Saturday, October 13, 2007

Public Outcry Saves Salt Lake Granite School District Bus Driver's Job, But He'll Drive Fork Trucks Instead Of School Buses

A Granite School District school bus driver will be driving fork trucks instead of school buses from now on, but at least he keeps his job with the District. His name was finally released to the public.

After a two-week investigation, Granite School District officials reassigned a bus driver, now identified as Rick Kindig, to a warehouse job. During a rowdy bus ride on September 25th, after students started acting up, Kindig blew his stack and reportedly call them "brown trash" and "brown garbage". Full stories posted in the Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret Morning News. Previous posts on this story HERE and HERE.

Granite bus driver Rick Kindig was moved to the district's supply warehouse where he will have "no direct involvement with children," according to Granite School District spokesman Randy Ripplinger. His duties will include stocking shelves, preparing orders and operating a forklift. His salary will remain the same.

Kindig, who's been with the district five years, starts his new job on Monday October 15th. The district also reprimanded Kindig for using derogatory terms to address students who were being extremely loud and rowdy while he tried to get students off the bus at Bonneville Junior High because it had mechanical problems. A recording of the incident by a student did not reveal the use of any racial slurs.

Assistant Superintendents David Gourley and Martin Bates and human resource representatives decided on reassignment rather than termination because, until the incident, Kindig had been an excellent employee, dependable and always on time, with no previous disciplinary problems. However, Gourley said Kindig will still be watched and evaluated.

An outcry of community support for Kindig may have also saved him from being fired. Comments posted in response to two KSL stories were overwhelmingly in favor of allowing the driver to remain employed with the district. In addition, many members of the public criticized the district for not disciplining the students as well. The District reports receiving dozens of phone calls from people wanting to see the students disciplined.

However, a small handful of irredentists, manipulated by Latino community activist Tony Yapias, are not satisfied with the decision and still want to see Kindig fired. They believe, solely on the basis of testimony from the kids, that the driver made racial comments. They said they intend to look into other ways, such as a lawsuit, to challenge the decision. They cite a Minnesota school district that recently fired a bus driver who used foul language and wonder why the same thing wasn't done here.

In the Minnesota case, the driver was terminated on October 8th, 2007 by the St. Paul Public Schools when he swore at passing motorists and some students. Officials told the bus contractor they no longer wanted the driver working for the district, and the driver violated a formally-specified rule in the St. Paul district's 200-page code of conduct for transportation employees, according to another District spokesman, Howie Padilla.

District officials did not specify whether the districthad a similar code, but they did provide the district's 10-page "Corrective Discipline" policy that included a 10-item list of "Grounds for Discipline." While verbal abuse is not specifically listed, the policy states that disciplinary action can be taken for any behavior not listed.

Commentary: Undoubtedly the strength of the community outcry supporting the driver helped save his employment with the district. However, it is disturbing that the district has offered no evidence that they have held the misbehaving students accountable in any way.

It's also disturbing that, once again, a Latino activist is playing the race card and implying that the students' response to the driver was justified by alleged "racism". The failure to hold the students accountable not only will encourage continued bad behavior on their part, but might also encourage then to play the race card again in the future in order to escape accountability. Society's morbid obsession with racism, particularly "white racism", will backfire and encourage even more whites to adopt racism. This has happened in the wake of the Jena 6, with an exponential upsurge in "noose sightings" nationwide. If whites are going to be considered racist regardless of what they say or do, they may logically conclude "why not be racist - we can derive no social or political benefit from not being racist".

You can only nag people so long. How many times have harried husbands snapped and assaulted wives who wouldn't stop their nagging? You can't fight human nature forever.

By the way, Curtis Allgier is not representative of the greater white nationalist community. Allgier was a punk who used white nationalism merely as protective cover for personal hooliganism. He deserves the death penalty post-haste.

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