Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bike Found At Bridal Veil Falls Now Confirmed To Belong To Missing BYU Student Camille Cleverley

This is Camille Cleverley. She was last seen on Thursday August 30th between 5-6 P.M. riding a silver-and-purple Schwinn bicycle on 900 East in Provo, possibly wearing white shoes with lime-green stripes. If you have knowledge of her whereabouts, contact Detective Sgt. Mark Crosby at Provo Police, 801-852-7241 or 852-6210

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A silver-and-purple Schwinn mountain bike found at Bridal Veil Falls last Sunday morning (September 2nd) and turned in to police on Thursday (September 6th) is now confirmed to be the same bike used by missing BYU student Camille Cleverley. Full story just posted on the Deseret Morning News website. Another story just posted on the Provo Daily Herald website.

The bike was originally discovered by Benjamin Marks and Patricia Madsen at approximately 1 A.M. on September 2nd. Although it was secured to the bike rack with a lock, both tires were flat and the brakes reportedly did not work. Believing it was abandoned, Marks cut the lock and took the bike home (leaving the lock at the site), apparently as "salvage" (a diplomatic way of saying "stolen"). However, after finding out on Wednesday September 5th that the bike he'd "salvaged" looked similar to Cleverley's bike, Marks contacted police and gave it to them on Thursday. Neither Marks nor Madsen will be charged because they voluntarily turned it in. Both were reportedly remorseful after finding out the bike they took belonged to Cleverley.

During another search of Camille Cleverley's Provo apartment, police discovered a set of keys. They found the discarded lock and was able to open it using one of Cleverley's keys. The clincher came when police compared Cleverley's bank records with receipts from ShopKo, where she purchased the bike in June, and found a match.

On Saturday, for the second day in a row, police combed the treacherous mountainsides surrounding Bridal Veil Falls. In Provo, more than 600 volunteers walked door to door with photos of Cleverley, searching trash cans and bushes for signs of the missing woman. As part of the search effort several groups of volunteers looked for Cleverley along canyon trails. According to the Cleverleys' new website,, a total of over 700 people participated.

For Sunday's search, volunteers are asked to report to the Camille Search Center at 770 E. University Parkway (Harmon Building) in Provo at 8 A.M. Call 801-422-0670 for more information. Or report to the base of Bridal Veil Falls Sunday morning at 7:30 A.M. suitably dressed. "Suitably dressed" means hiking boots, long sleeves and long pants. Bring a GPS if you have one. Also, be sure to bring ID and tell the deputy at the security checkpoint you're helping the Garrett Bardsley Foundation.

A candlelight vigil will be at 8 P.M. at BYU's Miller Field, located at approximately 400 E. University Parkway in Provo.

Analysis: This case has triggered robust discussion after each story on KSL and the Deseret Morning News. Some have suggested that Cleverley was kidnapped and that the kidnapper planted the bike at Bridal Veil Falls to throw people off.

I find this unlikely. Someone wanting to dump a bike wouldn't go to the trouble of locking it in a rack. The most likely outcome is that she rode her bike up there, parked it, went hiking, and got into trouble. I don't think she's merely lost or disoriented; U.S. Hwy 189 runs through the canyon, is regularly used, and she could use the traffic noise to guide herself out. I still think she's hurt or incapacitated to where she cannot assist in her own search. Based on all the facts so far, she's got to be up there.

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