Thursday, August 16, 2007

Diversity Watch: Hispanic Male Sought In Robbery/Murder At Salt Lake City's Bushwhacker Hair Salon

Update April 12th, 2011: Miguel Mateos-Martinez was charged with and convicted of this crime, and was confirmed to be an illegal alien. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole; updated post HERE.

See newer post for updated information on this case.

Police are looking for a man who shot and killed a 24-year-old hairdresser in a robbery attempt at a Salt Lake City hair salon on August 15th, 2007. Stories published by both the Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret Morning News. Broadcast media reports from August 15th on KSL Channel 5, KTVX Channel 4, and KUTV Channel 2, all in Salt Lake (police sketch at left from Deseret News).

The woman, identified as Faviola Hernandez by a relative, was killed about 4:40 p.m. when a man entered the Bushwhacker Hair & Tanning salon, at 1329 W. California Ave., and shot her with a silver handgun, according to police. Hernandez was the owner of the salon, and was spoken of highly by relatives and friends alike. Officers did not specify where or how many times the woman was shot. It is common for police not to publicly release certain details about crimes in order to help them narrow down lists of suspects more effectively.

Police issued a good description of the gunman. He is described as a male Hispanic in his early twenties, 5' 8" tall, 220 lbs, with a shaved head. He was last seen wearing a baggy white T-shirt, blue Levi shorts and white tennis shoes, and carrying a silver handgun. He was also described as having a tattoo on the inside of his right arm that extends from his wrist to his elbow. The tattoo is dark blue or purple in color, with flames and possibly a face or an animal depicted. Witnesses saw a vehicle leaving the scene of this incident that may have been involved. It is described as a green compact passenger car, possibly a Honda.

This murder was the eighth this month, making August the deadliest month in Utah so far this year.

Anyone who recognizes this suspect is asked to call the Salt Lake City Police Department's "Tips For Cash" hotline at 801-799-INFO. A cash reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect in this incident. Callers may remain anonymous.

Commentary: This is what we get when we throw open our doors to the "wretched refuse" of other shores - we get "wretched" results. However, this thug didn't target his victim because of her race; he had an primeval urge and sought out the most convenient victim, another member of his race. However, many of them do target whites because of their race; a local Utah Latino blog, Brown Views, uses anti-white racist terminology to describe the Minutemen, a multi-racial organization dedicated towards immigration reform. Personally, I don't care if they promote race-consciousness amongst the Hispanic community (and, of course, we assert the same right to promote constructive race-consciousness within the white community), but they should quit pretending not to be racist.

But we're told diversity is "good" for us by a corporate establishment that wants the cheapest, most compliant labor possible, as well as social engineers who look upon America as an experimental lab to field-test every crackpot demographic theory imaginable, regardless of the impact upon society. And we're not being asked merely to "tolerate" this diversity, but psychologically browbeaten into "celebrating" it.

But gee whiz, what's a few extra robberies and murders each month if we can get a few more ethnic restaurants. Just think - thanks to diversity and mass immigration, you don't have to fly all the way to Vietnam to eat 1,000 year old eggs anymore; you can do that right in your own hometown. LOL!


Voice of Utah said...

Very interesting blog. Even when I don't share a particular viewpoint, I feel I can expand my horizons by reading an articulate expression of it.

As for your Diversity Watch: is the intent to feature criminal suspects/perpetrators, but only if they are not white? At first I thought it was non-citizens, but as you mention, you don't have that info for all of the suspects profiled so far.

Deseret Dawg said...

Thanks for your input. I will feature stories about any criminal who I think commits a particularly egregious crime, although the Diveristy Watch aspect will tend to target immigrants who reward our generosity with predation.

However, had this blog been up when Curtis Allgier was on trial, I would have lit him up as a bad example and a negative stereotype. There was also another white guy down in Taylorsville who was arrested for meth or something like that, and he too would have felt the lash of my keyboard.

I'm simply sick and tired of the double standard in this country when it comes to race, and I believe it's time to confront it. but with facts and reason rather than hysteria and emotion. When Americans have to start learning Spanish just to get and keep jobs in our own country, it's time to speak up. And when we allow the children of illegals to get a college edcuation at IN-STATE tuition rates, we are rewarding bad behavior. Maybe the kids shouldn't pay for the sins of the parents, but if the parents knew that their kids could incur consequences for their (the parental) behavior, they might be more willing to take a number a wait in line before entering our country.