed to comply with three additional commands to "turn around." On the video, Massey responds to the 50,000-volt shock by stiffening up and falling backward, cutting his head open on the highway. "I'm laying on the ground thinking I'm dying," Massey said. "I can't put into words how horrifying that is."

Gardner gave Massey a second shock with the Taser when he did not immediately turn onto his stomach. He also can be heard on an unedited version of the video, provided to the Deseret Morning News by Massey, making an apparent threat to use the weapon again after Massey makes repeated demands that Gardner read him his Miranda rights. [Ed. Note: Giving Massey a second shock without giving him an opportunity to comply with the cop's demands is it - that justifies Gardner's termination from UHP.]

"Do you want another hit with this," the trooper asks.

"No. I want you to read me my rights," Massey replies.

"I want you to follow my instructions and do as you're told," Gardner says.

Massey and his wife are still deciding whether they'll file a lawsuit against Gardner and the highway patrol. "We're looking at options — how can we solve this problem, how can we protect this from happening to someone else again — if it takes a lawsuit then I guess it does," he said. "We haven't made up our minds."

Massey is scheduled to stand trial for the speeding ticket on January 14th in Uintah County Justice Court.

Roden said the public response to the video has been overwhelming. "We're not actually taking a number, but we've received hundreds of e-mails and phone calls," he said.

Gardner remains on duty, and Roden said he is not aware of any past use of force complaints against the 14-year UHP veteran. The UHP's internal investigation has been expedited since the posting to the dash cam video on YouTube and is expected to be completed early next week.

Roden earlier explained procedures on traffic tickets. When drivers sign traffic tickets, they are not necessarily admitting guilt but merely acknowledging they will show up at court or to pay the ticket, Roden said. In the event that a motorist refuses to sign, a trooper can simply write "refuses to sign" on the citation, which is then given to the driver, or they can chose to arrest the motorist.

Roden also explained that troopers that carry Tasers must take a four-hour certification course outlining how and when to use the devices, according to UHP's nine-page policy. They are taught to use them in three circumstances:

- When a person is a threat to themselves, an officer or another person.
- In cases where the physical use of force would endanger the person or someone else.
- When other means of lesser or equal force by the officer has been ineffective and a threat still exists.

Roden also explained that UHP requires an officer file a report any time a Taser is used, noting, among other things, how many warnings the subject was given and where the electric probes hit on a person's body. Officials are then required to get the person arrested checked by medics. Massey was later taken to Uintah Basin Medical Center in Roosevelt, Roden said.

In a related story posted on KSL Channel 5, Rep. Neil Hansen, D-Ogden, claims that too many Utah municipalities use traffic tickets as a cash cow and has drafted legislation to outlaw ticket quotas. Ironically, his primary opposition is the police chief of his own town -- who is also a member of the Senate. Sen. Jon Greiner, R-Ogden, says Hansen doesn't have any proof of a quota system in Utah. He said Hansen is "maligning" his department, and Hansen's bill could keep police officers from issuing any tickets.

Public reaction to this story has been explosive. A previous KSL story attracted hundreds of comments, leaning in favor of Massey. Many people want to see the UHP officer fired.

Discussion forums have flared up as well. Two separate discussion threads were opened up on the Vanguard News Network Forum, HERE and HERE. Another discussion thread has opened up on The Phora.

Commentary: Initially, I was advocating some leniency for the cop, on the basis that it might have been a rookie mistake or that he might have just had a "bad hair day". However, the fact that he has 14 years experience on the force changes things. This cannot be written off as a rookie mistake or youthful exuberance. A veteran cop should know better.

Consequently, termination from the UHP is now a valid option.


Concerned Citizen said...

Thanks for posting this, we all need to lean on the Utah Highway Patrol to fire this power tripping son of a bitch!


Here is the contact info for Jon Huntsman, Jr., the governor of the State of Utah. No Travel/Tourism in Utah until this officer is off the street and retrained if trainable and DEEP apologies to the family. California and Colorado are also beautiful and apparently MUCH safer. CALL/FAX. REPOST.

State Capitol Complex
East Office Building, Suite E220
PO Box 142220
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-2220
Fax 801-538-1528
Lt. Governor's Fax 801-538-1133

POST and REPOST on other sites.

theproprietor said...

Jared Massey should have been wearing a “Don’t taze me, bro!”™ t-shirt to ensure his dislike for tasers was properly conveyed to the Utah State Trooper.

Anonymous said...

Jared Massey is an idot! Jared is a dumbass that doesn't listen to the cop. He is an officer and if Jared had just did what he asked and stopped being a whiney little bitch they would have been on their way and could have took it up in court. I'm sure this HP got on the defensive as soon as some smug punk ass richie rich starts refusing to comply with a simple request. The cop was wrong for getting frustrated so easily. Suing the HP is ridiculous. If Jared is to win then they will put in some idiotic regulation that will put law enforcement in harms way when dangerous criminals are encountered. People stop being so sympathetic and look at this video with some common sense and reality. Jared, nice lesson to teach your kid. "don't listen to the police and do whatever the hell you want"

Anonymous said...

Jared Massey is screwed and I sure hope the Utah State Police supports this trooper and doesn't cave in to public scrutiny. Until you've walked in another man's shoes, don't be so quick to judge. This trooper gave Massey lawful commands and he failed to obey those lawful commands. This trooper did exactly the same thing I would have done.

They don't pay police officers to become ultimate fighters on the side of the highway. He was enforcing the law and this liberal little brat thought he was above the law. We have courts for trying cases, Mr. Massey, and it doesn't happen on the shoulder of the road.

We live in a civilized society and Massey thinks the game is played by his rules.

Shane said...

Those of you who take the side of the officer are really not looking at the whole picture. My father was a cop for 20 years in NYC and I know what it means to have respect for those who are out there to protect the common civilian - but SOMETIMES the police are wrong. Ask yourself why the Masseys are having so much trouble getting documentation on the case. Why was the video EDITED? Why were the officers taunting him about being tazed? "Oh he took a ride on the tazer!" other cop - "Oh did he now - how'd you like it?" "Hurt didn't it?" Then there is mention of the wife and EDITED again. C'mon people get real - this is wrong - the cop is wrong and you're an idiot if you think this is NORMAL procedure for any officer paid to be a civil servant and uphold the law! Hope they get a ton of cash out of this lawsuit!

monelun said...

I'm in agreement with Shane. As far as worrying about the laws changing to 'put cops in harm's way', well that's like complaining that it's a travesty when a professional cook gets stains on his clothes.
You get what you give in this life, bucky, and most reasonable people extend some manners towards those they expect respect and obedience from. This cop showed no respect, and received far more than he deserved. He's lucky Jared wasn't a coked out drug runner with a gun toting accomplice in the passenger seat....otherwise, he might not have been lively enough to taunt the detainee.

Penelope said...

The patrolman could have diffused the situation by answering Massey's question about how fast he was going and then explaining that signing the ticket was not an admission of guilt. If Massey had continued to press him after that, then maybe some of the force (an arrest) would have been justifiable. I think the patrolman appeared to have an authority issue.

My brother-in-law who is a retired state patrolman in another state looked at this and felt that the patrolman was justified. Obviously he sees it from a different viewpoint, as patrolmen really do face some pretty strange situations on the road.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice how he fell, uncontrolled, on to the white line of an interstate highway. I take life and liberty very seriously, and some dude with an attitude and badge, collecting money for the state, decided to deny both to Mr. Massey. The people who agree with the officers behavior should have their life and liberty denied by an enforcer for the state, and then repost.

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

Taser4U said...

It doesn't say that the UHP edited the tape, folks. From the article above: "The couple said they have only received the video — which they had to have unscrambled by one of his co-workers to view — and the dispatch tape. Massey further explained about his decision to post the edited 10-minute video clip..."

More than likely the Masseys edited out anything that didn't have an impact on the tape or wasn't favorable towards their side of the story.

Watch the tape again. One of the first things you see is the 40MPH sign. Massey was wrong, didn't like it, acted foolishly, and got tasered as a result. The cop potentially could have defused the situation but you know what? How many people whine and cry and complain every time they get busted? He probably hears it all day long. And while that may be his job, it isn't in his job discription to take crap needlessly. There is always a consequence for your actions and Jared Massey found out what the consequences are for not following an officer of the laws instructions.

Bottom line - obey the law. Obey an officers instruction and fight it later if the situation you were in was handled inappropriately.

mike sheehan said...

Some of you people are not watching the same video I am especially the ones that are stating this cop was in his right to use Custopo methods, first the cops weapon was allready pulled when he directed him to turn around and the subject turned around and for this he got tasered, did you people notice that the police crusier blocked the speeding sign as he was pulling over ? the subject vehicle would not even seen the sign, was this on purpose??And for you idiots that are slamming the wife for reacting thats called love and fear// There is policy for drawing the taser and none of those policies were in effect,, read them especially you the uhp, then this officer brags to the other cop,, open up your pocket book uhp, and for all you anonymous people that don't have the guts to sign but you want to slam this family, just need to keep your stupid comments within your little circle or your little own police circle,, for utah the laws governing what you allow to be police officers and give the power to kill and make life threating decisions should have more than a high school educations.

Anonymous said...

This is the exact reason tasers should be banned! Thi same thing happend to me in Minnesota. I was going into a 30 mph zone and was pulled over by a deputy dog who accussed me of doing 45 in the thirty zone. The idiot pulled me over before I even entered the 30 zone. He said there was a sign just up the road that said it started there. In reallity the sign said 30 begins 1/5 mile. Only after his partner showed up, I was told he wasn't going to write me a ticket, because his partner saw that I was right. You bet I argued with that moron. Just because you are a cop, doesn't mean you never make mistakes! The trooper in this video was definitely in the wrong and should be fired. His type gives all a bad name. The "jarhead" mentality is not professional. If they didn't have tasers, they would be much more cautious about pulling a weapon. The whole problem is they figure they aren't killing you with a taser, so they are too eager to shoot you.

Steven said...

Does any of the anti-taser crowd know anything about being a law enforcement officer. The officer had the option of writing "Refused to Sign" or arresting the driver for refusal to comply. He chose to arrest him, the driver didn't follow an officer's lawful order, and got zapped. Could the officer have avoided use of the taser and simply tackled the driver? No, the driver was standing almost IN THE ROAD. That option was clearly out of the question as any attempt at physical force could have put both men in grave danger of being struck by traffic.

In this case, the officer acted well within his realm. Any adverse action taken against the officer is clearly because of public pressure and that is wrong.

Now that I've explained why all of the anti-taser crowd are full of it; Personally the driver is an arrogant little prick. "First we're going to take a drive so you can show me the sign." The video CLEARLY shows he blew by a 40mph sign. Listening to the officer it sounds like he blew by one BEFORE the one that was caught on the tape. He STILL did not slow down.

maine said...

Simply put - Jared Massey was arguing with this state trooper from the beginning of the tape. He was way to full of himself to begin with - but maybe it's a gen x thing. Argue it out in court afterward but not on the side of the road where you can both get killed.
I thought the trooper was extremely patient for too long with someone who just wasn't getting "the message" that they had gotten a speeding ticket. Maybe it's a respect thing - but Jared Massey needed to listen carefully to the trooper, who by all reports, has had a long and competent career. As a society we ask state troopers to be in control of situations involving public safety. This is hardly the gestapo - and as for a law suit -
it would be based solely on Mr Massey's perceived damage to his own ego. I wish Mr. Massey well but I hope that he sees this episode in his life as part of his own growth and development - and
that he is able to see his own role in provoking this drama.

Anonymous said...

First off, I'm a cop. I work in a large metropolitan area. And I've got more time on than this UHP officer does.

This whole thing could have been avoided in the first place. Go ahead and stop a speeder. But if that's all it is, and there's no interdiction or anything else, then move on. Get his ID, run him for warrants, write up the ticket, give it to him and go. If he wants to bitch and moan, walk away.

Bottom line, the officer could have issued the citation and noted that the defendant refused to sign. Doesn't matter if he wants to argue. Give him the citation, and leave.

For this trooper to get his back up because he's being argued with over a speeding violation is simply showing thin skin. We have to deal with far more than this in the course of our careers. And we can't taser everyone who disagrees with us.

This cop is an embarassment to the rest of us. Seems to me that he was on a bit of a power trip. I know, I've seen my share of them amongst coppers.

Regardless of whether Massey should have shut up and not argued, (which is not against the law) he was not physically intimidating or aggresive. There is no justification for the use of force here. None at all.

Anonymous said...

Jared Massey is a complete IDIOT!!! If you look at the video he didn't comply with a single thing the trooper said. These law enforcement officials put their lives on the line everyday and come across people who want to harm them often. Not obeying law enforcement is justification for arrest and non-lethal force. How should the trooper know that Mr. Massey wasn't going to try to harm him? Mr. Massey needs to have his ego taken down a few notches - hopefully this incident has helped. Go UHP!!! - I think they should use tasers on all uncooperative idiots - maybe they'll learn something.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't he just sign the paper and then take his case before the court if he didn't feel he deserved the ticket? What was the point to escalate things? To refuse to show a driver's license and sit an argue about the ticket? Then to refuse orders given by an officer-did he think things wouldn't escalate with that type of behavior? Then to choose to walk away (with a hand in his pocket), while the officer has the taser gun pulled and is ordering him to turn around. Did he think the officer wouldn't really shoot at that point? Jared Massey had a choice to sign the paper and drive away, case closed. He has to accept that he chose to behave in a manner that just alarmed the officer which escalated the entire incident. Regardless if he agreed with the speeding ticket or not, again, he could've cooperated, showed his driver's license and registration, signed the form and drove away. I have no sympathy for someone who thinks they are a "special case" and don't have to cooperate when pulled over for a speeding ticket.

noktwocow said...

The cop should not be given a doughnut for this one. There is no law against verbal aggression. A taser is only to be used if the person is endangering himself or others. The cop zapped him on the freeway putting Massey in more danger then when they started. Which isn’t very smart. If he has 14 yrs under his belt I feel sorry for all the other people that were abused by that officer.

Anonymous said...

People.. lets settle once and for all this long saga of drama.. let the court decide for Christ sake..and let this be a lesson on every individual..Just dont Talk / Argue to any person with a drawn weapon on his hand, be it a taser or gun,police officer or not, Why? because a man with a drawn weapon is always one-step ahead of you..Just sign the ticket with your initials and put a word "Sign under Duress" then just let him yaky-talk whatever he want,just dont mind and be quiet then ask after "Can I get the heck out of here now?" then GO. Get a lawyer,file a complaint,let the FBI know and bring to media. You can GET EVEN without being hurt by tormenting the moron officer with the book that he don't understand. Lets face it..some cops are overpowered with the idea that they are always supreme and thinks they are the always the law, the flash of a badge and company back-up makes him really proud at the-same time arrogant as his untidy uniform and bulging stomach. That makes us ordinary citizen wonder.. "Oh, they learned it on the academy"

Anonymous said...

Wow! First of all the comment left on Feb 7. 2008. That was probably the most un-educated ramble I have ever read. Take a grammar class or two and stop trying to type in Ebonics. Second of all, we have laws for a reason. Was the UHP right in everything he did? No. But Massey should have listened to him from the get go. Bottom line the tasing was justified as was the arrest. If some one walks away after being told they are under arrest that is resisting arrest. At which point in most jurisdiction a passive resister is eligible to be tased. Massey was being an active resister, therefore he was tased.

Anonymous said...

Feb 9 Commentator:
Your a genius cop. You can take a part time job as English instructor maybe. Like the post said, let it be for the court to decide if there's a case. Very clear. The man was shot with a taser gun, fine. The damage is already done. Leave it that way.

Anonymous said...

1. Since Sept 11th, the Feds have gotten these cops so tightly wound- and it's not by accident, that these cops end up doing 'stupid' things like this very often.
19 hijackers did not take out any beat cops patrolling the streets trying to fill a quota of speeding tickets for revenue generation.

2. The explosion of these reality cop shows over the last several years doesn't help matters any. What do they show? They show a disproportionate amount of instances where the perp ran, the perp fought the cop, etc etc. Why? because ratings would hit the floor if it was a bunch of cops just pulling over someone and giving them a ticket and having it end routinely with the citizen and the cop going their seperate ways after a friendly warning, or a ticket if justified.

3. More and more the requirements are being lowered to be able to be hired on by the police departments. Past crimes do not necessarily disqualify a person from being hired on as a police officer in alot of U.S. cities these days.

4. Though we can't tell from the video if there was another 40mph sign previous to the one shown at the beginning of the traffic recording- we CAN see that the officer pulled his car over
infront of the speed limit sign that is shown in the video. You cannot tell for sure, but if the police car had a rack of lights on top of the car, and maybe even if he didn't- it's not at all out of the range of possibility that if this was the first speed limit sign with a lower speed limit- that Massey simply didn't see that it wasn't just another 'road construction' sign light the very first one in the video is. Many years ago, they decided to make speed limit signs in a construction zone, the same color as the orange construction signs- after seeing so many constuction sigsn, saying the same thing- it's just a blur, better idea is to put white speed limit sign on the contrasting orange sign to stand out.

5. Coming from a 20yr military (not law enforcement) background- we are taught to work backwards and see where is the first place in the chain of events that could have prevented the whole thing from turning out the wrong way.
To me, this would be the cop writing the ticket and saying "Sir, here is your citation. Please sign here- this is NOT an admission of guilt but an acknowledment that you received the citation. You can either pay it by mailing in the fine, or show up in court to contest it. If he refused to sign- which was stated was NOT against the law, the cop could have (should have) said- "Son, listen to what I'm saying, you are withing your rights to refuse to sign this ticket, but doing so does not constitute an admission of guilt". And then "Ok, I'm required to write on here that you refused to sign, I've done so, here is your ticket- be sure and respond either by mail or in person as required by law." "Here is your ticket".
I'm reasonably sure if the officer had not told the kid to get out of the car, but instead told him that we are not going to contest this here on the side of the road, stay in your car- it likely would have ended there- peacefully.

It was mentioned that the officer had discretion as to whether to write 'refused to sign' on the ticket or to arrest him.

Clearly there was no indication that this kid intended the officer any harm up to the point of getting tased. He pulled over quickly. His license, registration, and insurance apparently were all in good order, nothing came back on the radio for him being 'wanted' for anything.

The few times that I've been pulled over by law enforcement regardless of the state it was in, all went like "Hi, license and registration, please" (and while I'm getting them out) "the reason I pulled you over was because my radar showed you doing 45mph in a 35mph zone". "Just hang out while I go run a check on your license and registration- I'll be back with you in a few minutes Mr. Jones".

The procedures have changed from what they used to be. It does not take a genius to know that being upfront with the person being stopped tends to lower the tension level- considerably, right from the start. If a person feels like the cop is being rather vague from the get go- then 'maybe' he's about to be railroaded.

As was mentioned, the cop is the one supposed to be a 'trained' professional in this situation. In a career, a cop does this normally hundreds or thousands of times. In a lifetime, a motoris maybe get pulled over none or two or three times if they are a good driver. Under a routine traffic stop situation- who is better equipped due to experience (especially 14yrs) to have a pretty good grasp of diffusing a situation? Hands down- the COP is.

While being polite is always the best route to take, the motorist didn't- but that was not against the law.

Procedure SHOULD HAVE dictated that given THIS particular circumstance- the officer does NOT have probable cause to arrest based on what happened here. There should be no grey area in THIS case. The offier should have taken control of the situation and simply said we are not going to settle this here. Talk to the judge, son- STAY in your vehicle. It would have been over.

All we see on tv is training for a cop to discern if a perp is brandishing a weapon or not. We see nothing, or almost nothing on TV about extensive training of the type of which this cop went to AFTER this incident- which almost assuredly in THIS and MOST other youtube videos we see of cops overstepping their authority- would have resolved things peacefully.

Hell, even if the motorist had gotten in his car and sped off which is unlikely given his demeanor as shown- the cop has his info, knew who he was, had the description of the vehicle... there was no apparent threat accept for that which ultimately DID occur and that was to the motorist due to the cop having an itchy taser finger.

I urge everyone who has commented and those who come along to really not just type up and submit your kneejerk response, but step back and look at things as a whole. The training of cops today is geared to everyone being a threat as soon as the overhead lights go on. You are assumed guilty-period. The majority of a cop's day is not sprinting after a perp like you see on COPS every night. The shows are distilled down to that, though. Therefore, the training should not be overwhelmingly geared toward you are assumed to be a terrorist in a damn traffic stop. Islamic fundamentailists don't shot cops on traffic stops, nor does the average guy who gets stopped-even if he doesn't agree with being cited.

The noose on tolerance by law enforcement since before 911 and forward since 911 has been gradually being tightened. It's happend in the past so gradually that most folks don't realize it, until incidents like this and others on youtube- happen. Then, because the cops and society in general has been so conditioned towards blindly following and not questioning laws and procedures- it becomes normal for things like this to be acceptable- we as society so like to see someone get tased because 'we' didn't get away with whatever it was that we feel they shouldn't either. So, we cheer on the cops in non-volatile situations like this because we get entertained when the person gets tased or smacked by the cops and say "he deserved it" when really, he didn't. He was no threat.

Lastly did anyone notice the NWOO on the lower left of the tape. It's probably coincedence, but "New World Order" comes to mind.

Educate yourselves folks, pay attention to what is happening to the world around you. You are not subservient to your government, you are THEIR employers. Do not allow your laws, and procedures to take away your rights as a law abiding citizen. It's one thing to be blatanly breaking the law with a vengence, and quite another to be pulled over for speeding ticket. It really didn't even appear that the guy was flying down the highway.

Again, educate yourselves and checkout and and seek out and listen to Alex Jones either on your local radio or streaming on the net. You just might be surprised at what your world is turning into. At the very least sarch google for Endgame (the movie) and watch it on google video. You'll be enlighted as to what is happening around you.

Anonymous said...

Typical Utah cop. I've personally witnessed and been the victim of police mis-behaviour in Utah. Yes, Massey was acting like an idiot, but that's not what he was tasered for. He was tasered for refusing to turn around... in the back. That's all you need to know to conclude this cop should be fired, and would be by any department that has any respect for the public.

Anonymous said...

Screw Utah, their governor and their mushwit State Patrol.
Keeping Gardner taints the entire concept of law enforcement in America.
I will do No business with any company or any individual from Utah until Gardner is either relieved of his badge or completely retrained.
That half-baked freak is not done hurting people. Any Fool can clearly see he enjoyed himself.
Go to Hell Utah!

Anonymous said...

Jared Massey was awarded $40,000 in a civil lawsuit for the tasering incident.

The cop is an embarassment to law enforcement and this youtube video only served to increase disrespect for police everywhere. Now the UHP has to part with $40,000. Justice served!

Anonymous said...

Jared Massey deserved to get tased. He was a belligerant, self-righteous little snot who disobeyed 4 direct orders from a police office, refused to sign a ticket, and then, with a weapon pointed at his head and ordered to get down for an obvious arrest, laughed at a police officer, walked away, and had his hand fingering his pocket---and when suspects do that, there's often a gun coming out to blow the cop away. It was clear to anyone he's a p.o.s. who got the jolt he deserved.

The cop did the right thing in tasering this little worthless snot. The cop deserves an extra $40,000 for putting up with this worthless piece of slime.

anyone disagreeing believes in a world where criminals can do whatever they want and walk away from arrests.

I hope someone robs this little turd of everything he has at gunpoint, and the cops let the criminal escape because, "Well, we told him to freeze, but he kept walking away and laughing, and we know we can't arrest or tase anyone in that condition. Tough luck, turdbag."

Edfray said...

And the aftermath is that Jared gets an undeserved gift of 40K, and gets to keep his ignorance. He still doesn't realize he broke the law by failing to obey the instructions of the police. Will he do this again? Will he earn 40K when he does?

I am heartsick to be a liberal.

Anonymous said...

A handcuffed female prisoner was tazed in my town:

I'm curious to know what everyone thinks, especially the police and police supporters. Justified or not, despite a whiney little bit**? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Heck, I want to taz him for being the smarmy punk that he is. The kind of guy who acts all proper but is a pain in the a** little jerk. The great thing is, is that guys like this get their a** beat all the time by life.

Anonymous said...

See what happens when two egotistical jerks pair off? No good can come out of it. LOL That is what happens when two negative forces collide. That is even in physics too; like forces repel.

I've noticed that people here in my town seem to be real good at instigating a reaction. Then, they step back with the attitude, "whoa, what is your problem." I guess they find ways to have a lawsuit.

It looked like Jared knew exactly which buttons to push and seem innocent. Where did he grow up thinking that you negotiate a citation like negotiating on a price of a car?

And it looked like John knew which buttons not to push so things would escalate to have a reason to use the taser.

Too bad for taxpayers if more lawsuits are payed out. Too bad for officers families if the officers have short fuses and do crap to their families.

Anonymous said...

It appears to me that this officer probably did not get a clock on the vehicle, and wanted to write a citation regardless of right.

The reality is, the officer violated the law many times before Jared did. When a driver asks the peace officer why they were pulled over, the office is bound by law to answer. I'm not sure where in the Utah State Code this is detailed, however it is part of legislation passed several years ago to prevent cops from pulling people over on a whim (in Utah, you must have specifically violated a law or had something pull up via your tag numbers for the officer to pull you over).

Also, it is absolutely required for the officer to allow you to comply before using force, he failed to do so twice. Adding to that, Jared asked on numerous occasions to be read his rights, since the officer didn't, he is in violation of federal law. The highway patrol is indirectly employed by the federal government, to violate federal law is pretty bad.

I have to say that the officer did not report an arrest or request backup, this is standard procedure, he didn't want another officer there.

Also, the officer did not establish any just cause to enter the vehicle. Since a registered owner was in the vehicle (the wife) at the time, he had no right to enter without stating probable cause. He violated the rights of the wife by casually opening the door of the vehicle, she never yielded her right to her property, and he had no indication of criminal activity, or that they were hiding anything.

Anonymous said...

I drove out and back to Vernal today from Utah County. The impression I got was that Mr Masey must have been approaching the speed of sound for his driving to warrant such an aggressive response to "a few miles over."

I couldn't count the number of Haliburton/HBR and other energy exploring companies passing me at well over the posted speed limit of 65 from the out-skirts of Vernal to the Ute nation. Seems like the norm is +10-20 mph.

Perhaps this is a wrong day, wrong time scenario.

Edfray said...

Dear Anonymous of April 12, 2008 4:30 PM; You don't get it either. You DO have a right to be told why you are being pulled over. This does NOT have to be the first utterance of the officer. Jared was told why as we saw in the video.

The reading of rights typically happens after the arrest. This is permitted. I'm sure Jared heard them at some point. Jared is not in charge of this scheduling, either.

The officer ordered Jared to halt at least twice. Jared had his opportunities to comply. Jared did not but instead kept moving while asking the Patrolman one more impertinent question.

The search of the vehicle was justified I'm sure. If for no other reason than Jared was behaving like a meth-head. No pipe. I expected one. Jared is an abuser of adrenalin instead I guess.

The wife could have been arrested as well for not complying with her instructions.

Note that our tazed-and-cuffed Perry Mason couldn't even stay on the ground as ordered.

Local 1929 said...

As a Union representative, I have assisted officers in my agency many times who are being scrutinized and arm chair quarter-backed. In this particular case, I would have a problem representing this officer who thinks that he has the right to taze someone simply because he has a badge and a gun and is the supreme authority. Officers are taught to de-escalate a confrontation, not to incite or provoke or place themselves in a situation where force may be required.

This is still The United States of America, the land of the free. We do not live in a police state. If an officer uses intermediate force, he must do so by articulating that the subject was actively resisting. In this case the video shows Mr. Massey passively resisting if that, since the officer's instructions weren't clear. The officer states turn around without ever saying "you are under arrest". He never tells Mr. Massey that if he fails to comply he will use the tazer. We must always remember that this country was founded on the priciples that the citizens oversee the Police and the Military, not the other way around.

"An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".

AlarmSilenceCub said...

Utah's not all bad... My wallet got stolen while I was in FL and I am a young (24) trucker and I got stopped at a port of entry in Utah and didn't have my CDL on me (a crime). The trooper was VERY understanding and just told me to be sure to get back to Ohio and get a new one ASAP. I'm sure it had something to do with my attitude. By all rights, I could have been arrested as soon as I said "I don't have it" with no further discussion.

Jared should have complied with the orders, and then pulled over, taken pictures, and gotten his facts together to plead his case in court. Instead, he chose to do the American thing, to respond with a "how dare you to ME?" attitude. I don't feel sorry for him and I hope the civil case gets thrown out AND I hope they throw the book at him for everything else they can. If the trooper was wrong, just let him do what he is supposed to do and then address it through the proper channels. Life is all about jumping through hoops.

Anonymous said...

the cop should be fired and then taken out to the town square and humbled. althought i would be tased for 40k.

Anonymous said...

wow...what a power controlling a$$hole. I think his momma should have hugged his punk a$$ some more. He totally let his ego get in the way of his "ticket"...write "driver will not sign" on the bottom and let him go. As a THP officer I try to see the violators side of the story and unless your doing 125 I try not to be a total Dˆck. Guy like this give us a bad name.

Ed said...

This is what's wrong with society. The jackass jared should have just got his ticket, collected his evidence and attended court and fought it if he thought he was right. Not to be argued at the side of the road. That's why we have courts. He deserved what he got. He tried to control the situation which was not his to control. He also says " just for a speeding ticket ". Ask the workers families who have been killed by a speeding idiot like this. The telephone company should fire this hothead..he's probably a problem at work.

SpecialK47150 said...

Massey DESERVED to be tased. He did not comply and resisted arrest by walking away. He is TRASH, and is part of the degradation of our society, and every moron who agrees with him is part of it as well. The officer gave simple, clear instructions, and Massey wanted to be a smartass.

Uncle Sam Patriot said...

I'd take a taser for $40K ! Shoot me Robocop ! Nuthin' but faggots in Mormon Utah anyway