Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Welcome To The "Voice Of Deseret" Blog

Welcome to the Voice Of Deseret blog. While I do not live in Utah at present (although I live in another Western, and politically almost as "red" state), I once lived in Utah and have extended family here.

Very few sights are more spectacular than the vista of the Salt Lake Valley opening up before me, whether I approach it from the east on I-80 through Parley's Canyon, or fly into Salt Lake International Airport from the southeast, as I did last time I visited in 2003. God truly saved his better handiwork for Northern Utah when he constructed earth.

But what's just as attractive is the traditional American pro-family atmosphere that prevailed in Utah, and that I think still prevails, although there are potent forces who seek to weaken and even completely overthrow that atmosphere. And it's those forces and their manipulators that I intend to expose and explore on this blog. It will be political, it will fire you up, and it may even piss you off from time to time. What it won't be is boring and politically correct. We have enough of that in society. The best way to defend free speech is to exercise it in the spirit of John Peter Zenger.

I will report on news of Utah, in order to ensure my former home state gets represented accurately to the rest of the world. I will also report on out-of-state news deemed pertinent to Utah.

Enjoy...and leave a comment when so inclined. No censorship of ideas - only of any style that I might deem libelous or incendiary speech under the law. As the only species created in the direct image of God, we are capable of elevated discourse.

BTW, for those of you who don't know, Deseret is the former name of Utah, given when Brigham Young first led the Saints here in 1847.

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