Sunday, November 4, 2007

Diversity Watch: Black African BYU-Idaho Bookstore Thieves Bronson Chikusu And Andrew Sinyangwe Claim They're Still In Jail Because Of "Racism"

Not only have American blacks perfected the fine art of playing the race card, but they seem to have trained African blacks to follow in their footsteps as well. In an interview with KIDK Channel 3 in Idaho Falls, published on November 2nd, 2007, two former BYU-Idaho students who stole tens of thousands of dollars of books from the campus bookstore claim they are still in jail because of "racism". Earlier stories about this crime posted on the BYU-Idaho website, HERE and HERE.

Bronson Chikusu, 25, and Andrew Sinyangwe, 24, two African nationals from Zambia (pictured above left), have been in the Madison County Jail since February 14th, 2007. The pair were charged with stealing tens of thousands of dollars of books from the BYU-Idaho bookstore. They sold the books to a third party, Zachariah Rodgers, who in turn resold them online. They pleaded guilty and were supposed to be released in August to be deported back to their homes in Africa.

However, while Zachariah Rodgers, whose trial is set for December, is out on bond, Chikusu and Sinyangwe remain in jail well past their original intended release date of August. The reason: the pair are still being held as material witnesses to testify against Rodgers. Their testimony is considered critical to the case. And it's feared that once they return to Africa, they would not come back to testify against Rodgers, and perhaps they could not be successfully extradited. Idaho state law permits the indefinite detention of material witnesses.

And that is a good possibility, too. Sinyangwe himself told KIDK that "there is nothing I'm going to tell them cause they're trying to find out if the guy knows that the books were stolen. Well, he didn't know. If he knew, he's not gonna buy them".

And this led to both Sinyangwe and Chikusu playing the race card in the interview, as follows:

Sinyangwe: "I'm sitting here on a quarter of a million bond like I killed somebody. And that guy is being charged with possession of stolen property and he's outside. His bond was ten thousand and he got out with one thousand bucks. And I'm sitting here quarter of a million because I'm black".

Nate Eaton, Channel 3: "You think it's because you're black?"

Sinyangwe: "It definitely is. It is. This district attorney...I don't think he likes black people."

Eaton: "They say it's because they're afraid if they let you out, you guys will leave."

Sinyangwe: "I'm not a flight risk. They can hold my passport. Where am I gonna go without my passport?"

Chikusu: "There is no need for me to flee the country if the state was holding my visa and my passport."

One reason why the pair are playing the race card might be because Zachariah Rogers, who is out on bond, is white, according to the video posted on Breitbart.

Sinyangwe also claims they didn't take as many books as officials say they did. Still, they were both charged with multiple felony counts of burglary and grand theft. [Ed. Note: Back in July, KTVB reported that 1,200 books worth $180,000 were stolen, and that only 220 books had been recovered as of that date.]

Their attorney is working to get them out of jail as soon as possible. They also plan to fight against being deported. The Madison County prosecutors office did not respond to media enquiries for this story.

A separate report by KIFI Channel 8 in Idaho Falls identifies a third man involved in the scheme, 32-year old Humphrey Sinyangwe, also from Zambia. KTVB Channel 7 in Boise reported that Humphrey was given a six month sentence and five years probation back in July, so his sentence wouldn't be up until January.

Further discussion of this incident available on the Vanguard News Network Forum. It should be no surprise that African blacks are playing the race card here in America; they've become accustomed to it in Africa. Too many African leaders blame their dysfunctional countries on "colonialism", although colonialism ended over 40 years ago.

When blacks worldwide begin taking responsibility for their actions, they will begin making greater progress.


LAnative said...

Hummmmm, I cannot help but wonder if these "boys" were part of some kind of LDS missionary effort to bring fine upstanding negros from the jungles of africa and give them an education. So who is getting an education now?

Philip said...

They were both "Returned Missionaries" who served in the South Africa Durban Mission for part of the same period as me.

I have no idea how they managed to get in to BYUI.

becky121 said...

You know BYUI isn't foolproof, i think this is more a case of whats legal or illegal, not whose black or whose white. Also you made and ignorant comment on how " these must be the upstanding negroes coming form the jungle" there are intelligient black people all around you making the world better.

p.s "white" people break the law too if you haven't noticed.

Anonymous said...

I totally don't agree with what these students did but I also think we should be careful the kind of remarks we use. We claim to be latter day saints, different from the world but still many act like those of the world.Racism's ugly head still floats its head even amongst our saints. The scripture rings true to me that says, "If a man say, I love God and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?" Thus if we are true latter day saints we love God, and love our brothers and sisters no matter what race, creed, or religion.

Anonymous said...

We do understand that the choice the guys made was totally wrong and they supposed to pay for the damage they caused and we all know that it is illegal to do such an act , i am sure only here but also from the countries they originated from. Some have commented that these guys served a mission for their church. Wether these served a mission for their church or not ,it does not matter because we are all subjected to temptations. Even some of the Leaders of the church have been tempted and a lot them do give in. These guys have not done what the romans solders did to Son of God. When we say we emulate the son of God, we need to be very careful, because our words will condemn us and shall stand as witnesses and that great day. I am sure if the son of God was around, he was going to help them to repent and feel of themselves that they also children of the living God.Just like he did to the woman who was caught in adultery.Lets not please act like the Pharisees or Sudicees.I am really astonished to see that they are some people who are still classifying people as negroes. Lets be true followers of our master not only on the lips but also in our deeds. Our conversion is manifested in the good things or help we lender to our loving brothers and sisters not only condemning and judging them. Part of the reason we are here is to help one another.It we called true followers lets stand a little taller from the rest of the world in our words,action and deeds.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree anonymous II...I tell many of the members of our church are so hipocritical! On Sundays they're true saints but, the rest of the week they down talk, scorn, degrade others just like the rest of the world! I'm a Latter-Day Saint and believe what I preach...I'm not just a 'sabbath' liver, i live everyday like it was the sabbath and don't judge my fellow brethren as the previous people did. I'm certain they hold callings, on Sundays preach to 'love thy neighbor' but, man if the people they taught on Sundays could hear them now!