Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Columbus, OH Mayor Michael Coleman Launches Witch Hunt Against Police Officer Susan Purtee For "Racist" YouTube Videos

From the case of the Shaun Walker Trio, we've already seen how people who are actual members of pro-white organizations can lose their liberty as a result of such affiliations.

However, even ordinary citizens who are not members of such organizations can face sanctions if they express views critical of Jews, blacks, and other politically-protected groups.

Even if they use civil language.

Even if they only question a group's behavior rather than its existence.

And particularly if they're police officers or work in other jobs funded on the public dime.

Yesterday (August 28th, 2007), a political fuse was lit when WBNS Channel 10 in Columbus revealed that a 15-year veteran of the Columbus Police Department has been a "co-star", along with her sister, in at least three YouTube videos which are critical of certain forms of misbehavior by Jews and blacks. While an analysis of the video clearly shows that they were merely identifying bad behavior and they specifically stated that not all Jews or all blacks were equally responsible, the mere fact that they criticized two politically-protected groups has triggered the criticism. The ladies even have their own website, http://www.thepatriotdames.com/. The Vanguard News Network, the Columbus Dispatch and MSNBC have since picked up on the story.

Today, the mayor of Columbus, Michael Coleman (pictured above left), officially got involved. He issued the following statement:

Text of Mayor Coleman's letter today calling for formal investigation of Police Officer Susan L. Purtee.
August 28, 2007

Today, I viewed the internet video clips of Columbus Police Officer Susan L. Purtee, and instruct the Department of Public Safety and Division of Police to engage in an immediate disciplinary investigation. I am personally offended by her racist and anti-Semitic comments, and I believe our citizens should be equally offended. As Mayor, I am highly concerned that this unacceptable conduct will reflect negatively on the entire Division and the City of Columbus. Clearly, Officer Purtee is not representative of our Division’s many great Officers. While we respect the right of free speech, we also demand that every Officer meets the highest standard of conduct on and off the job. In my opinion, Officer Purtee’s conduct falls far below this City’s expectations.

Few positions in American society entail and demand more implicit trust and respect than serving the public as a Police Officer. The Columbus Division of Police is among the nation’s best, and each officer takes an oath to protect the lives and rights of all citizens. In recent years, the City and Division worked hard to address Department of Justice and citizen complaints of discrimination, by implementing new diversity training, higher standards, video cameras in patrol cars, increased minority recruiting, and other initiatives to increase accountability and sensitivity of Officers interacting with residents. These actions and strong neighborhood policing efforts with Community Liaison Officers have helped rebuild bridges of trust with our city’s many diverse residents, and the conduct of Officer Purtee threatens that progress.

Our Division is held to a high standard, based on a long history of excellence, service and respect. After viewing the video, I ask that you review whether this behavior represents conduct unbecoming an Officer pursuant to Police directives. Officer Purtee’s conduct should not tarnish the badge of every one of our more than 1,800 Officers if not dealt with immediately.


Michael B. Coleman

Note that while Michael Coleman is black, Susan Purtee is white, and has publicly criticized black behavior. Will the black mayor limit himself to seeking justice, or yield to baser instincts to exact venegeance? Those who are concerned about the latter possibility are encouraged to express those concerns to the Mayor's office directly at mac@columbus.gov.

We can only imagine how the grandstanding Salt Lake Mayor Rocky "I Never Met A Camera I Didn't Like" Anderson would react to a similar situation in Salt Lake. He'd probably conduct a Soviet-style purge of the entire Salt Lake Police Department.

Voice of Deseret not only is an avid supporter and practitioner of the First Amendment, but also believes that, despite the flawed judgment rendered by the jury in the Shaun Walker trial, most Utahns are still smart and fair-minded enough to evaluate these videos strictly on the basis of absolute merit without donning the Orwellian rose-colored glasses of political correctness. Consequently, I have cross-posted two of the YouTube videos here:

Here's the first video, about the Jews:


While she criticizes certain aspects of Jewish behavior, she doesn't question the right of Jews to exist. And at no time does she use any racial slurs. Class act.

Now here's the second video, about the blacks:


Once again, the issue was behavior rather than existence. The ladies clearly were taking issue with black misbehavior rather than the existence of the black race. And at no time does she use any racial slurs. Most of what they said was actually echoed in the most current column by conservative black columnist Walter Williams, published in yesterday's Anchorage Voice of the Times.

One of the sticking points in this case is that a police officer is NOT an ordinary citizen. A cop occupies a SWORN position of public trust. Consequently, to maintain and promote public confidence in the impartiality of police officers, a cop cannot merely "comply" with public expectations, but must EXEMPLIFY that compliance. To let Susan Purtee completely off the hook would ignore this distinction and issue minority agitators like JE$$E JACK$ON and AL $HARPTON an engraved invitation to turn Columbus into a media circus.

On the flip side, Susan Purtee was involuntarily outed, she used NO racial or ethnic slurs, she criticized minority behavior rather than questioned minority existence, and, most importantly, did not reveal her law enforcement ties in the videos. She also has no history of pro-white political activity and is not a member of any pro-white advocacy groups (like the National Alliance, for example). The solution MUST balance BOTH concerns. This clearly does not rise to a level requiring her termination from the force. She clearly does NOT deserve to share the fate of former Nebraska State Trooper Robert Henderson.

In the long run, I don't believe she'll be terminated. But she probably will be suspended without pay for a short time (30 days?), required to publicly apologize, and transferred to a position requiring minimal public contact (the "rubber-gun" squad?). This merely reflects the reality of the situation rather than my own preferences; if I had my druthers, I'd give her a medal for honesty.


Anonymous said...

These 2 old maids are so un-American it is pathetic! It may be their heat flashes… The American way is tolerance, kindness and love coupled with strength and prosperity. These are not good Americans, loving mothers, or decent human beings. I am proud to be an American! While these grannies are staining our heritage.

Go Navy!

Anonymous said...

What an idiotic statement by you: "The ladies clearly were taking issue with black misbehavior rather than the existence of the black race."

If I reach any conclusions about the white race based on what the Nazi, Soviet communists and the KKK have done (and what the KKK, skinheads and our current congressmen--most of whom are white males--are doing), I'm a racist and should be fired. Anyone who would then defend me is either a fool or a racist himself.

Deseret Dawg said...

To the first Anonymous: Your remarks about the two ladies vividly reflect the deep ideological divide splitting America right now.

Your position represents an Orwellian reversal of Americanism. These two ladies represented themselves in a straightforward, non-abusive fashion. They did NOT use racial slurs. They did NOT demonize whole groups. They merely identified undesirable behavioral patterns among certain groups. The truth is hate only to those who hate the truth.

BTW, how would you know whether or not they are "loving mothers"?

Deseret Dawg said...

To the second Anonymous: You hit the nail on the head. Any white person who defends the white community against abuse, regardless of how civil the dialogue, will be characterized by anti-racist fanatics as "racist".

Those of us who are pro-white need to overcome our fear of this word. Racism, in elemental terms, is simply "race-consciousness". Edgar Steele coined an excellent tern, "Defensive Racism". Perhaps if Channon Christian and Chris Newsom had practiced a little "defensive racism", they might still be alive today.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you need to calm down. Utah, the last time I looked, is 95% white. I'm sure the most culturally diverse experience you encounter on a daily basis is flipping past BET on your remote. Imagine if you moved to some place real diverse. I don't think you could function. Given the kind of person you are, you should feel lucky you don't live in a state with a large population of minorities. But I guess the fact that the population of Utah is 1.32% black has you scared out of your wits and has galvanized you to ensure that this number doesn't go any higher.

Anonymous said...

Jews and blacks- 2 reasons why white people have eternal hemerroids.

dread2050 said...

so what did they do that was bad?

Unsterblich said...

Living in a 'diverse' community is what gives the two women in the video credibility. I grew up in a rural white town. 30 years ago I moved to a city that is more than 40% non-white. I did not accept that black and white were different until I lived among them. Know I know first hand about racial and cultural differences. I make sure that my children are racial aware and not color blind. Blacks openly acknowledge that black crime is out of hand. Blacks on Black Crime is a big issue in the Afro community. Blacks are the most likely perps in any crime. That is not racial profiling. That is documented fact. The only reason blacks and whites live in each others communities is communism (the jewish form of government). I talk candidly with blacks often. Most agree that blacks need their own communities, their own states and country. Most blacks agree that they want their children to grow up in a neighborhood where they are the majority. Guess what. Whites want the same thing. What keeps us away from the bliss of segregation. The JOO. The joo has convinced the blacks that they want to be white. The joo has also convinced the blacks that white is better than black. The blacks are feeble minded and act as joo pawns.
I could go on and on, but--
--Rant ends here.

Anonymous said...

Sr. US Government officials have been criticizing other countries for so-called human rights violations. I hope the Iranians and the Russians and the rest of the world are watching. There is no free speech in America. Criticizing federally protected, perpetual victim(s) groups in America might cost you your job. America is not a free country. We're told of military people are dying to protect our freedoms, but many now understand that's just another bold-faced lie