Friday, August 24, 2007

Diversity Watch: Pedro Contreras-Cruz Arrested In Lehi For Earlier Nail Gun Shooting In Saratoga Springs

Yep, we got us another one. Another Hispanic man has been arrested - this time for shooting a nail gun at a co-worker and sending him to the hospital. This post combines and summarizes reports from the Deseret Morning News and KSL Channel 5.

Saratoga Springs police arrested 26-year-old Pedro Contreras-Cruz tonight (August 23rd, 2007) at a job site in Lehi. He is accused of shooting a co-worker with a nail gun on Wednesday August 22nd in Saratoga Springs. Contreras-Cruz is charged with attempted criminal homicide and car theft.

Just before 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Saratoga Springs officers responded to the Harvest Hills subdivision for what was originally reported as an industrial accident involving a nail gun, according to Cpl. Aaron D. Rosen, public information officer for Saratoga Springs. However, officers subsequently learned it wasn't an accident, but a fight in which one worker allegedly shot the other man with a nail gun. The two co-workers had been fighting earlier that day on and off the job site, but witnesses didn't know what the argument was about.

The injured man was taken via medical helicopter to a nearby hospital where he is listed critical but stable condition. The precise nature of his injuries was not specified.

Contreras-Cruz' residency status has not been revealed, either. But the quick apprehension represented good work by Saratoga Springs police. There was some concern that Contreras-Cruz might go to Kearns or even fly to Denver to visit relatives. You don't commit a crime in Utah and expect not to get caught.

However, the fact that Contreras-Cruz' residency status has not been revealed didn't seem to impress several respondents on KSL's Comments Area for this story. Here's a sampling of viewer comments:

Really smart
Report Commentby landshark @ 10:20pm - Thu Aug 23rd, 2007

First off, I am glad that the bad guy got caught. We need to stop these Canadians from coming into our country and committing crimes.

However, does he not have 2 brain cells to rub together? This isn't Mexico smart boy. You gotta run a little further to try and get away.

Expand the hand gun registry
Report Commentby Goldieloks @ 10:46pm - Thu Aug 23rd, 2007

This just proves that we need tighter hand-gun controls. The construction industry is out of control. It's no longer cowboys and indians or cops and robbers. It's construction workers and homeowners. These guns are automatic weapons and a menace to society. Congress has to pass laws now forcing anyone with a nailgun to register and take a nailgun safety coarse. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!

What's next, drive-by nailings?? Put's a whole new meaning to the term "got nailed" last night.

More Canadian Antics
Report Commentby Lee D. @ 12:29am - Fri Aug 24th, 2007

It looks like there is a steady stream of Canadians finding their way to the Utah county jail. Just in the past week there have been about 20 or so, arrested for drug possession, DUI, driving without insurance, etc..

Many have been allowed to get out on bond, while others have had INS holds placed against them. I wonder if ICE routinely canvases the jail to look for potential people to investigate, or if they only find out from cooperating agencies. It would be a shame if a potentially deportable person was allowed to post bail, and then goes on to commit more serious crimes, like the NJ low-lifes. It's my understanding that even legal immigrants are subject to deportation if they run into problems with the law.

put them to work
Report Commentby its me @ 11:35pm - Thu Aug 23rd, 2007

If all these immigrants want to be a u.s american so bad, give them a gun or a nail gun and send them over to Iraq.
Lets see how well they really love our country?
I am sick and tired of people bowing down and being second place to these people. they have more rights than we do because there considered a minority.
I'll tell you what, any of us go to there country and shoot someone, they dont take there sweet time convicting one of us.

But why....
Report Commentby Gypsy L. @ 11:37pm - Thu Aug 23rd, 2007

I wonder if this was over a woman because that might be one plausible explanation for acting like a dangerous fool....

(No Subject)
Report Commentby Carlos N. @ 12:02am - Fri Aug 24th, 2007

The articles says he's being charged with attempted homicide and car theft. I doubt it was over a woman, seems like it was over the co-workers car. Thanks to this fool Home Depot and Lowe's will now have to conduct background checks in order to sell nail guns.

Report Commentby Kb @ 12:19am - Fri Aug 24th, 2007




Report Commentby Monty F. @ 1:31am - Fri Aug 24th, 2007

Are you guys slamming my Canadian Amigos, eh?

(No Subject)
Report Commentby Bloody Tattoo @ 2:06am - Fri Aug 24th, 2007

We let em jump our borders, give them a job with bennies and next thing you know they shoot people with nail guns!

Note how several commenters humorously referred to illegal Mexicans as "Canadians". This shows how cynicized many Americans have become over our immigration policy. Don't kid yourself - Utahns know the score. People like George W. Bush, Ted Kennedy, John McCain, and Chris Cannon need to read stuff like this to recognize that their pleas for amnesty are falling on deaf ears.

Diversity - had enough yet?

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