Sunday, September 9, 2007

Missing BYU Student Camille Cleverley Found In Provo Canyon, But Here's The Bad News...

Special Note: Post updated September 9th, 2007 at 11:30 P.M. MDT to reflect media accounts of the official press conference held by law enforcement to discuss the discovery of Camille Cleverley's body. Updated information posted in green.

KSL Channel 5 reports that a spokesman for the Utah County Sheriff's office says a body believed to be missing Brigham Young University student Camille Cleverley has been found in Provo Canyon. The Deseret Morning News report goes further - it confirms that the body found is that of Camille Cleverley. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Utah County Sheriff Jim Tracy himself reported that Camille Cleverley's body was found at the base of a cliff near the falls. KTVX Channel 4 reports Camille's body was found approximately 200 yards east of the falls, in an area previously searched (which should give you an idea about the nature of the terrain).

All reports are less than 45 minutes old and no further details are available at this time. A press conference is forthcoming. Click the media links for any updates. I will update this post later, after all the media outlets weigh in.

Update: This combines and summarizes the latest accounts from the Salt Lake Tribune, the Deseret Morning News, and KSL Channel 5. It supersedes any previous conflicting information. Search and rescue crews discovered Cleverley's body at 3:31 p.m. in some brush and trees near a rock-strewn field at the base of a 200-foot cliff about 1,000 yards east of Bridal Veil Falls, said Utah County Sheriff Jim Tracy.

An initial examination by two detectives and a medical examiner indicates that Cleverley died from injuries sustained from a fall. However, an autopsy will be required to determine other issues, such as the time of death and the possibility of foul play. Police were able to confirm the body was Cleverley through clothing and other items found at the scene.

Volunteers had already searched the same area before, but thick brush and scrub could easily conceal something without anyone knowing it. Searchers were instructed today to begin re-tracing their steps, and efforts were concentrated on looking in those areas once thought least likely to produce any sign of Cleverley. Today's search expanded farther north into the rugged terrain of Provo Canyon and farther east past Vivian Park. The search and rescue team that found Cleverley's body had been rappelling down the cliff moving in an easterly direction. "They walked right up on her," Tracy said. "If she had been 10 feet to the right, they may not have seen her." According to comments left on various news stories, it is not uncommon for hikers and climbers to have accidents in this area; it is considerable suitable only for those who are experienced.

All the information I've been analyzing led me to believe that she was still up there. What remains to be determined is whether her death is accidental or deliberate. My gut feeling remains that it was simply a tragic accident.

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Voice Of Deseret offers its condolences to the family and friends of Camille Cleverley.

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